2pm on a Sunday and we get this – World of Warships

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Apparently this is happening more and more, not only to me but other players as well. If it happened during the work week really early or really late in the day, it would still be sad but I would understand. But this happened during sunday afternoon…I mean…you draw your own conclusions, I have my own

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I have seen shells hit high and low at 3 km. I actually had 1 set hit the super structure and 1 set hit the water.

  2. Thats why we’ll get bots, fun all arround.

  3. Had a tier VI match yesterday with only five ships per team; WG claiming the game is doing fine is honestly just copium. Also the RNG would not be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that on average out of the eight shells you fire three will actually hit, two of which ricochet and the other overpens.

  4. Wow, here I thought that the Asia server(being from Australia) that this server would be the first to go. But 98% of the time I see a full player line up in Co-op. From early morning like 9am to like 10pm. Even during week days when most ppl are at work, still full line up of players. That’s from like Tier VI up. So I’m surprised that EU is getting bots in random.

  5. If they offered a sub free/cv free game mode a big number of ex players would likely return.

  6. Welcome to da interwebs.. some random did some random stuff and it randomly made my day.. randomnly better or worse.. welcome to world of randomness! 😉

  7. That Smolensk’s moment 😂😂😂

  8. Lock on bug. If shells missed so hard this close, I would always reset the lock on. Actually happened enough times for me, that I got into the habit of resetting the lock on once or twice before even taking the first shot.
    Its honestly incredible you have to work around bugs like this in a game that is constantly updated. This is the type of stuff we had to do when I was a kid, since our games were hard copies that did not get updated.

    • I remember downloading a 100MB patch for origonal Half life a few months after it released.
      Was working in an internet cafe, with the fastest commercially available connection at the time (frame relay @IIRC 192 Kb/s)

      took 9 hrs with no-one else using the connection 🤣

      Patches have been a thing for a long time, longer than most think but they really only affected people who played online/needed to fix a game breaking bug, which until 56kb/s dial up was common, was really limited to turn based or slower games.
      Quake and Quake II (especially with the fast grapple hook mod and lithium mod) was silly ammounts of fun, fliying through the air like spider man with a BFG or rocket launcher, though a bit fast paced for internet play.. Man that was such a good, fun game with the right mods.

      I miss private run servers instead of the auto match-making we have today. So much better for community etc…. Sorry drifted off to a simpler time in gaming where new players were crippled by not having skills instead of gear / ships / resources etc.
      /end: Nostalgic rant

  9. You should watch what WG is planning for WoT!EVENTS during battles!Its like a a circus for childen!

  10. Iv just come back to ships after a huge break and im actually enjoying it. But me and my mate are treating it like pretty much like an arcade game rather than a “ship simulator”. We play well but if it all goes to shite…. we just laugh at the chat. Because OMG has the in game chat become toxic

  11. This is also why they can run airship escort for only two weeks, the playerbase has dwindled so much its already having an effect.

  12. Russian modifier. Show a mm of broadside – citadel. They go full broadside – richochet, or overpen.

  13. I know WoWs is a casual game and not a simulator, but it is based on naval warfare and historically (WW1 and WW2), warships, primarily battleships, had a very very low hit percentage. Like below 10% of shells fired hit the other ship. Not all guns were created equally on the same ship. It depended on the gun crew, gunpowder quality, ammo quality and barrel wear. The same turret firing at the same called out target vector could shoot in front and behind the target simultaneously. Guns were crap for accurate target hits in anything but point blank range. Most hits done on surface ships was done at close range or after spending a great deal of ammo missing. Also given that the target is constantly moving in relation to the guns, trigonometry and analog computers could only make best guesses at where the target would be (assuming heading and speed). WG built in randomness to reflect these things. It’s frustrating, but more realistic than always being able to know when you fire your guns, they will hit if you aim right. The ships in the game represent a crew and the variables a crew brings to skill. It the game had little to no randomness in the guns, it would become predictable and stale. There might be a correction in the amount of randomness, but if you read naval history about sea battles, they are confusing, crazy, inept and often times more a matter of luck than skill. The Battle of Jutland is a perfect example of everything said here. Savo Island is another. Leyte Gulf is another.

  14. @Flambass, this is all on the super cv. We had it 3 times during 1 day because one of us was Playing super cv.

  15. @hillbillysimmer7120

    I once had a 4 v. 4 at tier X in Randoms on a Saturday morning. That was the NA server. None of them were bots.

  16. @michaelmasters1212

    AND the red teams first two losses were superships, including a CV

  17. Kind of like the Computer using dice? lol

  18. All true gamers are fighting for managed Democracy right now.

  19. Main time i see low count randoms there is superships involved

  20. The Church of RNG is busy on sundays. The pink sinners have to stay out.

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