World of Warships- Don’t Be This Guy, PLEASE…

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Back at it again with another super toxic player, the quitter. Enjoy!

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  1. That Minotaur is literally acting like an 11 year old

  2. @craigalexander966

    Omg it’s GP_1 I blacklisted him ages ago he only plays Minotaur and just pisses and moans nonstop, he’s also not v good I solod him in a Tulsa recently I was 1/2 ded and he was full hp.

  3. all of us at one point has experienced a toxic player, and that we have been toxic before at one point

    • Yeah, I’ve honestly been there before. I’m not proud of it 😅

    • @oneangrycanadian6205

      Exactly my friend!! But I have never thrown my game lol

    • That’s if you pay much attention to chat. Which I don’t. I’m sure trolls have tried to harass me. If you shun them they just look like the idiots they are.

    • honestly i havent been toxic unless you count me cursing myself out at the keyboard when i do something rather silly and get obliterated. but i have seen enemy being toxic because they are losing, someone who clearly doesnt get that both sides are trying to win, or that nobody is perfect including themselves, and who cannot take being outthought and outfought gracefully.

    • also, probably that player is known and blocked, or it was a relief they got themselves sunk allowing the rest of his side to carry on as a team

  4. Same as Counterstrike, never ever give up. It changes how you play.

  5. Bold of you to assume that Minataur player could play well enough to help his team.

    • He is a garbage player. 21,000 Mino battles, just not good. Either he has never figured out how to play properly or he does this often and keeps trashcan numbers…

  6. I’ve found that the people who are loud in chat telling people how they should play are usually the ones who are worst at the game. I find the ones who ‘well done’ their allies when they die or ‘provide cover for _____’ people who aren’t facehugging the enemy. It really is World of Warpricks.

  7. @f0rth3l0v30fchr15t

    The lesson is clearly “never give up… never surrender” and possibly “activate the Omega 13” too.

  8. “Decent AA” lmao – says that as the planes health very gradually goes down, while being in the AA range of several ships 😀

  9. @arcticbunyip5005

    Always the same now ….. As the match starts you get someone crying about submarines or CVs ( they are here to stay, it’s been YEARS and YEARS now) or then read some team stats thru a mod and call his team potatoes and give up …. And then head to furthest point on map with 6 other sniper buddys

  10. What’s annoying is seeing those torpedo drops. Why does he keep spreading out the aiming? He could have landed all of them a few times.

  11. Dunning-Kruger-Effect hits really hard in World of Warships

  12. @wedgeantilles3983

    I had a hilarious match the other night in my Golden Lion where I faced off across a cap with another Golden Lion and we were launching squadrons at each other. The main difference was that I was full AA specced and he wasnt so I was nuking his flights before they could drop. Ended up airstriking him to death and he wasnt a very happy person in chat lol.

    • You keep quiet about that! We don’t need people knowing about the AA on these ships…WeeGee may break out the nerf hammer!

  13. @christianjohnson9190

    And this is why I play coop, it’s 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% better than Random

    You can take so much toxicity for so long, I had enough

    • I play operations most of the time now

    • @@captbumbler5356 This game needs to deliver on their promise of opening up Operations to all the tiers. Great way to enjoy this game. They also need to make Asymmetrical Battles permanent. The problem with this and most online games is that you are forced to play with other people.

  14. I had the purest stat jockey the other day. The match starts I gave out a quick plan. He goes don’t worry we are not going to listen to a 40%er. This means he looks at everyone’s stats right away. Well he died we won and I placed 2nd. Not bad for a 40%er. I’m 48% now finally got it to go up a little nearly 5000 hours in game.

    • A lot of these fools (stat jockeys) reroll their accounts after they learn the game, and operate in the same echo chamber as other stat jockeys. They cannot comprehend folks like you or I that learned the game and moved the Winrate needle while keeping all those “learning process” games in their stats. 48% to 50% is insanely hard, but I was able to do that after about 5k hours in game as well.

    • @@xPureNRG007x If you are just;
      – playing for fun
      – not using signals
      – not playing in divisions
      – playing the ships you want to play (not the most powerful)
      – being distracted/AFK by RL (Job, wife, kids, Xvideos etc)
      If you are sitting at 48%, then you so easily could be 58% if you actually “wanted” to.

    • That was a super fast jump from 40 to 48%.

  15. It’s when you find out that they are near the bottom of the match rankings 😂

  16. Carrier players are “Players you don’t want to be.” LOL’s 😀

  17. Watching this Midway make his drops, shows just how special he is at CV

  18. When you spoke of clumping up on one side of the map and hiding, that’s the sort of game I hate getting, usually because I’m the poor sucker who spawned on the other side of the map. So I either end up getting killed trying to get over there, or I get killed while trying to at least occupy the enemy so my team can take the caps on that side… which they don’t. (sigh)

  19. @dodgedaytona7435

    I played in t6 game as warspite. The fuso on my team said it was a lost game, so he proceeded to the edge of the map. My next 5 salvos were all kills, 4 of which were dev strikes. We lost on caps because the fuso was on the edge, and their last ship on the enemy team was an omaha.

  20. This is where I low key wish that the other team won so that player would see the victory popup and feel really stupid

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