World of Warships – Hard Carry

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Somebody get this man a weightlifting belt and a nice dark room to lie down in!

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  1. I love it when my jingles are mighty

  2. That was an epic carry

  3. I don’t know what’s the bigger Goal. To have a game where I sink the entire team, or get any video shown by jingles.

  4. Don’t forget: Tier 8 Mogami with 5×3 155mm guns has more DPM than Tier 10 Yodo with 6×3 150mm guns.

    • It’s a French DD so saturation did a whole lot of carrying for that DD there

    • @@ironshrek88 it’s not the 155s in the video either. Just a neat little fact about those two ships in general

    • @@HalbostfrieseIt’s kinda ironic that a Japanese CL line does way less DPM than Mogami. Like seriously, there’s nothing good with in them apart from Takao’s torpedoes firing angles with good range which can be managed by IJN CAs anyways. Soon Yodo will have ASW but again, Zao also got the same treatment. Which makes Yodo purpose useless.

    • @@tsuaririndoku What’s really funny is the T7 IJN CL has more DPM than the T8 and T9 before reload mod, and with reload mod it’s a VERY small difference in their DPM.

      The ironic part there is the T7 can also pen 32mm exactly with IFHE because of having 155mm guns. Meaning there is basically no reason to upgrade past the T7 in that tech tree. It’s just better than any of the others, and holds its own fairly well for what it is. I mean it’s one of the only sub T8 CLs that can pen 32 these days, that in of itself is a fairly good selling point.

  5. Great video, goes to show you don’t have to play top tier to have a great game.

  6. That was excellent thank you jingles

  7. 3:44 “these guns do hit kind of hard” 6 HE pens on a DD…3k damage. Terrible timing Jingles

  8. @flaviosalatino8192

    Impressive to see such an hard carry from an 8″ mogami

  9. Man, that monarch must have painted his ship with fuel

    • I kind felt bad for him 😂

    • @thomaskositzki9424

      @@ewerton.moura19 Yeah, well he could have played it smarter for sure. Especially when Alphonso reengaged him at around the half of the match, he blew his damage control on a single fire. By then he should have known from observation that almost every freaking salvo of Alphonso set a fire…

  10. That man sure knows how to sling a heavy cruiser

  11. @NigelDeForrest-Pearce-cv6ek

    Brilliant!!! Well Done!!!

  12. What a game!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  13. That was definetly a hard carry. Well done my friend.

  14. Impressive player, and that in a Mogami.

  15. @scottdoubleyou563

    I hope he was lifting with his knees and not his back, because that was one hell of a carry.

  16. he whent full atlas mode and carried the whole world on his back here

  17. I love the Mogami with the 203mm guns. I know the 155mm guns can put out a lot of DPS, but I prefer the sniping and have the ability to wreck battleships. FWIW, I played before the Inertial Fuse skill was available when I had the Mogami. By the time that was added, I was playing a Zao.

  18. Great one Jingles, highlight of my day👍👍😁

  19. There hasn’t been enough “that’s a paddlen” in recent months

  20. Daaaaaaang. What an incredible game.

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