Winter Has Come | Ice-Cool Features Unveiled — World of Warships: Legends

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Welcome aboard our Winter Update!

Hosted by the mighty King of Winter, with two beautiful Queens by his side, you’ll discover new ships, gifts, goodies, and festive content. Dive into a world of holiday cheer and epic naval battles. We wish you the merriest of holidays!
Turn the Tide!

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  1. Nice!! Looking like an amazing update so far

  2. Finally some more news 🔥

  3. One of the cooliest update

  4. @WorldofWarshipsLegends

    UPD! Captains, here is your code: AHOHOY24
    Redeem the code here:

    Hey Legends,
    Just a quick reminder: you can relax and enjoy the video without searching for the code. We’ll reveal it across all our social media, including YouTube, soon after the update launches. Don’t worry, everyone will receive their holiday gift – no one will be left out in the cold! 🎁

  5. I love it ❣️

  6. Thank you for making OHIO so much cheaper than last year‘s Christmas ship, LAST YEAR 35,000 this YEAR 15,000! 🤩😮

  7. Honestly this update is a W. Especially the reduced price for Ohio. Keep up the great work guys!

  8. Looks a great Xmas season

  9. King of Winter looks exactly like the leader of the Dead Army in Lord of the Rings Return of the King. It’d be cool if he’d start chanting, “The way is shut, now you must die.”

  10. @pooshankapuganty4591

    Small question, is ohio going to come back as a bureau ship ever? Or is it gonna be am exclusive winter ship like yoshinp?

  11. Good update. I just hate Ohio is behind a paywall. So be grinding a lot for it.

  12. Wow. A lot of goodies on the Legends Sleigh this year!

  13. @donovandelaney3171

    We better get EV versions of these ships.

  14. WG has outdone themselves this update. They’ve gone above and beyond, and actually listened to player suggestions and wishes. W Wargaming, honestly!!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you, WG. You have finally convinced me to buy christmas crates, if only to get Ohio 😀 W update.

  16. Can’t complain about this update, loads of good stuff.

    Low key just wish it didn’t come out the same month I’m spending thousands on family gifts

  17. This is looking like it could potentially be the best update this game has ever had

  18. @anabilrahmangaming7622

    I’m so damn happy they went out on this.

  19. Big score for the end of the year. These past few updates really let things breathe

  20. W Wargaming for making this happen, i haven’t played in months but this is what i needed to bring me back to the game. Nice job console team.

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