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Low tier sleeper. The 6th entry to the Pan-American tech tree cruiser line is an absolute beast at its tier, and we’re proving that today. Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at #worldofwarships

00:00 Intro
00:31 Ship stats & build
01:15 Battle
18:33 Scoreboards


  1. We need more of these soothing, chill games.


  2. It’s not just the amazing gameplay
    It’s not just the aesthetic editing
    It’s not just the great music
    It’s not just the honeyed voice
    It’s not just the chill vibes
    It’s everything.

  3. Another cracking game, well done ❤

  4. Defintely some of the best gameplay and editing for WoWS. Your videos deserve more attention.

  5. Thanks for the good show !
    Always a pleasure to watch and to learn !

  6. I thought the pan American lines were very dynamic and i enjoyed them, definitely regret removing the t6 through 8 from my port for space, but they were not a good mix with my adhd, too much to keep track of, also kinda why light cruisers as a whole are difficult for me. Might grab the teir 6 again for fun if i ever get bored of the warspite in ranked

  7. Congratulations on the damage record. Another amazing battle!

  8. I like playing the Pan-American cruisers. Since its so easy getting citadel against other cruisers.

  9. I’m used to getting this quality every 6 months or so, Just epic having Robin back.

  10. One minute in, and I am again just floored by the quality of your introductions. Sweeping visuals, engaging detail (that sailing ship!), soundtrack in context,… just devastatingly impactful. You sir, are very talented at this. Thanks for the cheering experience.

  11. What else can you say, Spielbörg, you have competition
    your videos are always a pleasure.
    Keep it up, with your style of playing I would like to see a game with Austin.
    I am an absolute fan of this ship.
    I would like to see a professional push this ship to its limits.👋

  12. Really applaud your production values. You spend time and love on these videos and it shows

  13. I see a Cochrane nerf incoming after this one! 🙂

    Well done, Robin!

  14. Bro, you are my favourite WOWS content creator. More please. I’m a huge fan of Pan American cruisers as well, high risk, high reward. Try the premiums as well, all fun in their own way. Would love to see you try it in Ranked as well.

  15. Robin really did just say “New Years resolution, consistent uploads”. I am all here for it!
    Absolutely gorgeous once again Robin, always reminds me how happy I am that I found your channel

    • I won’t guarantee weekly uploads definitely. I might have to take a break or two during the year again.

    • @@TheSailingRobin I’ll take it while it lasts lol. I know how exhausting long periods of work like this can be, so definitely rest when you need to! We’ll still be here when you get back.

  16. Thanks for the tips and showcase..went back and reacquired this boat this morning and dominated in ranked with it!

  17. You certainly do put a lot more work into your intros than any other WoW youtuber I can think of.

  18. Excellent content. I appreciate your work. I’m new to WoWs and enjoy my time with you and find your commentary insightful.
    All the best!

  19. Bloody hell, 3K base XP on a T6 light cruiser, great game, well played 👍

  20. Robin facing off with the enemy team any match is pretty much the definition of, “None of you seem to understand, I’m not locked here with you, you’re locked here with ME!” 😂 Bravo!

    Best Regards,

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