Alaska’s Magical Teamwork – World of Warships

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Really great game on The Atlantic with a friendly GK and Harugumo, we worked so well and the game was very exciting. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX American Cruiser Alaska Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Ooh, 1080p arrived. Time for some fun!

  2. Sweet game and quality teamwork

    • Yeah, very good match, but you know WG will release a patch to override this blasphemy you call ‘teamwork’ and having ‘fun’……….
      Seriously, witnessing teamwork and everyone having fun is a rare sight to behold.

  3. i feel like its almost worth it to stick a battleship commander on the alaska rather than the DM

  4. Less than 500 HP left… pucker factor hits 11. 😀

  5. “It’s between a Battleship and a Cruiser”… like um… A BATTLECRUISER!!! ^_~ and to hell what the navy board said back in the war

  6. Great teamwork with different ship types all complimenting each other.

  7. I play Alaska full HE a

  8. One n a million chance of having such good teammates!…lucky Notser,didn’t even run into an island!!!?

  9. Carlos Alonso Delgado

    Me going to supp the cap: 1 Des Moines 1 DD 2 BB
    Notser going for the cap: 1 full broadside newbie
    Is all i have to see here.

  10. Outstanding match. Wish I could get that out of my Alaska. Well done.

  11. Double Strike in an Alaska? Live the dream Notser

  12. Nerf teamwork, it’s too powerful.

  13. Cruiser with 3000 HP less than Monarch, but 15 sec reload compared to 25 sec reload makes Monarch look useless. I know Alaska is Tier IX while Monarch is VIII but still, Hmm….

  14. Great game Notser and refreshing to see good teamwork!

  15. Great game Notser! What a Legend that Harugumo player was as well, gotta love that teamwork.

  16. That Monarch player at the beginning put out one fire and then burned for ages, why do I never get these idiot opponents.

  17. nunyabizness same

    I use my battleship commander in my Alaska( damage control build) works great.

  18. 14 minutes in, conqueror with full health

  19. “Thanks for help you cocksuckers!” By enemy team in chat.

  20. Enjoyed the video Notser more of the same please captain_pugw4sh. EU server.

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