World of Warships- The Most Miserable Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier V Premium American Battleship, the Oklahoma. A ship time and the game has not been kind to, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Josiah Ricafrente

    She may not be worth it gameplay-wise, but she was my great-grandfather’s ship — he survived the attack on Pearl Harbor because he had shore leave at the time; if he hadn’t I wouldn’t exist — so that makes her worth to me.

  2. CaptainPotatoAim

    I ground out the containers for this ship just so i could say i have her in my port. Playing her made me reminisce about the more enjoyable times in my life like having COVID

  3. honestly this thing could keep it’s abysmal reload if it was balanced around being the tier 5 equivalent to accuracy mod Vermont with great shells and amazing dispersion

  4. Ah, so i’m not the only one who struggles with this ship. Good to know.

  5. If you use this ship in T5 brawls then it’s a great ship.

  6. kyle pennypacker

    This ship in my opinion DESPERATELY deserves a reload speed buff, somewhere near a 34 or 32 second reload. In my opinion she also needs similar AP pen to that of the Arizona to make her worth anything. Her secondaries are fun, but they’re like polishing a turd

  7. Thx for always place some educating parts in your vids 👍
    Always very interresting,naval history

  8. as long as you can get a ship with in secondary range, the ship has no problem. The “but” is getting with in secondary range and god forbid a sub sets it’s sights on you, It can run away under water.

  9. tier 1-4 almost never play. Tier 5, well there are some very good seal clubbing ships. Tier 6 and 7 have some fun ships and games, then tier 8 that depends on the match making and you can have huge base xp matches. Tier 9 well it was like tier 8 due to the super ships, but 8, 9, 10 and super ships is where many people play.

  10. Drachinefel has a series on how Pearl Harbor was put back together and the ships raised. The amount of effort expended was incredible.

  11. Goes to show that even when the conclusion of “the ship is miserable” is something most would agree, once someone has to explain why we start seeing how much they actually know vs how much they are just parroting what they heard. Such as when someone tries to argue Oklahoma’s secondaries were nerfed during the commander rework. They weren’t, they were buffed, Manual Secondaries pre-rework gave -15% dispersion up to T6, and -60% from T7 and up. The new version gives you more accuracy after a target is selected for 10s than the old version gave at any time, and the buff reaches the exact same level of accuracy as it would on a T10.

    What you are seeing is PEAK Oklahoma secondary performance, no matter how much your rose tinted glasses tell you otherwise. Every secondary BB from T7 and up was nerfed with the rework, because they can still get the same maximum buff, but have to fire for 45s for that instead of getting it immediatelly, but every secondary BB from T6 or lower was buffed, because they get straight up better accuracy after 10s and can get the same accuracy that was once exclusive to high tier BBs after 45s. Your Oklahomas, Agincourts, Arkansas, PEFs, even your Mikasas are all better off thanks to the rework.

    Also, regarding the positives, I guess we forgot 80s cooldown on the repair party is standard? The only ships that have worse cooldown than that are PanAm CLs (which can buff it to above average with the combat instructions, with only T6 and 7 having a 90s cooldown with the instructions active).

  12. In 1991, I was in Hawaii on vacation. (Of course, I had timed it so I was there in early December so I could be there for the 50th anniversary of the attack).
    I managed to get a ticket on the only tour they were giving on the 6th to the museum (The 7th being reserved for survivors and family members only).
    While on the boat, I started talking to a gentleman who was there in 1941, and he started telling me about the rescue efforts after the attack.
    Yeah. Stuff you don’t read about in the regular historical accounts. Stuff you really don’t want to know about.
    Just horrific and heartbreaking.

    • My grandmother said they were pulling guys out of the water at Pearl. The surface was covered in oil, some of it on fire, men were covered in oil, sometimes on fire, and there were a lot of men they just couldn’t save.
      She wasn’t there, but she knew a few who were. She mentioned this to me only once, and changed the subject.

  13. oh man dude, just played this ship last night. Even at 10km out you can’t hit a damn thing with it.

  14. James Stevenson

    That would be one of my greatest fears, not being able to get out of a sinking ship. I’d rather get my face blown off as a marine than that.

  15. She was an event ship and no you cannot buy her at this time. She is listed as Special for cost. Oklahoma a ship that requires quite a bit from her captain. If you fail at planning ahead, then your going to hate life because of your poor choices on the battlefield. She’s not out right horrible, but she also not forgiving for mistakes either. Halsey or John/George Doe with ammo swap skill helps a lot. HE on battleships at range when Penning doesn’t seem good. AP when mid to close.

  16. Only 35 men were rescued from the Oklahoma after she capsized. By 1944 429 bodies had been removed from the righted ship in a task that had to have been one of the most horrible duties imaginable! By 2015 only 32 of them had been identified. Since then, with intensive efforts and improved DNA techniques 394 bodies have been identified and reburied.

  17. Have to agree on this one. I got it free from something long time ago, tried it a bit not even recently. If you manage to hit something with the guns, they do nothing. Its an exercise in frustration.

  18. I was happy to get this boat in the dockyard. I was newer in the game and did not really have many battleships. But then I played it and thought “OHHHH….now I remember why I am not playing American battleships”

  19. Never really thought about the guns on this ship. Got it somehow, but also got Texas somehow (not paying for a “standard” battleship, life is too short for anything that slow). But the AA. . . Texas AA has been power-crept, but if I am going to be a victim of a carrier player hitting his auto- delete button I am at least getting some plane damage.

  20. Curious to see what you think the AZ is like, what buffs it could use, and your suggested layout.

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