BRITISH DESTROYER, ALIENS & TORPEDUS! (World of Warships Gameplay)

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– British & !

Thanks for watching!


  1. MyCaliber Pedersen

    Theme song?

  2. independence day resurgence lol

  3. What is the button for the cinematic mode?

  4. slingstone (ascaend)

    i love wows xD

  5. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for like a million years :’)

  6. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    well that guy in the chat was rude..

  7. Five o’clock!

  8. wow, you’re back Baron …
    I’ve been waiting to see your World of Warships videos once more.

  9. whzt is the intro song?

  10. More WOWS!

  11. More WoW. And try out the moskva. Just an amazing ship wits stalinium

  12. Raptor “Pro” Games

    love you Baron! keep it up sir!

  13. hey baron! your videos have made me want to play wows, love the vids and
    much love from Scotland!

  14. baron, I hope you play more WOWs. since I can’t play it due to my low
    performance laptop, it’s fun to see others play it, and you’re one of my
    favourite. carry on, mate

  15. I can’t seem to survive too long in a destroyer

  16. It was so funny at the end when you made the kid voice

  17. I am loving Russian cruisers, they suit my style. Also Japanese destroyers
    for ninja attacks. This game needs a full British tech tree though.

  18. james ward-gwilliam

    Baron german BB’s are coming in August around gamescom time. with the new
    5.7 patch supertesters etc are testing them on the live server. last few
    patches have been a vast lot of gameplay and interface updates. now i play
    all classes but my mainstay is my BB’s although i play quite a lot of my
    cruisers and DD’s as well. as for favourite ship in the game so far it will
    have to be the mikhail kutusow or the mighty mighty dirpitz. i do have both
    tier 10 BB’s and i have fun in them but not as much as the 2 aforementioned
    ships. also Baron if you like DD’s try the fletcher 😉 its glorious

  19. What is the song in the intro ;D

  20. MORE WoWS please!

  21. How to get British ships!

  22. Awesome I remember getting those torps lol

  23. the battlesh….. *please excuse this interuption. mr. emrys was about to
    say monta but the pure f*king awesomeness of the thought killed him.*

  24. no baron. f*ck amaerica. team klingon empire b*tches!!!!

  25. Buy two Rx 480’s more powerful than a Gtx 1080 and it’s 400$


  27. Benjamin Coltish

    My favourite ship is the Yamato and I prefer carriers.

  28. keep them coming

  29. Cruisers are the boss in this game. So much fun.

    Glad to see more WoWS stuff from ya, Baron. Keep up ze good work.

  30. Benjamin Coltish

    Could you please do some vids with fcam(face cam) on world of warships, war
    thunder, wot and men of war, if you can.

  31. Well I like bothe Battleships and Destroyers. My favorite ships are the
    Iowa and the Kamikaze R at the moment.

  32. Nashom for deutslands

  33. I think why you haven’t seen as many people saying poi in the chat anymore
    is because the games population has exploded and you see less of the anime
    and navy otakus just because there are more “normal” people in the game.
    Also most of the otakus have gotten to the higher tiers now as most have
    been playing since the open beta.

  34. Nicholas Schneider

    please more wows!

  35. You should use the USS Texas one of these days

  36. i love the in to music!

  37. more wows please you inspired me to download wows so please do more

  38. more Baron!


  40. plz continue!

  41. Baron, try Steel Ocean on steam, it has subs.

  42. fletcher again please

  43. watched

  44. yes I wathed your vids and it inspired me to download wows but I dont have
    it any more please do more wows i love your vids

  45. Yes for God’s sake more World of Warships!!!

  46. GreaT JoB BaRoN, NiCe ViDeO, PlEaSe MoRe WoWs :)

  47. Thanks baron keep uploading these videos especially wow

  48. I started subscribing u because of WoWS. Good to see it back on the

  49. Japanese tier 5 destroyer

  50. Melancholic Ghost

    did someone say POI?!

  51. Do more!! More Yamato+ More torpedus!!!!!!

  52. yay wait baron did you see my comment because I asked for more WOW

  53. that moment when Baron realized that he forgot his comrades

  54. that moment when Baron realized that he forgot his comrades

  55. about god damn time! only reason I started playing this game was because
    you were in CBT.

  56. been wondering when you would play WOW again.

  57. BARON

  58. love the new intro

  59. KomodoRino Gamer

    Avast yee laddy!! Give a broadside! Board them!!

  60. simon dont look at my last name creep

    Have not played this game in months

  61. Baron will you cover armored warfare open beta?

  62. BARON BARON wheres world of warplanes XD

  63. I was afraid you had your account hacked or something. Good to see some new
    World of Warships content.

    I really liked the crossover they did with Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars
    Nova. It was a pretty entertaining Anime that reminded me a lot of Kantai
    Collection too.

  64. The game is way better from the last time u played it

  65. more wow!!!

  66. molotov

  67. Pensacola!

  68. Baron please make more WoW battleship video rather than War thunder videos

  69. baron u is cool

  70. The_Robloxian_ShipBuilder

    Honestly it looks pretty much like a slightly longer Wickes destroyer with
    a shorter 4th smokestack…

  71. Well Baron grt WOW Videos Ranked Battles have moved to battles between
    tiers 6-7, 7 team members per group grt way to pick up XP, the Ranked
    Battles also give rewards to the winning team flags. If you with a battle
    you moved up but if u lose ur next you move down you can avoid moving down
    on a defeated team by scoring the most XP earned. Phillydaily vid on WOW
    gud 2. Peace out Baron.

  72. Patrick Michelsen

    someone make a oh tits complaition XD

  73. Of course we want more wows

  74. Thought you bailed on this game.. Baron.. You gave up on it..

  75. your in a ad

  76. glad you’re back, Baron. Your true joy at torpedus always makes my day. I
    recall you had a winning strategy with two on a team giving out the
    torpedus in tandem, I wanna see more of that.

  77. Baron, these vids got me into WOW back in the day, glad to see their back!!

  78. Baron ur great

  79. In WT you and slick should bomber squad up and take out either the B-18
    Bolo or the Halifax!!

  80. flamingcat gaming

    0:40 what the hell is that

  81. I subscribed to your channel when you were first reviewing WOWs, glad
    you’re back. I’l definitely be watching your new WOWs vids. You do need a
    new GPU mate, mine isn’t the greatest, just a 970 but I’m getting 58-62FPS
    on max settings. Good value GPU.

  82. hell yeah man put this shit up

  83. Sampson

  84. please do more

  85. Yeeessss, moar WoWS baron! Its been far too long! =D

    Also, the USS Arizona will be added soon. No date as of yet, but it was
    just added into the game with 5.7 for testing. Would love to see some
    gameplay with you manage to get your hands on her. =)

  86. give me more WOWS

  87. baron you should do a Benson video

  88. South Dakota class BB57-60 favorite the cancelled South Dakota class from
    the early 1920’s were going to be 43,200 tons with 12 16″/50 on 4 Triple
    turrets, Iowa’s are 45,000 tons, Montana class 60,500 tons (standard);
    70,965 tons (full load) The class was cancelled because of a ship
    limitations Treaty that we were the last ones to keep to it. The SD and NC
    class we got were 35,000, SD’s were shorter and would have a better turning
    radius. In 1938 designs for the Iowa emerged when it was obvious other
    nations were breaking the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922.

  89. The movie he is trying to mention is independence day resurgence

  90. Definitely you have to put up more WoW videos.

  91. now that I think about it, it does seem reasonable of the Independence Day
    idea, given a second one is due to come out soon

  92. You are making Jingles happy!!!!

  93. Southern LA Farming

    Yea I would like some more WOWS

  94. What kind of entitled and paranoid little Twat drills people, fake or
    otherwise, like that. It’s a name and a game play it or stfu, jesus, kids
    these days.

  95. Good to have WoWS vids back… I see you’re still using the mouse wheel to
    zoom in & out… >.< You do know that you can hit the shift key & instantly zoom in or out, right? With the new camera updates, while you are watching an allied ship (after you die), you can hit "1" or "2" to have the camera follow their shells or hit "3" and the camera will follow their torpedus!! It's pretty cool watching them run in & you can look left & right as they travel along to see a ship that might be heading right for their path. Nice allied torp there, that was spot on target. LoL

  96. do more world of ships

  97. LOL at the dumbass who typed “u a fake”…. Hope he sees this video.

  98. Cruiser`s are the best!, they can take down BB`s and DD`s if played
    properly, would be nice to see Konigsberg footage! lurv that ship.

  99. António Andreev

    That intro so awesome!!! and cool vid by the way :)

  100. Baron please please bring this series back!!!!

  101. BaronVonGamez (BaronVonBadass) is back at it with bringin’ the TORPEDUS!!!

  102. More plz

  103. I took out a full health Sampson with the secondaries of the chikuma

  104. me likey the boaty

  105. Battle ships, USA, tier 10..until the Germans get their tier 10
    battleship.which will be a paper ship

  106. You have to be careful as they have lowered the threshold for TK and
    turning Pink. Now just about any significant amount of damage to a team
    mate will do it, even hitting them with secondaries.

  107. More WOWS!

  108. Love the intro

  109. More WOWs

  110. Looks like a cool game – wont run on my computer, Gotta upgrade my memory
    and graphics card.

  111. would love to your play and thoughts on the Indianapolis. Love me some
    American Cruisers

  112. lel the guy in the chat said he was fake

  113. Please more WoW. Love it

  114. love Battleship

  115. North Carolina

  116. Baron, if you like new ships, then play the Texas, tier 5 American bb

  117. i love battleships like yamamoto

  118. outstanding!!!!

  119. omg last time i play only 2 naation D:

  120. The British ships: Warspite; Campbeltown ; and Kongo! (she’s British-built)

  121. I seen in other ppls vids you can follow a torpedo with a cam.. like a kill

  122. Baron, I love the cruiser class, it has both good guns and torps, and it
    has ok health and they’re maneuverable

  123. Poi

  124. Drag phly back too! There’s room for WT and WOWS :)

  125. My Current favorite class is BB. And the nation would be Japanese, though i
    also like cruisers with Germany.

  126. Dylan The fisherman

    Yes Baron it is for the new independence day movie, and yes WE WANT MORE

  127. armored warfare?

  128. What’s the music called in the beginning?

  129. more world of warships!!!

  130. Finally another wow

  131. Intro song name please

  132. Why don’t you play with Phly anymore?

  133. Yes please keep the warships vids coming Baron.

  134. thanks baron been waiting a while for me WOW keep them coming bro

  135. spilledbeer project

    it would be awesome seeing you uploading more WOWS missed watching your

  136. The Cookie Diary

    World Of Warships is available for Mac now. So today I wave goodbye to
    20GB. time for a spring cleaning on my computer to get it back now.

  137. beyondthegravemind

    i liek destroyers and battleships, though slowly gettign into aircraft, but
    i love the speed of the sestroyers with torps, and the porwer and
    durability of battleships

  138. Finally some world of warships. Please make more captain Baron

  139. whos wifi sucks when u play WOWS

  140. Les artificiers JLJ


  141. I miss the World of warship series, bring it back baron???

  142. if possible, custom battles…for example, BB v’s BB using secondaries
    only, that sort of thing.

    good to see you back at the helm ;)

  143. Aonghas McTavish

    Yes pls play Wows with slick an phly

  144. More Baron, nice to see you back with WOW!

  145. John_The_Starwarsfreek

    Baron I do Love me some HP

  146. dude i <3 dat intro

  147. finafuckingly

  148. pls do more torpedoes

  149. baron try and get the new arp ships and do a video on them pls would be
    awsome For The Fleet of Fog

  150. yes more wows please, just love to watch it :D

  151. when ever i play my dd i have to tell my team to give them the torpedus
    just for you Baron

  152. what is the name of the intro song

  153. You should try Steel Ocean. It´s more complex and you have Subs and can use
    your depth charges on your DDs.

  154. What happened to you and phly

  155. Baron what is your favorite type of ship

  156. Baron I like Japanese carrier ships because the hold a lot of planes

  157. Ranked Battles. WOWS. Great new feature

  158. +BaronVonGamez wheres the link to the intro music mannnn :)

  159. Aye my favorite game

  160. Christopher Matarazzo

    Yes!!! More world of warships!!!

  161. more World of Warships

  162. i like when you play with other peeps and skype with your team. its a whole
    lot more fun. but all your vids are good.

  163. its about time!

  164. Lavaughn Vanbrocklin

    moar torpedo

  165. torps ally, still at the top of the roster!

  166. Baron, Baron, Baron, where do you get your Warships!? :p

  167. Yes Baron, more of wows please.

  168. You should make a does and donts of WOWS

  169. Moar WOWS pleez. Play the Indianapolis.

    Also those jerks on the red team are now famous for being cunts. Baron
    doesn’t need to prove himself to plebs.

  170. Baron, put the kettle on and make a cup of tea, then take the Warspite out
    old chap!

  171. warships in wt baron… we all wish for that

  172. Baron and everyone else, if you don’t know the story of the Campbeltown in
    real life with it’s involvement in the St. Nazaire Raid in 1942 you need to
    look it up, it’s one of those unbelievable stories of the Second World War.
    Jeremy Clarkson did a great documentary on it which is on YouTube called
    the greatest raid of all. Watch it, trust me it’s amazing this story isn’t
    told more. Shows the bravery of the men back then.

  173. Mister Torgue Flexington

    intro music makes me think of a fat guy ripping ass.

  174. While you where gone. Old premium ships are now on sale in the tech tree.
    CVS have been buffed to be giant floating parking lots. Team kill penalties
    are very strict. Yamato is OP. New maps. And dd guns got a buff. The
    shimakaze got different torpedoes now too, yes the 20km torpedoes are still
    there but they have other options for the Shimakaze . Also a bunch of other
    things that I can’t really remember. Oh and THANK YOU FOR GETTING BACK TO
    THIS. ??☺☺. This is my favorite game.☺

  175. Baron Von Torpedus has returned

  176. `so Baron, next time when you upload at 1080-, also0 record at 1080, the
    images are looking fussy

  177. David Lopez WoTB

    Baron you could have world of warships Wednesdays like you have men of war

  178. Play moar!!!!! New german and russian lines !!!!

  179. play the mighty Amagi please

  180. good game

  181. First Time I see a video on a Premium ship that you couldn’t win in game
    and I can say I have it!
    And Yes i’d like More WoWs!

  182. More Minekaze please Baron.

  183. Cambelltowns claim to fame is that it was rammed into lock gates at A
    French port and detonated. They should totally give us that option.

    this for the support? XD

  185. Mount and blade!! Maximus sillyius

  186. Mount and blade!! Maximus sillyius

  187. make about the Atlanta or atago

  188. review new vehicles plz

  189. I love Japanise Battleship Fuso :D

  190. that alien ship from movie independec day 2

  191. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Barron, play the german reich bb, ;3 FUR DIE REICH

  193. i want more wow

  194. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    I’m just waiting for War thunder ships

  195. Hope there are rokect or rotors on that u.f.o as was in the warplanes…

  196. Play IJN Kongo to honor your family Baron.

  197. yeeah new Shipping Video :)

  198. Wows again !!! like

  199. Chris Kent (Kentster96)

    I play my DD’s like a BB. Like to find a nice spot and smoke. Then I can
    snipe from the smoke and the enemy can’t see me.

  200. the only thing i want them to update is subs like I guess what they’ve been
    doing is cool but submarines for me will complete the game


  202. Please more world of warships

  203. Thank you Baron! My prayers have been answered! Can’t wait to see more!

  204. I’ve been away from world of warships for the last couple of months myself,
    I’ll have to go see what’s changed, and if they have come any closer to
    creating a balanced game.

  205. Chris Moss-Meeker

    Is this the return of the Ship Request series? If so, take out the American
    Heavy CA the Baltimore

  206. I Don't Understand Math

    Mr. Baron intro music is amazing

  207. oh wow i almost forgot this game…

  208. How about some of the mid tier battleships? Always fun times with them

  209. Play the s.carolina

  210. need more of this WOWS FOR THE WIN :)

  211. Zsolt Huszti-Bagdi

    Finally! Please make some more WoWs vids! Division Torpedus Mayhem /w your
    buddies for the lolz!!!

  212. Is this world of warships Wednesday

  213. YAY!!!! A Baron WoWS video!!! MOAR PLS MOAR!!!

  214. what if they had rogue wages sweep the map, like the chance would be 1 game
    of 100 but it would be a massive wave that you would have to turn into to
    survive or you would capsize

  215. welcome back, u miss so much things
    next do the torpedobeats lol

  216. Finally WOWS has come home and you never played the other Russian curisers

  217. Лаборатория 16

    Why aliens are here? It’s look like 0.5.7 is already released on NA server
    but not on RU one =(

  218. baron asked us to POI again thus let us POI like no other

  219. I just want KMS Lebrecht Maas… Beautiful DD

  220. hell yea. dont get rid of wow’s

  221. Intro music?

  222. Yay Britain

  223. Hey Baron complete ARP HARUNA and ARP KIRISHIMA missions and play them.
    Complete them before July 1st

  224. Stealthy Icytail

    Play IJN Minekaze for more TORPEDUS

  225. daniel ekhorugue

    what’s the intro baron and it’s not Never gonna give you up.

  226. So happy to see World of Warships back man! Keep it up!

  227. LOL BOOGIE5 attention whore

  228. more wows!!…less gaijin!
    …baron luvs the torpedus ?

  229. when will you we doing armored warfare

  230. great vid m8

  231. Montana or Iowa? pls?

  232. Love the intro. Where can I get that song/music?

  233. hey guys i just started with YouTube maybe you wanne check it out

  234. Robert “Creeperbrine” Brine

    why do you have over 1.1mill Dubloons?

  235. Baron….. go big or go home -> it’s time for the Yamato, Captain
    Baron-sama !!!

  236. British destroyer – fine
    Aliens – NOT FINE

  237. U know how u have “Men of War Monday’s?” How about doing a “World of
    Warships Wednesday”? Especially since German BBs r rumored to be coming in

  238. tothefuckingmoss

    Hell yes about time!

  239. nice to see you back Baron. how’s the finger?

  240. Will you be doing BF1 when it comes out? Baron Von Richthofen would be
    proud of you!

  241. That BOOGIES person is gonna be salty when he/she finds out, it was the
    real Baron xD

  242. More WoWs

  243. Before depth charges we need subs



  245. what happened to Baron and Phly? they dont play games with each other
    anymore. They used to be so damn good playing this game!

  246. Pacman Wokawokawoka


  247. Pacman Wokawokawoka

    Hi Baron

  248. Pacman Wokawokawoka

    First jk

  249. I missed you playing this game. Hope to see it more frequently.

  250. Baron can you please change something about ur intro , my ears are

  251. Stefan Schievink (Jumpy)

    What is the intro song! 😀 i love it, And i love ur videos ofc haha :p

  252. Do you guys want more WOWS? You know what to do…

    Not a clue why that Alien ship is in the NY harbor. But the British
    Destroyer is pretty fun…good range on those torpedoes.

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