Fuso and his 12 flying pillows that never land – World of Warships

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I got to Fuso and I got to remind myself why I never really liked IJN BB grind. These shells have wings and stay in the air forever. That is why I like to go in and personal.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambass was lucky not to get Derflinger blasted.

  2. That’s why I seldom fired when in Fuso unless all 12 guns are on target, because its dispersion can be rather troll at times. I still quite liked Fuso, for its tanky hull (for its tear), lower reload, and long reach when the speed lets me down. I tended to play it as a medium range ship, occasionally a brawler when situations permit, my favorite ship in the whole game and the one reason I miss playing wows.

  3. Fuso should have torps as well.

  4. Fuso is an amazing warship. I love to play her in games where she’s available

  5. I didn’t even play with the b Hull and I still have like 60-80 k average. It’s a great ship

  6. The Title is so correct… 12 guns with the most terrible accuracy… They either hit nothing, or 1-shot the opponent.

  7. @tobiasreinhold7642

    8:04 That was an amazing ricochet. Almost exact return to the sender.

  8. 2:41 when you feel being riged with all 12 Fuso guns.

  9. I’ve had more of my Krakens in the Fuso than anything else . . . if you can aim it well, it’s a blast! Can often even do well when stuck at bottom tier in a T8 battle as well . . .

  10. Cherbourg vs Thunderer in randoms is one of the most hilarious match-ups I’ve seen so far

  11. I’ve actually found Fuso to be pretty reliable, even as someone who seems to really get screwed by BB dispersion quite often. It’s not super accurate, but if you can get a full volley off, the volume of shells usually nets me a good chunk of damage if not 1 or 2 citadels.

  12. First two salvos, 24 shots, 2 hits – sounds about right for Fuso 😛

  13. this has been my game play with the yumi since i got the damn thing overpens on everything hell pretty sure i clipped an island and got an overpen…. 3 epic battles with naga to get enough xp to go up… just upgraded it to the t9 what ever it is called this morning…

  14. The original Fuso had 14″ guns with a reload of 40 sec, range was 32.4200 meters, 35,450 yards.

  15. Flambino, you should try BOAT CREW. It’s a game where you run a PT boat in the Pacific against Imperial Japanese forces. TONS OF FUN!!

  16. Gaede n Cochrane in the middle just retreating, nice team mates

  17. IIRC the real Fuso sank from one torpedo hit.

  18. Personally, I really enjoyed my Fuso. I would accept the challenge of tackling any Amagi that the MM wanted to send my way. Whenever someone told me how horrible a ship it was, I’d tell them, “Do you remember Kwachi?” That thing was horrid. At lead Kongo was a fun ride, but all below that were garbage.

  19. @CesarinPillinGaming

    But kongo has one thing that no other ship can do.
    Make a Konga line of many kongos.

  20. When I ise to play this game. I remember vividly dev striking an enemy Fuso 22km away with the spotter aircraft up at the start of the match.

    Guy was so mad, kept hurling insults me all game

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