Boat Crew!

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It’s smol bote time, and this time around we’re the ones getting our cheeks clapped.



  1. Feels like a late 1980/ early 1990 style game.

  2. I wonder if they are gonna do other countries and scenarios. A German Schnellboot Crew Would be cool

  3. Took a look at some Steam reviews, and this made me chuckle:
    “What I got instead was a crew-game that took some inspiration from the Soulsborne games for it’s difficulty”

  4. Chugged through the tutorial stage on the demo no problemo…..but then went to play the one mission available innthe demo…..holy sh1t! I got eviscerated again and again and again. Cant wait to see the finished game!

  5. It sounds like the game emulates real life. By the end of the war PT boats were some of the most heavily armed vessels pound for pound. The crews kept bolting on whatever weapons they could scrounge.

    • So the US had ork freebootaz in the pacific?

    • @@nazamroth8427 They just weren’t very fast ‘cuz they weren’t painted red.

    • @@nazamroth8427 🤣. Sort of.

    • @@nazamroth8427pretty much and that continued into the Vietnam war.

    • Pretty much. They were ‘strategically transferring equipment to alternate locations’ any sort of weapon they could, including 30 and 40mm cannons, machine guns, one crew even mounted an anti-tank cannon. Turning these ships into the ‘devil boats’ that the Japanese came to be terrified of. Pound for pound they were the meanest armed speed boats you ever saw. XD

  6. I do like the type of games where you support the AI as they duke it out in massive battles. Things like Dynasty Warriors or Battle Engine: Aquila. I can’t tell if this will be quite what I’m looking for but the campaign view gives me some hope.

  7. Another game I have to buy, damn it Jingles, you are screwing my wallet

  8. As someone who are fairly used to operating small boats with fixed axles the fact that the crew swim up to the boat trying to climb up before full stop stressed me out

  9. Jingles Landing… no wheels. Jingles Attack… no ammo…. never change.

  10. I got this a few days before christmas and have played a couple of campaigns. Yeah, it’s a good one and already pretty fun despite still being in early access.

  11. Saw you showing this game yesterday & it looks like it will be an interesting game to play. Downloading the demo now.

  12. I really enjoyed this its just fun to crazy stuff you can do with your setups

  13. Looks amazing. The boats in War Thunder are super fun to play, sad it takes a ridiculous amount of time to even reach tier 3.

  14. I saw this video and told my wife “Hey for once I have a game before Jingles”
    her response “Yeah… Probably not”
    Thanks Babe Love you too.

  15. Hell yes! I was hoping you would pick this up.

  16. First it was Destroyer and now Jigles does it again! We just played a game of Cruel Seas last night and this morning Jingles is publishing this video with a PT boat game. Plus it is Microprose. So, It was an insta buy. I’m writing this late because I just got up to get something to eat and realized I was glued all day to the screen playing it. Conclusion, children don’t take candies from the old sailors you meet on YouTube 😂😂😂 Love it thanks Jingles!

  17. @robertcassidy5592

    Give us more of this game Jingles. Loving the content from people reviewing this game and it’s right up your alley

  18. @MMuraseofSandvich

    12:45 M45 “Meat Chopper” sounds quite aggressive, and it is, just not for armored targets: It’s basically 4 Ma Deuces on a common turret.

  19. It’s a damn shame the crews of these boats don’t get the recognition they deserve. They were vital in many ways in many wars.

  20. PT boats were so interesting in the kinds of missions they did, this is a great idea for a game.

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