AN ACTUAL HAUNTED SHIP (Sponsored by World of Warships)

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  1. Bay Area 510 represent

  2. Why would there be chainsaws on navy boat?

  3. Rugby World Cup 2015 ALL BLACK EVERYTHANG!

  4. William Fitz (Boxey Brown)

    The Race is starting tomorrow right?

  5. I hope war thunder adds war ships

  6. You should release the raw file of the haunted maze!

  7. Was… that Dee and Brandon…?

  8. Oh man i’d love to visit this. >:o this is rad.

  9. Hey Hutch I was watching random videos and happened to go back and watch
    your My Experience with Mr. Sark videos again. Just wondering if you would
    ever do it with Adam. Not sure if he didn’t want you to make one or not.

  10. 1:09 Jim Sterling?

  11. I want to fuck my dad?

  12. Hutch-a-rino and Node? Oh myyy-

  13. That looks insane! Happy Halloween Hutch.

  14. Node collab!!

  15. no fucking way i spent the night on that ship for a field trip

  16. Nice video! A few friends of mine play this game and speak really highly of
    it… though they think there are a few balance issues that need to be
    worked out, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

  17. Wow, I just got done playing some WoWs! Super stoked to see you pop a video
    up about it and really cool to see this event. I hope you do some videos
    about the game, or at least try it out enough to get into it. I’m actually
    pretty certain I saw Gassy in a game when I first started out. I got really

  18. No love for Corridor Digital/BrandonJLA/Node? :P

  19. I got to spend a weekend on that ship back when i was a Cub Scout. They
    have some pretty cool stories about haunted stuff that’s happened on that

  20. Appreciate being upfront with the sponsor stuff. Seriously commendable.

  21. You’re in the bay area now? Screw you, Socal is the best Cal. traitor

  22. money whore.

    prick doesn’t even play this game.
    Hutch is a cunt

  23. Was that Brandon at the end?!

  24. make a chess video

  25. Shoutout to the Grey Ghost Division stationed on that ship

  26. Honestly I really like when Hutch does paid advertisements because then it
    is a wider variety of content

  27. Haha Kassem G just put out a ghost hunting video about this ship.

  28. You know the guys from node?:ooo

  29. The Hornet’s really awesome at night. It has it’s own creepiness, and the
    view from the fantail is amazing.

  30. Isn’t that normally in Corpus :/ lol maybe there is two haunted ships

  31. I used to live just 5 minutes from the hornet. It’s for real haunted I’ve
    seen some weird stuff on that boat.

  32. Wow a Youtuber who actually follows Youtube’s sponsored video rules and
    makes it explicitly known that the video is sponsored. Good on you for that
    Hutch keep up the great work.

  33. I wanna work there !

  34. That fucking bear man…
    They had some professional Evil Cackelers on that ship that night too

  35. Can you pls show the entire video of you going on the tour of the ship

  36. 12 Monkeys?

  37. awesome i see you were hangin out wih brandon and d of node anyone else
    there from the youtube/twitch there?

  38. guy at 1:46 looks like Glen from walking dead

  39. Miss the chess videos daddy

  40. Another sponsored video? Jeez

  41. We like how he left out all the parts where he screamed…loudly.

  42. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

    I’m cool with sponsors, but fuck Wargaming.

  43. Well, at least we get a WoWS halloween event at EU (like all the other
    server clusters get). Wargaming EU for World of Tanks fuck us over
    constantly, so we get no Halloween event despite others getting them. Just
    a word of warning, don’t go into Wargaming games like WoT or WoWS expecting
    good game devs.

  44. Lol is this the same ship Kassem G just did that video on? I’m still
    laughing from that video

  45. I want your beard

  46. idk man it all seems a little too cheesy to me

  47. hutch u still live in the bay right I think I seen u a couple a day ago

  48. Do a collab with Node gaming! :D

  49. Omg!!! Brandon and D! :D

  50. Hell yeah working with Node! I just subbed to them today. Sick channel they

  51. upload a full length of the haunted warship!

  52. Oh no, ghosties *pharp*

  53. I’m shockingly early

  54. OK, this is one the one time a guy with a chainsaw makes no sense,there’s
    zero lumber on warships lol

  55. Bassie en Adriaan intro.

  56. Uh oh, are we gonna see Hutch on a Node video?

  57. How was it hanging with the NODE guys Hutch?

  58. Is that whats his name from Rocket Jump?


  60. Spotted brandon already 10/10

  61. yooo its d and brandon

  62. hi hutch

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