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  1. Battle of java sea but no dutch themed ships?

    • Java and De Ruyter are in tech line no?

      Although you could say Tromp

    • De ruyter and java are im the world of warships blitz dutch tech tree​@@Alpha_627

    • I suspect that WG wants to keep the Dutch ships from release as premiums since there is no destroyer line yet, Kortenaer and Witte de With are the only 2 ships from the Dutch side that are not in game, while de Ruyter and Java are. Evertsen didn’t participate in the first battle but was at Sunda Strait. All of these are Admiralen class destroyers. Dutch destroyers would probably be starting with the Wolf class then Admiralen then gerard callenburgh and then Holland class and after that Friesland class. Probably the line would be supplemented with loaned ships from the British line I also suspect that the line would have a Tromp Class, with its sister ship the De Ruyter as Tier X

    • USS HOUSTON please

  2. When this event will start?

  3. @antoniskalakonas1876

    That is a nice event to add to the game! Any historic battles are welcome. Could be a nice chance to reward players for playing some of the lower tier ships too, if you would consider it.

  4. I think it would be cool if you guys would cover the battle of Leyte Gulf this October 🙂

  5. An event that reflects the operations within the lifetime of the “grand old lady”. At the end you can earn the HMS Warspite. Or at least a commemorative flag.

  6. Historical events should always be welcome! As a veteran and military history buff, historical based events are going to be a must for me.

  7. Maybe a operation rheinburg/battle of the Denmark strait. i think you have almost all ships or a sister ship from those battles: Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, King George V (Prince of Wales), Nelson (Rodney), Hood, Devonshire (Norfolk, Dorsetshire, Suffolk), Ark Royal, Indomitable (Victorious), Edinburgh (Sheffield) and loads of destroyers as well. i know there is a collection of it but there hasnt really been a commeration of possibly the most famous operation in the atlantic.

  8. The Ghost of the Java Coast wants to know your location. Severely disappointed there won’t be a premium USS Houston.

  9. I wish we had more ships on sale for this event such as Exeter

  10. Battle of the Samar straits should have been one first historical battles. First time a CV is sunk by gunfire, first sinking by a Kamikaze, and the introduction of the long awaited USS Johnston and her (10 point skill commander) CMH recipient, Earnest Evans. October 2024 commemorating the events of October 1944.

  11. Historical ships and events are why I keep playing world of warships since 2016, battle of savo island next please wargaming with Uss Astoria as premium reward 🙂

  12. I would also love to see a Guadalcanal event with USS Wasp, Ralph Talbot, HMAS Canberra, IJNS Hiei, Yukikaze and Zuikaku and so many others

    • I was thinking about that as well. Guadalcanal/Savo Island event that could include one of the three New Orleans-class cruisers lost during the battles of Savo Island.

    • Or the battle of Leyte gulf, another major battle that happened in the pacific, I think that would be fun and including some of the ships that took part like the Musashi/yamato and some of the fleet carriers

  13. Fun Fact: If you place Kurita on the Yamato, he’ll automatically retreat when enemy destroyers are spotted.

  14. I was kinda hoping this was going to be like a Naval Legends video. Making a recreation of the battle

  15. @grandadmiralzaarin4962

    Does Kurita have bonuses for Takeo and Yamato? Since he commanded both historically as flagships.

  16. how can I get the WOWS Tec Tree plugin , I can not get this on the Modstation , now

  17. Nice event actually!! Regarding which naval battles: how about Battle of Cape Matapan? We’ve got a quite of few ships in the game which actually participated and new add ons with different gimmicks always welcome!;)

  18. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like a Force Z or Africa/Mediterranean campaign event. I know there are already two of each of the KGV-class and QE-class battleships in the game, but Prince of Wales and Barham would be really cool additions.

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