World of Warships- One Small Buff Took This Ship From Terrible To Amazing!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a Video released on the WoWs Channel that goes over some major nerfs to shotgunning. This time they’re working with a dynamic damage model for torps now, on top of the acceleration changes, let mew know what ya think below!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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  1. Good morning

  2. Interesting to see how many people don’t know how to play Rhode Island.

  3. Seeing an almost full heal Mecklenburg not taking the heal buff (that was near him) for his teammates is frustrating.

  4. Great game, spoiled by hiss terrible lead over and over again. He didn’t adjust at all.

  5. Whats the point of 16 guns when only 4-5 ever hit on a salvo?

  6. I’ve never seen an Italian BB so allergic to SAP.

  7. A lot of questionable decisions by the star of the video I would say … mostly luck , could’ve been much much more better if he wasn’t allergic to SAP

    • And figured out the lead issue. Kept shooting behind his targets and getting lucky with the RNG…

    • Wows players are the most insecure, jealous weirdos on the internet- every video where a player dominates, you see these kinds of insecure commentary lol

    • @@r.s.w.k4569If you play the game, you’d know they are right.

    • @@r.s.w.k4569I’m impressed by many matches and videos, but this was most definitely not even close to being an impressive one. Any decent player would know constantly clipping the stern of every ship isn’t a sign of good leading.

    • @@r.s.w.k4569 are you by any chance the “star of the show” ?, if yes, dude take constructive criticism , and if not same learn from other’s mistakes, I’m sure 90% of us from here that play this game have at least 2-5 games a week like this one (mistakes and luck included), so not impressed. Furthermore you said “where a player dominates” ???? where did you saw this in this video? or you just woke up trolling 😀 the internet

  8. I love this ship, I just got it and a smashed my dam and so records, it’s so good, I have devstriked so many Soviet battleships because for some reason the always go broadside to me. My dim record is 229 dm, is that good or bad.

  9. That buff to the Columbo is more than welcome. I’ve been playing a few games with it lately and it’s a very noticeable improvement.

    The ship certainly went from mediocre to pretty good but I’m not sure I would call it “amazing” though.

  10. The firing angles on this ship is just straight up juicy. I don’t think I’ve had a bad game in this ship since the buff.
    And yes, the guns actually do hit stuff now, as long as you don’t repeatedly fire at bow in targets and hoping for results.

  11. That Worcester would be dead if he hit it with SAP, just saying

  12. I played it last night and it was so fun to play, I was shocked.

  13. Time to play the “one beer per citadel”mini game with the man 😂

  14. the use of smokes in this game is highly questionable

  15. i used to need to see fall of shot to adjust every time i fired, but now i dont watch every single salvo

  16. @theiranianputin2770

    Doing that with practically just AP is crazy.

  17. For consistency’s sake, an improved C. Colombo should have been a Spanish battleship 😛

  18. It’s weird seeing a PC boat being buffed to console strength. Chris is a monster on Legends.

  19. I’ve always liked Columbo and now its better.

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