Bismarck Is Surprisingly Capable In Ranked

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  1. The amount of overpens with Bismarck/Tirpitz cannons is simply ridiculous.

  2. The BB that got me outta bronze was Atlantico. Bismarck was too many overpens and citadels that should have been but for some reason weren’t…

  3. I’ve played a fair bit of ranked with the Bismarck and it’s completely hit or miss. Sometimes the RNG works out for you and you manage to get close to the enemy, other times nothing works and you end up with a 30k game

    • Bismarck was my go-to for T8 ranked until I got my hands on a Massa B from the BF boxes. The hydro is a really nice saviour from sneaky torps that the Massa doesn’t have and I found the guns were good enough

  4. @AllieRogers-mq1kf

    This video is the Best Of PQ

  5. Queen of Brawling in Rangked 🔥

  6. For sure, even in Randoms it’s still a great a great secondary gun build BB even with the powercreep, same for Tirpitz if you sail with a Division mate and don’t really need hydro, the torps are a nice bonus then.

  7. Atlântico in ranked is good?

  8. If you’re building for all battle types (randoms, brawls, ranked) would you still ditch concealment for the fire prevention?

  9. I’m thinking of the zeiten if it would be good

  10. @doomboygammer6009

    Personally really like Baltimore in ranked. The bow lets you tank 15in AP and Balti is just generally good. Found myself living a lot longer than I should with how common Bismarck and Turpitz is

  11. @williamgrand9724

    This video is going to encourage every potato in this game to push into 6 enemy ships alone because they are in a german bb.

  12. @yourfavoritelawnguy2722

    Please bring more Bismarcks into ranked, i am loving burning everything down in my Bayard lighthouse/mobility build

    • I was up against one of you last night, sat right out and me being in a massa it was impossible to hit with sloth shells haha still he was last ship alive so didn’t matter too much. Verying annoying though

  13. Hunt for Bismarck collection will give you the economic bonus too! I just got it

  14. @user-GamingLive723

    PQ, try the tier 8 Constellation BB in ranked

  15. I really like my Bismarck ! With a high leven captain its really fun.

  16. looking forward to your Zeiten review

  17. everyone make sure to leave comments of any WG videos or twitch about how much we all like this season of ranked WITHOUT CVs in them.

  18. I love my Bis, she’s my favorite ship of any, and she’s damn capable.

  19. Would this be practically same video for torpitz too? While since I’ve played either boat

  20. @RomuloCavalcanti-bt8yv

    Diferences on Tirpitz???On main guns/secondaries

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