Carrier Distraction to Comeback – World of Warships

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Interesting Carrier game where I must stall out enemy and keep them spotted while my team tries to claw back kind of chance. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Carrier Lexington Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. that camo on your laxi looks sick ❤️❤️❤️

    • I saw this in game about two years, but I could never find a picture. I quite like this sort of luxury steampunk look.

    • +War of Titus what camo is it, do you know?

    • +nari lutra It is the Halloween camo, it was in last years Halloween operation, but you couldn’t buy it. If I remember correctly they sold it like three years ago for a limited time.

    • +War of Titus ah, RIP

    • War of Titus they never sold it, though you could get some of the halloween camos via the halloween crates. The special camos that were sold a while back were the Sci-fi camos, which are coming back next week.

  2. That lex camo from the latest Halloween, how rare is it ?

  3. they really need to roll back the change on IJN torpedo spread

  4. Armbine the great

    Any good tier eight and ten captain skills that I should have?

  5. They need to buff CV

    • Not cv in general tho. T10s are fine, not the lower tier.
      Also, having strike plane vulnerable is stupid. Should only be vulnerable when spamming return key.

    • not all – only some of them are a pain – especially as low tier in the match.

  6. 4 seconds into the video and im like “hey!, those arent corsairs!, whats going on here? xD”

  7. Your opening issue with the rockets is why I now start with DB or TB to “scout”.

  8. Hey!… More world of warplanes!!….

  9. Gianluca Gallivanone

    The reason why i drop 1 squad is because:
    1) i already know that after the attack the planes will not survive and will not come back to the carrier
    2)If i have 3 dive bombers run available (no heal) on tier VII/X if i’m lucky i can do 2 runs through all the continuous damage aa so there’s no reason to waste the last squadron
    I do these 2 things to ensure that at any time of the match i will not run out of planes.

  10. So…why did you start with Rocket planes again?

    It’s so hard to hit DDs with them, and you want to hit them first…but you launch rockets first…


    Launch your DBs first man….launch them first.

  11. Notser, you screwed up when you left the middle and chose to head east rather than head west where you clearly had more team mates.

  12. Didn’t expect to see flying chickens. 😀

  13. 0:58 why are you complaining? YOU are the one who cause this. You cried so bad that WG actually decided to listen to you (and only you) and made that nerf.

    • Get to the forum and see how many people on DDs did complain. A lot. And they still are (yes) about the damn rockets! I did learn finally how to use them , they are harder to use but if you know their shortcomings then you use them correctly. I do play 8-10 battles a day on CV and I got used to them . Notser doesn’t play carriers so much, so they’re not good for him. Enterprise rockets are very dangerous to most of the cruisers too, especially with low AA. 6-10k on Mogami I takie it 🙂

    • +SebaX their tiny… but they are Tim… lol

    • +dewannee tiny tims are pretty good against anything. BB takes up to 10 k from those. Depends how much rockets will hit him.

    • +SebaXyup, got that a lot when I’m sailing with downgrade Yamato (aka. Musashi)

    • +dewannee, How to solve plane problem in a dd? Get a kidd… xD

  14. Notser spends months trashing CV being of course op and to much and how he cant have fun anymore.
    Now Rockets are not strong. Wow just wow!

    • yup. and he has no one to blame but himself, the other CCs who complained with him, as well as all the DD-babies out there who couldn’t adapt nor learn to turn off their AA guns to reduce their spotting range from the air.

  15. The only way WG can bring CV back is if they allow customized carrier groups and one pass attack drops

  16. Do you thing Airbases would be a thing to have or add? If the focus is going to be on Aircraft more so than the Carrier proper…. etc. Who can say but it’d help be as a thing for when gaining Fighter Cover without it being from the CV, lol… and perhaps replace the “Heal” with “Reinforcements” to be a thing with a CD timer to add more to a squad?

  17. Puzzled as to why you took your CV east into enemy territory instead of west into friendly controlled territory.

  18. One day I was playing and a lot of messages appeared in the chat “Hi Notser” I was wondering who is Notser? . How good that happened, if not I would not have found the best World of Warships channel on youtube.

  19. Dane Gil Cabrales

    Man, I play Asashio like it’s a gunboat

  20. I was happy that your team was able to hold that together but you definitely delayed the enemy’s objective play. I know you gave yourself a fairly sharp critique over your aircraft attack use and I agree about attacking under DF but having rewatched a few of those dive bomb runs, I really just think you got some raw rng deals. I was worried over your ship’s positioning when I saw all those ships headed south on the map and I was hoping you’d break out to the west. Perhaps you became distracted with flying but hey, whatever, you guys won!

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