World of Warships – Battlewagons

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It’s about time the Battleships got a chance to shine, so here are not one but TWO Battleships on the same team who have mastered the art of looking at their map, pressing the A or S key and breathing at the same time.

No, really!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Two videos in one day? Jingles what happened to you?

  2. How do I find my World of Warships replays? There is no replay folder

  3. Miroslav Tordaji

    so jingles… about that “BREXIT” ?

  4. jingles, I live in Colorado and this video was uploaded at 3 30 am what
    time was it there when you uploaded it?

  5. very nice game

  6. Actually Jingles, it was the Nicholas who finished of the Grand Old Lady by
    setting her on fire at some point :P

  7. Ismael Pedrera Rubio

    Jingles what do you think about the Brexit?

  8. I thought they were called Bottlewagons, why the sudden change?

  9. Damn you Jongles, you are doing this BB jokes too long! People in BBs are
    waching this ower and ower again so its getting me harder and harder to doo
    well like early in my Japanase DDs! :-D

  10. why am i watching this video when i dont even play wows..

    oh right, i just wanna listen to jingles talk.

  11. Battleships, usually still at full health with 5 mins to go, then only get
    involved when everyone else is dead.

    In my experience

  12. BB-63 please

  13. Erm Jingles….I may or may not have gotten the Grand Lady sunk in
    HOI4……by the Dutch…gulag?

  14. intense :)

  15. that tactical smoke though! well played.

  16. “You know, twelve 14” guns are great, but can you stick an absurd mast on
    that sucker, too?”

  17. why dos’nt that happen too me in my ARP Kirishima ;-; i have to avoid 3
    aircraft torps the a destroyer then a torpedo carrier and have a battle
    ship and another cruiser shooting at me

  18. Yet another great clip!

  19. hey jingles. eisenagel is the german word for iron nail. you almost spellt
    it right. just spell the a like in the word/name amagi 😉 great video

  20. That Fuso match, holy shit that was close

  21. See I feel like once again Jingles is lumping most battleship players
    together when there are clearly two kinds: one who likes the strategic
    gameplay and does it well, and the others (who are probably in a majority)
    who are the idiots who play the game for the big guns going boom, and there
    are no bigger guns than those on battleships. So yes, a lot of people
    driving battleships are idiots, but I would postulate that those are not
    real battleship drivers. They do not set sail for the battleship, they do
    it to hear the big guns go boom. They don’t think far enough ahead to avoid
    torpedoes, they don’t make smart choices. I don’t expect Jingles to read
    this, but it would be nice to hear others’ thoughts on this little theory
    of mine, keeping in mind that I haven’t played the game in months, and even
    then had only gotten to the Myogi, putting me just below the second
    category: wants to be there, but is crap and hasn’t done it yet.

  22. Jingles do you play the Warspite? She’s my favourite ship and by far my
    most played one, and she’s good imo; but she has these idiotic weaknesses
    that are down to nothing other than Wargaming. How are they going to
    justify the high chance of burning that she has? Or how that her
    superstructure takes consistently high damage, continuously. Despite there
    being a mechanic in the game for every other ship which gives diminishing
    returns on superstructure damage….

  23. Ps: I just got killed by a friendly destroyer who launched torpedoes from
    behind me….

  24. Augustas Regesas

    Hey jingles,how can I send you a replay? With the worst things that couls
    ever happen in one match on Derpenberg

  25. another sily guestion how can yuo see over something do you press a button
    or what?

  26. Evil masterminds, Salt Mine Overlords do NOT need to sleep – they have
    minions to do that for them !!!
    How will Dr Jingles & Vader Rita ever conquer the universe if you do not
    put in solid 26 hr days implementing your dastardly plans ?

  27. If only those Japanese Battleships had torPedo’s…

  28. 16:30 play of the game

  29. Jingles my friend…I finally got myself a gaming laptop and want to play
    with or against you. I am a grown man so don’t worry about me being a
    little fanboy :0/
    Just moved from Dorset further up so I missed you at bovington. Do let me
    know how I can play with or against you please

  30. loving the world of warships videos Jingles, keep it up!

  31. one thing good for crews of Fuso was that officers and seniors were much
    nicer compared to other battleships such as Kongo, Nagato, or even sister
    ship Yamashiro.

  32. General Saufenberg

    don`t go sailing around in straight lines… do not be so stupid as rickon^^
    goddamn, run zigzag, stupid kid…

  33. one of the first

  34. still have to work on your commentary skill. the NM perform a tactical
    grounding. he turninto the island to angle his ship against fuso guns. He
    is actually playing quite a lot of attention. however given the choice of
    keeping angling your ship against a BB or try to dodge torps in close range
    he choose the first one, which he took two torp hits. Acutally he is a
    playing at the same level as joe, but jeo got the right teammate in the
    right time.

  35. Anton Liljekvist

    Oh it’s that bloody boat game again…

  36. Great Scott! It’s Jellicoe! No it’s Rear Admiral Jingles showing us BB
    players some LOVE!

  37. It´s Eisennagel, meaning Iron Nail
    YAY, more XCOM!

  38. Have fun at the tankfest Jingles! Take care of Rita and do NOT let her
    drink all your beer

  39. I want tank

  40. Why did the Fuso have a American Flag?

  41. i dont have this game nor do i have any interest in ships but i keep
    watching these videos.. Good commentary!

  42. This was a nerve-wrecker! :-D

  43. this game was legendary, thanks Jingles!

  44. Iv been watching a few of your games from tanks to warships,, all are
    informative and fun to watch …but I was wondering if that sailing war
    game was still available. …i don’t see anything new on navel battle.
    …I’m not really formilliar with any of im sorry if im way out of
    the loop…lol

  45. Jingle is that true Rita and You will marry in next year?? :)

  46. Watching these videos and listening to what jingles say you wonder if he
    actually understand the game at all or is even remotely decent at the game
    to be making these “educational statements” like “you cant fire fuso guns
    without showing broadside” which totally baffles me

  47. Is warships coming to War Thunder?

  48. Man what is that background noise?!

  49. As I’m watching this a world of warships tv commercial came on

  50. Great vid fishhead!!!!! Keep up the great work! Big thumbs up

  51. what is a prentration jingles? 5:42

  52. i wonder if they are gonna add the HMS renown as a premium or i reckon as a
    tier 5 or tier 4 battleship

  53. ADSW keys – Anti Destroyer Secret Weapon

  54. Richard Marshall

    i like the way jingles says nothing

  55. When jingles tells about never getting a detonation on a New Mexico one of
    joes teammembers in a New Mexico gets detonated :P

  56. A+ Warspiteing…I can WASD hack to moderate success…but that is
    Impressive O.O

  57. ohh nice uncle jingles leaves some candy for the weekend. thx uncle. :3

  58. Cannibal Sausage

    I don’t believe that some of those ships are 24 effing km away

  59. play the New Mexico, but this game sucks nothing more. No Teamplay and of
    course a BB that is only a tugboat. What else, but with the new patch,
    everything goes yeah. Of course I’m an idiot, who plays a game and pays for

  60. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  61. Hope you have fun at Tank Fest Jingles

  62. The story of the Fuso sounds like mine in every world of warships game

  63. anybody know when the british tech tree will be added??

  64. happymonkeygames

    i had this fuso in a ranked batle that only fired He it a fiable option
    mainly becouse i citted him 2 times and he was stil floating while he set
    me on fire in 2 locations with his first shot i put those fires out next
    shot he sets me on fire again in 2 locations

  65. Hey jingles I remember seeing you on tiger day. I was to afraid to say
    hello. I was the kid sitting next to you when we were eating lunch. You
    probably won’t remember me but it was amazing just seeding you. I love what
    you do, so don’t ever stop doing it! And I’m sooory this comment is so
    long. And pretty exiting day seeing tanks, eh? Now let’s see if you can
    figure out where I’m from.

  66. Jingles! Have you watch High School Fleet/Haifuri?

  67. not this bloody boat game again. how it was written?

  68. I Love Purple Hazmats

    What I noticed about the Fuso is that above 16 km the AP shells loose too
    much of the pen to be really effective. I found that 10-15km is the perfect
    range to engage ships. The ark is a lot better and so is the penetration.

  69. The only torps that usually get me, are the carriers that drop them 10
    meters away from you…there is just no way you can avoid getting hit by
    atleast half of them, even when you see the squadron coming.

  70. I’m early, better make a joke

    Armored Warfare PvE Battles.

  71. why do we never hear: “I have plenty of time on Wednesday, lets make an
    extra video then!”
    Feeeed us!

  72. It’s that BLOODEY boat game again

  73. It’s really infuriating to watch the Fuso guy not shooting even when the
    guns are fully loaded and targets are lit up.

  74. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    I feel like a u-boat captain bitching about the good old days , but then I
    do love sailing my battleships too

  75. For me – the takeaway lesson is ……

    No matter how great the odds are …. Never give up – Never give up – Never
    give up.

  76. Goddammit Jingles I’m trying to make a Unicorn review for War thunder here
    and you keep uploading videos! FML XD

  77. hey, you guys see the sea in C?

  78. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    What is that tubular device on top of the gun barrels?

  79. Sleep the man say’s ……………bah humbug
    The evil overlord needs no sleep !!!

  80. that was an amazing victory, I gotta admit .. good play by the Fuso,
    keeping his head cool, hiding behind that island at the end

  81. fukou da wa

  82. Uhm…actually Jingles, the New Mexico also has 12 14-inch guns in four
    turrets three guns each.


    *gets blasted by point-blank shotgun*

  83. Amazing game, that DD really did save it and proves that you CAN come back
    from not only a weaker start but also not all teamkillers are idiots!

  84. Jingles, legitimate question here…when can you confirm new tech trees
    into world of warships?

  85. Congratulations on the 500.000 subscribers Mr. Overlord.

  86. Am I early almost everyone is asleep by now I think but I wanted to say the
    video you make are so funny like the series “”y u haff to be mad”

  87. Funny way of pronouncing Eisennagel.Try it with Ai-Zen-Nah-Gehl. Its german
    for Ironnail.

  88. Epic!

  89. Dambuster 617 / Volt

    Wow, that Nicholas. That was an awesome move.

  90. 5:45 hahaha citadel prensuration

  91. Jingles are you in? your wisdom is needed

  92. Pah, destroyers are no big deal. Steer that damn battleship straight ahead,
    with the engines at full tilt and sink those pesky little torpedo boats
    with a full salvo of HE. Works every time…usually. Lol.

    Seriously, though. That method has saved my bacon, a time or two. Don’t let
    ’em run away, once they wander inside detection range. Just point that big
    ship right at ’em, wiggle through the torpedoes and proceed to blow them a
    parting kiss with a broadside blast.

  93. V1000 View Party WOOOOo

  94. kratos killsyou69er

    end my life

  95. I just had sixteen losses in a row and twelve tier six matches in a tier
    four ship. Everything can eat a dick…

  96. who the fuck stole the 1st dislike from me ill kill you !

  97. how does the fuso have more volume of fire compared to the 12 14inch 50s on
    the new mexico. Your making way to big a deal about the gun size on the
    different battleships. if i can citadel a north carolina or amagi to death
    in a new mexico you can do it to a new mexico in a fuso.

  98. Warrant Officer Spartan-W537

    *0226 hours in a unsc barracks* *Yawn!* well I guess it’s about time I go
    to sleep. I guess I might as well check my phone one last ti- (notices
    jingles uploaded 9 minutes ago) SLEEP CAN WAIT! ONCE MORE UNTIL THE BREACH!

  99. Harrison Rawlinson

    I tried to play warships yesterday for the first time in weeks, I didn’t do
    too well

  100. oh look what it is shity world of warships!

  101. I’ve often wondered why the Japanese didn’t sail their fleet into Pearl
    Harbour and lay waste, any ideas?

  102. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Didnt the whole usa get destroyed by torpedos and aa guns mostly
    NYC,Montana,Mexico,Cleveland and more ???

  103. I guest i am prettig early, i’ve heard that if you are early, the one and
    only mighty jingles will reply.

  104. Bruce Wayne is Deadpool

    Jingles, please stop saying to battleship captains to turn when there are
    destroyers nearby. People watch your videos and I can no longer get torpedo
    hits. Let them be stupid


  106. I see you’ve been interested in world of warships a bit more recently? :P


  108. damn I am here like 2 mins after this video was published

  109. Tiger :D (Tigertamer8)


  110. am I the only American battleship that never get killed by torpedoes
    because I use the WDSA keys?

  111. JellyFishMonster1007

    Senpai notice me!!

  112. jingles the hms Caroline is the last survivor of the battle of jutland and
    has been restored to a museum ship in Belfast northern ireland you should
    visit sometime

  113. I must say after watching all your videos… Why don’t I get lucky with
    those big stupid battleships? It’s because of there guys who regrettably
    know what they are doing :(

  114. See you at Tankfest Jingles!

  115. I see a pear appear up here

  116. Congrats on 5 subs Jingles ;)

  117. Channel camping is real :D

  118. Dakota Hecker (AkotaDA)

    yay first comment.

  119. Omg i am so early XD

  120. First o.O

  121. Wow finally first comment after at least a year and a half

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