CITADELS World of Warships Best moments 36

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A funny compilation of the moments and Twitch clips from January 2021.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, Eternal, DoctorDrunkAKA, ShepherdOfMemories, WafflestompOz, Daniel_Rusev, BoggzyTime, Humphrey10 and Martijn.

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  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Well, it certainly took a long time. I refrained from uploading this a couple of times because I wasn’t happy with the results. Hope you enjoy it guys. 🙂
    Almost at 8k subscribers, btw. 10k is a pretty meaningful milestone for us, so would be ultra grateful if you help us get there. 😛 10k subs allows us to make our won war-themed merch store. 🙂

  2. Why did that one dude have those lines whenever he switched guns or republique? Also love chaosmachine.

  3. Wait, there was a new meta?

    I’m still playing my Smaland the same as I always have been kappa.
    Edit: I don’t get why Gibbins is so salty about the ‘rewards’ for winning though. It’s obviously shows the icons for steel and gold and the amounts when you hover (and when you win games in Ranked), so if anything he’s pissed at his own incompetence.

    • FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

      Yyeaah, I don’t get his outrage either, but the skit he performed was hilarious. Wanted to provide the context nonetheless.

  4. just pretend the new meta doesn’t exist… KEK

  5. Michael Søndergaard

    ohh and my favorit part was the girl that dodge 3 fly overs from cv torp planes.
    good job and wellcome to 2021 Free. i was affraid i had unsubbed or something since i didnt see a new video from you. but here it is. fantastic

  6. I was afraid the buttwiggle was in there…

  7. Damn, nothing about the World of Warships Classic Tournament. There were some great clips about it

  8. Hooray, free the brain video!

  9. 21 minutes of citadels: Meh
    21 minutes of Mr Gibbons telling pirate stories: Yes, please

  10. The amount of saltiness from Gibbins as he’s about to go into a game with a CV is oh so satisfying 😂

  11. “This is such a bad idea, this is the worst idea, this is.. this is the GREATEST idea I ever had, I love this game.” I’m having a frickin gigglefit over this. Also great compilation as always! XD

  12. I always love when Chaos screams “UNBELIEABLBLBLBBLE!!” XD

  13. To hell with the new Captain skills…I just want Mr Gibbons to tell me pirate stories for 20 min at a time…

  14. Mr. Gibbins just straight on slays me.

  15. Mr. Gibbons is so much like a real grandpa, he gets so upset if anyone disagrees with him on the most minor thing.

  16. “Different colors and dumber teammates”

    God I love that quote!! 😂😂😂

  17. Fem’s little improv song about Gneisenau’s guns. And Chaos’ reaction to blapping the Smolensk.

  18. Lol, MasterBaiter is in my Clan and he’s a swell dude and a good player!

  19. Flambass’ reaction to that DD eating those torps which he could’ve avoided so easily..was so much relatable xD

  20. NegotiatorGladiarius

    I think any clip featuring the Petro and its broken guns should have “Only My Railgun” as the music 😉

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