When DD main takes it serious – World of Warships

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This is one of the finest and closest matches you watched in a while.

It is in USN tech tree tier 7 DD Mahan, a DD I was never a big fan of but mostly due to high concealment, which to be fair most tier 7 DDs have.

This game is an absolute monster and a nail bitter.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @Kurosaki990Ichigo

    I don’t play this game. I don’t have twitch. I live in Australia and your uploads come right before bed time. Really enjoy them. Please don’t stop youtube uploads.

  2. The Hatsu was your shadow. He should have taken A. But you were wearing your carry pants.

    • Hatsu did the smart thing after losing most of his hp. Though he underestimated enemies and died in a stupid way in the end

  3. @gmaacentralfounder

    Gnevny forgot Mahan has 3 torp launchers…
    And Duke would probably get you if he had AP loaded instead of HE.

  4. Props to the guy In the Stord. Kept his head, gave you spotting, and didn’t get himself killed like a muppet. Without him, you lose.

  5. @chrishogancamp6193

    This why I like playing DD. As long as you have one on your team you can win.

  6. Bayern threw so hard he could’ve launched a baseball across the Atlantic.

  7. Mahan is such an fun little boat, at least imo. I have such fun times with her

  8. Awh beautiful Mahan – one of my most favorite ships in wows. Due to matchmaking I prefer Farragut however. Fighting T9’s is not that much fun in this. Even T8’s are nothing to take lightly despite the dpm of this ship.

  9. well coordinated dd play, outstanding.

  10. In real life, the Mahan class were capable of launching a massive 16-torpedo salvo, using the gyro angle capability of the Mk.15 torpedo: the ship would sail directly towards the target, with the tubes angled out 45°. As each torpedo was launched it would turn onto the desired target angle. A division of six Mahans could, in theory, shoot 96 torpedoes simultaneously without the need to turn broadside to the enemy.

    As a practical matter, this was seldom attempted in battle, because the Mk.XV was not accurate with large gyro angles, and because, unlike World of Warships, destroyers didn’t get infinite torpedo reloads. In fact, the 1500-ton Mahans didn’t carry reloads at all.

  11. Playing DDs at T7 without radar is such a breath of fresh air for me.

    • Tier 6 and 7 DD’s really suffer since you get tier 8 games a lot! so concealment module tier 8 DD’s, tier 8 subs and carriers all just crush you.

  12. What a game, wonderful!

  13. Feels best when its close and one wins.

  14. Mahann is not for everybody. There is a way to play this DD, and is not just going straight to the cap, smoking and die. His 9 klm torps are great, his far-range guns 14klm, ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DD

  15. Nicely done.

  16. I don’t understand why neither hatsu or flambino didn’t cap A sooner when reds were capping C. It was open and safe to do so.

    • @TheOriginalHairyDave

      I can understand it.

      It’s immediately going to announce where you are and that Scharnhorst can move pretty quickly when it needs to.

      That said, Hatsu should definitely have taken the risk – even contesting it for a bit and running away would have helped the points situation more than getting trapped and murdered.

  17. Well done!

  18. Never worried!!! GG Flambass!

  19. The first DD didnt even fire his guns, just sailed across map, turned around and died! lol

  20. 19:22 – It’s just Mahan – pronounce it exactly like you see it written. A very famous name in naval and strategy circles. Just 2 syllables ma + han. Here you have a great video from Drachinifel explaining ship’s name
    As to the match itself – great job.

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