Bismarcking! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Spartan wanted to play Bismarck? This is peak 2020

  2. Seriously, you are out with her again? I’m breaking up with you. We are DONE.

  3. Me: **Sees “Bismarcking”**

    Also Me: **Clicks faster than the guns of tier 1 cruisers can shoot**

  4. Yessss he finally wanted to PLAY the Bisamrck.

  5. I’m proud of my cooking and presentation. So I usually take pictures of my completed dishes. People are dumb

  6. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    Hood: Exists

    Gunter Lutjens: “Bismarckin!”

  7. Hahaha honestly I don’t care what people think… I enjoy doing it so Im going to keep doing it!

    I mainly said this to let folks know that if you say stupid things you will be banned. I don’t put up with that sort of Garbage!

  8. Sparten playing Bismarck without being held at gunpoint

  9. Spartan, have you made any “POW!” compilations with you deletions? If not you should do that, I’d love to see that.

  10. Dark lord of the memes

    On this day: December 9, 2020 will be a day which every Spartan subscriber will remember the time that Spartan.. actually wanted to play the Bismarck

  11. Lol life of a Germain battleship captain…”guys im going in cover me” gets into brawling with half the team.

    Looks around…”guys, whered you go?”
    Sees they’re huddled all around behind an island in china….

    Burns to death because had they targeted anyone i had been engaging they could have finished them off and mitigated the damage i was tanking.

  12. Germans putting like transformers paint jobs on their most prized battleship, ha yeah lol

  13. 4:30 Spartan, you’re right, you will shoot only at the guy who’s targeted, but just like with targets on main guns, you will receive way better dispersion and precision

  14. This is my standard play.
    Teammates at the rear possibly taking a piss.
    And me charging the enemy with my bayern as I run a full ciliax secondary build

  15. that random elite ultra

    Just do german shops if you have the bayern you it

  16. Bismarck: “breathe”

    Scharnhorst: *I’m going to show you what’s pro gamer move*

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