5 Tricks for World of Warships!

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Ship builds can be found on my discord!


  1. The entire playerbase should sub to you, Soli. Perhaps they would pick up a few things and make life easier for themselves and the rest of us…

  2. good tricks, thanks for sharing public

    • i belive i have shard all of it on stream and unless we are talking about comp tactics iam usually open to help people no matter what

  3. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    Been playing for years and I never knew that you could lock your turrets

  4. CruisingForMermaids

    Another trick is you can lock your aim-point onto a ship (behind a rock, for instance) while it’s spotted use SHIFT-X and if it goes dark you can still shoot at it (albeit less accurately).

    • yes but ssadly very rarely usable since you need to be stationary otherwise the point moves

    • The most useful thing about that one is when repositioning you can use it to aim at a channel between islands if you expect someone to cross there and no matter your heading, the turrets will stay aimed at that spot. If someone shows up, a quick X will cancel the Sector Lock and allow you to aim at the ship that popped up.

  5. Good tips, for the third trick id also add the M spam to see over mountains

    • Thought at this Point people know about it nur yeah.

      Forgot to add one other minor Thing but ITS whatever. Too late now

  6. Thx for the tips

  7. i had no idea about the foliage one, thanks solitude!

  8. Very good tips. The foliage removal and fog visibility will help in a lot of situations so definitely worth doing!

  9. Thx Soli!

  10. tree thing is a big deal. I really didnt know it (been playing like 5 years aldy). thanks much, solitude.

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