Aggresive play on Missouri || World of Warships

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  1. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    This will be the only WoWS video before I won’t watch that in 8 days!

  2. scroll zooming…

  3. Why Not ram The Iowa, dont get it. The points were Not that close and u showed was too much side

  4. GREAT !!!

  5. This is really strange. All this gameplay gives us a bad stomachs because of scroll zooming. I’ve sent you much better replays, never published them. Definitely thumbs down

    • I’m sure your replays were just marvellous. Next time do with alka seltzer zooming, and for sure yours will be posted.

    • I really don’t mind the scroll zooming. I have no clue what y’all have against it. I don’t use scroll zoom but I don’t have any problems with it.

  6. Run Chappy Run!!!!


  8. Where are the screenshots? lazy much?

  9. The renaissance man

    Too much cofidence and sensor overload in the end I would have gone for the 8th kill by ramming

  10. 11:19 lmao bullshit citadel

  11. Wat all bbs should do..

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