My Best Game Ever in Conqueror! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. getting krakens yoinked is pain but that is an ungodly amount of damage and fires, nice

  2. This will be my next project for research. Conqueror seems like a must-have battleship for Battleship players. Big time GG

  3. That was a great football game! Let’s go, BLUE!! I’ve been a UofM football fan since 7th grade, because they had/have the coolest helmets. I’m 55 now 😅.

    • 😄 I’ve grown up a Michigan fan as well because I liked rooting against my family but it has been rough and now we may just do it

  4. @mannydeltoro5350

    Mine blown You should get these videos all the time. These are my favorite ones. Good Game on the Conquer

  5. @bryandavidson6386

    Nice game Spartan. Best wishes for the new year 🖒

  6. @dimplypaprika7693

    love my Conq, and you are right — load up that AP against a broadside Marlborough. That thing is a floating citadel. I dev struck a full health Marlborough recently with my Conquerer and a few days later dev struck a full health Marlborough with my Alabama. Those Marlborough’s just go pop!

  7. Well done!
    Any tips on how to find active fleets? I’d love to play in division with the same people

  8. @amirmahdibiroudian931

    im actually researching her rn in game and i cant wait for it
    also nice game Spartan! Keep it up (:

  9. I really believe HE has to get nerfed man. It’s just so annoying to fight against especially against this thing. I was playing the Stalingrad the other day and got nuked😭 2 fires per salvo all the time. It’s even fire when cruisers set fire with ONE shell that got over an island

  10. I don’t play much legendary tier for obvious reasons and while I prefer Montana and Yamato because one came very close to existing and the other did exist, but as far as legendary bbs Conqueror is very close. The AP is pretty good but that HE is absurd. I’ve done almost as much damage with HE into the superstructure as I have AP and citadels in this thing. Just don’t get hit. She’s got okay armor but is very nukable when you screw up. I sometimes wonder if she’s in the game solely to counter bow tanking Yamatos.

  11. @brandonlewis7128

    Conq is the rain of fire type of ship I love it even though I don’t have it I at Least get to see u play it up 👍

  12. It’s ok Spartan… Us Veterans are on every list

  13. @johncampbell1936

    As a die hard Buckeye…bring that natty home to the Big 10!!!!!!!! U of M is hands down the most complete team in the nation.

    Aaaaannnddd…..great conq game. Fire fire firrreeesss

  14. awesome. would love to see some more conqueror gameplay !

  15. That video was lit!… you certainly flame to please. I’m stoked to play my conqueror , it has the “Too hot to handle” camo, very fitting and looks great. I lava your content.

  16. First off congratulations on beating my Crimson Tide, great game Big Blue. Loved your video and Conqueror is my favorite Legendary Battleship ? How did you aquire the fast reload of the main batteries. Freaking thing hurls HE like an Atlanta or Worchester. Thanks and have a great 2024

  17. Now that’s the way to start 2024! Congrats on your 315K game.

  18. Happy new year Spartan! What a monstrous game 😀

  19. Conq is a beast. That HE is so damned strong. It can get citadels on cruisers and it does massive damage to anything it hits, not even counting the fires it sets. There are some matches where I don’t even bother switching to AP, even though the AP is really good, the HE just does so much alpha damage on top of the fires.

  20. Just wanna say Spartan…
    even better than vids that actually claim to improve aiming…
    for me, watching your game play is leaps and bounds in ranged ship strikes.

    Keep up the VIDS man. 👍🏿

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