Algerie on 2 brothers – World of Warships

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I already know what the comments are gonna be like, and you get your answer in the 1st few seconds of the video xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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    2 Brothers and not going through mid!
    GG nice gameplay 🙂

  2. Have the seagulls always been that big? They look the size of a private jet 😀

  3. Good example of knowing when it is NOT wise to go down the middle and just support your teams on the flanks.

    Well played, Flambino!

  4. Take the Subs with you

  5. Flambass, what is this? Two Brothers and NOT going through middle? Isn’t that illegal?

  6. I’ve wondered for a bit, how does a Croatian speak almost flawless American English?

  7. Carrier almost torpedoed himself it looked like at the end there. Ha!

  8. people are avoiding GoPros like a plague and you bought it?…………….

  9. The friendly carrier in this match had steel balls.
    It charged in to defend B cap against a BB, DD, and a sub. All enemies supported by a Kaga!
    And yet, somehow the friendly CV sunk the BB & Sub. Then managed to get the DD with his last squadron.
    What a mad lad! o7

  10. Which camo is that? The “none” one?

  11. To what degree is this game setup to ensure near everyone stays around the 50% (+/- 3-4%) win rate mark? Another way to ask is how much skill is *really* involved in the outcomes of these games, as teams, or as individual players? Anyone have a feel for this point?

  12. Well, now people need to consider that you might NOT go mid here if the situation doesn’t suit it, keeps them guessing a bit

  13. It makes perfect sense that 7 million planes that auto-recreate themselves fit on that aircraft carrier.

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