World of Warships – Happy Birthday, Admiral Nimitz!

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A special celebration of all things Chester Nimitz, Texas native and renown leader.


  1. Morning, I stepped away for a bit early on during the stream yesterday, and then the router failed and I had to reset, so, re-watching.
    – Theodore E. Chandler was a WWII Admiral.
    – USS South Carolina . . . the first Dreadnought with super-firing turrets fore and aft.
    – La Argentina is actually one of my top-performing Tier V cruisers . . . solid numbers for me, I guess it fits my play style.

  2. I Love the Texas. I remember when her AA was a threat.

  3. Greatly enjoyed this. I have been flat on my back in the hospital since Dec 21 and miss the game terribly. I have been playing since Dec 7 2018. Thanks to you ,Jingles and Flambass for keeping me entertained.

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