Benson in 2024…You Won’t Believe the Base EXP – World of Warships

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This was one of the best games I recently played and not for the damage numbers, if anything, for every other reason. The focus and the odds of pulling through all of this were slim.

Try and guess how much base exp will I get in this game before the end screen pops up and let's see how close you will get. I know I did not expect the result.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambass in a Benson…the past is present.

  2. A lil bit of luck and a ship ton of experience makes Flamby my favorite WoWs content. 😊

    Great game!

  3. Yep, the DD main did a nice job, well done Flambass. You are still an inspiration, no matter if its Wows or even Tarkov. Wishing you all the good times m8.

  4. Can we take a moment and appreciate the complete and utter fucking BULLSHIT at 9:36? Enemy carrier flies straight at Flambass, right through his allied carriers fighter squadron (for several seconds mind you because he had to turn around to chase Flambass while within its area of influence), despite this, the fucking enemy CV was STILL able to make an attack run while being hosed by both his AA and the fighter squadron and STILL had 50% of planes squadron survive to return to the enemy carrier.

    What a fucking joke this games balance is.

    • WG´s special class. I still think planes should not be immune at all during an attack run. It is not as if WWII pilots had a force shield to protect them from AA fire. But then the CV players would probably compain about the game being too hard. Cry me a river. My answer would be – get skill and get gud, if you want to do damage.

  5. @bryandavidson6386

    Very well played… that’s what DD play is all about 🖒

  6. Flambass has something I never had when playing DDs. Patience to wait for the right moment to make a move.

  7. 15:20 Imagine how much base xp would be if you get extra base xp for close avoiding torpedos.

  8. You showed your pedigree in this one for sure, DD main 🤟. I probably would have died about 4 times in that Benson.

  9. what a game!! of course it helps when the person playing the benson knows what he’s doing! how many torps did you dodge?? thank you for posting!!!!!!!

  10. Damn this is a lesson in torpedo beats. Unbelievable how adept flammy is at handling a dd. Much admiration

  11. @thomaskositzki9424

    Whoa, was on the edge of my seat half the match!
    Best, most exciting game to watch in the last 12 months! 🤪👍
    Just outstanding gameplay, bro. 😃

  12. Flambass almost got as much base xp by himself as the entire enemy team COMBINED (3k vs 4k)

  13. Very well played! Some masterful fish dodging, and all round extremely impressive.
    I did guess 3k XP, but only after you flagged up it was a monster game (6 solo caps!!) – so cheating a bit…

  14. Great match! Ya know, my father was actually on a Benson class in WW2. The USS MacKenzie (DD-614).

  15. You make just about any DD look good!

  16. That was some serious dodging action!

  17. Well played! Almost like you had a plan 😀

  18. A textbook classic destroyer role where it isn’t about doing the damage, it’s about controlling the match through positioning and caps. And you’ve shown it still works. Although today it’s rarer than in the past.

    • Exactly. People are always about damage farming in their DDs because the XP doesn’t always show the benefit of controlling half of the map by myself just by existing and having positioning, forcing broadside turnout torp dodges, holding caps etc

  19. Dude that was awesome. Yep Benson is nimble and for once you did a great job at the AA game. Appreciated!
    You eye of the needled a-lot of those torps and got a little lucky but I’d have died twice so at times skill makes its own luck doesn’t it?
    Wow dude… So impressive!

  20. @flambass
    Did people ever notice that sub torps are going in a straight line, intercept course of you. You then press repair to break the lock, next you put on the breaks and turn into the torps to break harder. They should miss.
    But then they still deviate from the straight line and slowly curve into you and hit you?

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