[Closed] 2k Subscriber Giveaway Special! World of Warships Beta Keys

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To celebrate, I’m giving away 3 WoWs Beta keys courtesy of WG and Ectar.

Play World of Tanks for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. Congratulations 2k subscribers.
    I want a beta key, please.

  2. I have to played world of tanks and warplanes

  3. here there osirish congratz on your achievement. I hope I get a beta key
    been in the waiting for weeks now. Bored of a single barrel in WOT i am
    hungry for more.lol.. hope i get a key

  4. i would like the key because i really want to play this game and i want to
    play with the carriers :D

  5. From all the games i have seen this one looks the best. I dont excpect to
    win with that lame excuse but if there is a chance for me to get the
    masterpiece im in.

  6. I need that key to sink other ships and to become the best! 😉
    I want that key because everytime i see guys playing wows so i want to play
    too. Moreover its would be my first cbt that i join so, give me that key :)

  7. I want to wish u my congrats. I love and like your videos and it would be
    awesome to get a BETA key.

  8. Awee alex

  9. Well done on surpassing 2k subscribers. Really looking forward to getting
    access to the WoWs closed beta… holding thumbs :)

  10. Congrats on 2k subs. I don’t know why aircraft carriers get compared to
    arty. From what I’ve seen the play style is nothing like arty, aside from
    the top down view. In fact, battle ships are more like arty in WoWs. They
    are slow, with long range, slow loading, inaccurate guns that will decimate
    just about everything in the game when they do hit you :)

  11. Congrats on the 2K mile stone! I would like the Beta key because I have a
    new born and these videos have helped me get through those long sleepless
    nights. I would love to get a chance to play and put some of the strategies
    I’ve seen to actual use.

  12. Hey I would like the a key because I be been wondering how hard my computer
    would lag if I downloaded it or see if for once it could handle ONE game!
    Lol but it really would be nice if I won

  13. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    beta pls!

  14. Hi, I would really like a cbt key because the game looks like it is great
    fun and there aren’t that many games with naval combat like this. Thanks
    and good luck to all 🙂

  15. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    Heyo, i have been playing wot for 17k battles and i’ve got quite good at it
    however i am finding WoT fairly boring. Dont get me wrong i like the
    gamestyle but i have played it too much. I’ve been watching ALOT of WoWs
    because the gameplay reminds me of WoT but at the sametime it’s ships! I’ve
    been waiting for this game so long and i was one of the first to signup for
    the CAT and CBT but didnt get in 🙁 a code to this would be lovely! 😀 gl
    to 5k!
    Some say i only know 2 things about ducks, and they are both wrong xD hope
    you’ve seen any Top Gear otherwise that made no sense… 

  16. Hi congratulation for 2k sub.I would really like to test this game.

  17. Васисуалий Лоханкин

    Thanks for the effort with the keys

  18. I would love a beta key, because I really loved the more deliberate
    gameplay of world of tanks, and think this looks like more of the same,
    only with a solution for the problem of dirty dirty camping, with it’s
    focus on movement and non focus on hiding in the bushes.

    Also, dodging torpedos looks like a ton of fun.
    Congrats on the 2k subscribers. I hope i am not to late for the beta key
    giveaway, i would really love to win one as i am desperate to play WoW.
    I’m lookingforward to playing World of Warships because it seems as if it
    is an absolute requirement for teamwork and teamplay, which is something
    that is usually missing from a random battle in World of Tanks.
    Congrats on 2k subscribers. I’d like a beta key because I’d like a break
    from WoT, and WoW would be a nice replacement.
    Wha… Whaaaat!? I swear you only just got to 1k. Flippin’ heck Osirish
    you’re growing fast! 😀

    I would like to play WoWS because I don’t trust you YouTuber people, it
    could be just like WoWP and you are getting paid $1mil for saying that it
    is good ;)

  19. I would love a beta key, because I really loved the more deliberate
    gameplay of world of tanks, and think this looks like more of the same,
    only with a solution for the problem of dirty dirty camping, with it’s
    focus on movement and non focus on hiding in the bushes.

    Also, dodging torpedos looks like a ton of fun. 

  20. Hello Irish, I recently found your content (Around the 1.5ksub mark) and
    its great to see your channel growing! However more to the point, my grand
    father served on the HMCS Hamilton, a wickes class destroyer during world
    war II. I have been making 1/350th scale models of ships as well and have
    always been interested in navel warfare, I would absolutely adore a beta
    key, as I have been trying for over a year now. Glad to see the channel

  21. hi i have signed up from the alpha test but did’t get a key. all my frinds
    got a key from the Second Wave but i was just to late. i hope i can get one
    from u 🙂 thx for the giveaway good luck every body

  22. I want a key because i’m waiting for wows since 1.5 years and I had no luck
    with getting a beta key since the beta started. 

  23. Hey there. I am playing WoT for quite a while now. And i am really really
    exited about this game. It looks awesome. I think about stopping WoT for a
    while, and goo on wih this game. I didn’t managed to get a regular wows
    website key. :'( And maybe one day we’ll play together. 😀 congrats to your
    2k subs 🙂 go on like this bro 

  24. I would be amiss if I say I love this new arty mode Wargaming has
    implemented. 🙂

    I am a Beta Tester of Tonks and feel the need to fire 12 arty cannons at

  25. Hi,I just saw this and have been wanting to play since I first heard about
    it over a year ago, but have had no luck in getting a invite,which
    sucks..So,this is my last hope before CBT is over and I would like to have
    first hand experience before the couple of months that CBT is going to be
    over. So please choose me,Thanks!

    Btw,Subbed! :)

  26. Just finished this video. Wanted to say that I agree with you on the
    fighter-heavy loadout for carriers. I see an anti-torpedo bomber strategy
    to be a better advantage to the team than attacking enemy ships. Let the
    BBs and CLs do their job of sinking ship.

  27. I’d like a key because this is an awesome game, i cant wait for it to be
    released, im really into the game it looks awasome, thanks for giving me a
    chance, you should record when you choose the key winners!

  28. So here are my reasons for wanting a key:
    1) I am an ex-Navy veteran who served on the USS Lang (FF-1060) in the 80s.
    This was a fast frigate approximately the size of the WWI destroyers I’m
    seeing in the game. We had torpedoes, a 5″/54 gun mount, and a gatling gun
    (think A-10 Warthog) for air defense.
    2) Since the Beta popped the “do not disclose” clause, I have been
    DEVOURING all of the gameplay I can find. I think I’ve seen about 24 hours
    of gameplay footage so far and subscribed to everyone I can find who is
    posting gameplay. I’ve paid a lot of attention to the tactics and
    strategies of the various vessels. I think I would be an asset to my team
    as a player.
    3) I am a mature thoughtful gamer and promise to provide feedback to WG on
    my thoughts and ids about the beta game via the forums.
    4) My wife says if I don’t stop talking about Warships, she’s going to kill

    Please save my life and make me very, very happy.

  29. I dont really care if you give me one or not, I just like your content :)

  30. nice video, be good to see more wen you get to the higher tiers 😀 wish I
    could be in the beta, just looks awesome and im worried that the open will
    be awhile away!!

  31. I’d love the key, because it looks awesome and yeah…. :D

  32. Hello Osirish,
    Good video like always! Congrats for the 2k subscribers!

    I would like a key for Wows. it is everything I want in life, my one dream,
    and you can make it happen. AAh no. screw that 🙂 Not enough time to play
    it. 🙂 

  33. please may I have a key pllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee

  34. Man I’m gagging for one of these codes

  35. Hi, i want to rule the Yamato with my Destroyer

  36. My tank is soooo little and i don´t can smoke in it, but on the Brigde of
    the Yamato i can open a Smoker Club. On my knies please give me a key.

  37. First congrats on 2k subs!! 🙂 And I really would like to get one of those
    beta Keys just because World of Warships is the first good Battleships Game
    I’ve ever seen 😀 and I think I would stream it and maybe lets play it 😀
    funny that I’am doing all for this one key i’m trying everything and maybe
    ill have some luck now xD but first thanks to you that you just make a
    giveaway. The whole day I’m just watching Streams of World of Warships! xD


  38. piratasdecordoba

    I would like a key simply because I am a loyal follower for a long time. 😉
    Okay and b/c World of Warplanes really is not my piece of cake…and WT is
    nice plane wise, but the ground forces tanks drive like hoovercrafts and
    aiming is a PITA. :-)

  39. because that key is mine ,my PRECIOUSSSS

  40. Nice job! A beta key would be cool, I’ve wanted to try it for a while now.
    Good job on the 2k subscribers (I subbed too). And yes im brown nosing.

    Kind Regards,

  41. TheBalkanWarriors

    Because mothaphookin Yamato

  42. I’m relatively new to this channel but have been really loving the videos.
    Especially the ‘is it worth it’ series. Quite unique and gives a very
    interesting insight into the tanks.
    I would live to have a beta key. Why? Well warships looks great do far. I
    want to play boats wuth my clan. And I want to say thanks you to osirish
    for the beta key ;)

  43. 24:00 I have seen top tier battleships used on the front line, given I
    forget which, but the Battleship in question, I believe it was tier 6+, had
    the huge main battery, but was also totally decked out in 152mm secondary
    cannons, and dude SHREDDED the front line! I mean the enemy were REKT!

    But I think the ships that attempted to take him on and try to get closer
    were 2 or more tiers lower. Still, between the thick armor (again, top
    tier) combined with huge main guns and a TON of effective secondary guns,
    it was basically unstoppable!

  44. Matthew George Davies

    Please give me a key!!! Missed out yesterday my Friends have one i dont 🙁
    Love your vids by the way

  45. +osirish Yeah I haven’t even played, but I already KNEW Battleships would
    not play like heavies, their huge cannons are meant to keep the enemy at
    range whilst destroying with only 1-3 salvos!

    See I have watched so incredibly much WOWS gameplay that I already know
    EXACTLY what I want to play and how I should play them, ideally anyway. If
    I had access to the Harbor, so that I could scope out the stats of the ship
    I am using and all the possible ships I will play against – I would have an
    even better idea of when to use AP or HE against what ships in whatever
    ship I am playing! At 19:30 in I would have AP loaded for the first salvo
    at least – as early engagements in a ranged Battleship are IDEAL for AP! If
    your shots are falling down onto the target – AP can do INSANE damage! It
    just is a bit more “trollish” if you will, because HE will always do some
    amount of damage and likely will critical, but with your 356mm cannons just
    3 well placed AP shots could do 20k+ damage! It could sink many cruisers
    even with just a few good AP shots, but if it hits wrong you could do
    almost no damage!

    I am, VERY obsessed with this game, and want to work American Cruisers and
    Japanese Destroyers ASAP! I know I left another comment so this won’t help
    me win a key necessarily, but I really do want to play WOWS so much it
    hurts! I see some people play miserably – ignoring ammo selection for
    spamming HE, ignoring what targets they are shooting at with what guns and
    how the shells are landing, and it literally (proper definition too)
    frustrates me like crazy and in one case I left a certain other WOWS
    playing YouTube personality some pretty rude comments for doing exactly
    what I just said. And I honestly feel bad about it now, so what, he played
    a little noobishly in said video, but when you are an actual NEWBIE that is
    totally forgiveable, I just got so caught up in my extreme desire to play
    myself that I let my emotions override common sense and I went overboard…

    I could probably write another 5 walls of text about what I want to do,
    try, and how I would ideally go about it, but that doesn’t matter, it
    should be obvious, I am ass over teakettle about wanting to get my hands on
    this game… I don’t really feel this excited for anything much anymore,
    it’s not like I could go out and ride my dirt bike across the Appalachian
    mountains for days camping and riding with friends like I used to love more
    than anything, hell I can rarely make it out on our boat to go fishing with
    my dad, which is a close second – anymore. So the days tend to just all
    meld together with increasing and new amounts and types of discomfort and
    pain with very little left to define time’s passing. I’m not going to go on
    anymore about it, it is the truth, I have it worse than many people but
    still worlds better than some, as I’ve at least got family and free,
    comprehensive medical care – not that it has done much at all to help so
    far in terms of treating my symptoms while the doctors sit on their asses
    scratching their heads as to why I am the way I have become in about 7
    years time, but they’re at least trying things and giving some amount of

    Anyway that’s probably more than anyone will read anyway – though not even
    1/1000th the length it would take to fully convey exactly what and how bad
    my various medical issues are, and people don’t like to read about that
    shit anyway, which is why I have basically nothing to post in Facebook

    anyway glad to hear your channel is growing! I would use a beta key so hard
    I will likely be stuck to my PC for months on end between it and WOT, but I
    don’t believe I will win one…

  46. Well driving boats and killing boats what’s not to like
    Hand over the key mister 🙂

  47. Let´s just Just Roll the Dice and see if I get a beta key. WoW looks like a
    great game.
    Congrats on the 2k subscribers mark!

  48. Would love a 2nd key for my kids, but since I’m being honest and it would
    be my “2nd”, it should probably go to someone else. Plus, we’re NA and the
    keys are probably EU anyways? Congrats on 2K subs and your channel growth!

  49. Grats! Would like yo try out WoWs for a change of pace. Never tried naval
    combat games, so there’s my chance. 

  50. jack1011 edwards

    hey man congrats as I said before on wot id like to get the beta key
    because you and coookiee has it and I would like to platoon with you both (
    I missed out on signing up by minutes 🙁 

  51. Gratz Irish! All the hard work paying off! Re World of Warships, I can’t
    help but think about how enjoyable derping ships with massive battleship
    guns, but I suspect Cruisers will rule the roost. Torpedos seem
    devastating! Would love to be able to try it!

  52. I’d really like to play WoWs. jingles and maxwell and you have now pumped
    up my interest in this game.

  53. I would like a key because i never win something and the only thing i can
    think about recreation-wise is World of Warships lately. I really want to
    play ships already!!

  54. i want a World of Warships Beta key becose i want to stream it on twitch

  55. Nice going getting 2k subscribers 🙂 Would love a beta key if you still got
    one. Can’t wait to get out to sea and wreck some poor bastards with a st
    louis! Gonna be awesome! :D

  56. Gratz on 2k subs man. I would like a WoW beta key cause whell i was very
    sick and in a hospital and couldn’t apply for closed beta plus as little i
    always loved boats ships. I’m also kinda a WW2 fanatic i love everything
    related to WW2. If I get a beta key i would be really gratefull. :)

  57. I would like a wows beta because I would like to spam chat to ask why no
    submarines. This is from a SHIII +GWX mod player

  58. 🙁 …….. robin2604

  59. I watch your videos everyday with my baby son, who prevents me from playing
    as much as I would like, as he requires a lot of attention. So please give
    me a beta key so I can get as much time as possible with this game, while
    my son is sleeping of course.

  60. Reason: #ICannotWinAnythingAtAllBecauseWargamingHatesMe

  61. Would love a Beta Key because the Sea has always been in my Blood or is it
    Whiskey not sure I had better have another drink.

  62. This game looks great! I can’t wait until this is released.

  63. Would love to get my hands on a beta key. I’m fascinated with naval

  64. Congrats on 2k subscribers! I’d love a beta key so that I can go around
    finding YouTubers trying to kill them… not you of course… Maybe…

  65. Kudos for 2k subs. Id love the key because i like ships and war but just
    missed out on being Jingles2.0 (the beard i got, the belly i could get
    easily) in my career so i HAVE TO PLAY wowp.

  66. Loved wot and hell why not play wows and tear some ass in that too

  67. Congrats on the continued success of the channel.

    WoWS looks like a fun alternative to WoT. Need to mix up the games to keep
    both fresh for longer.

    Hope it doesn’t turn into a full time grind.

  68. hay 2k good job, happy for you. thanks for the give away, but i am not free
    to play it, busy with uni. so if by any chance i won, you can give it to
    some one else. you are already doing so much for me by featuring my
    replays. thanks. :)

  69. I’d like to,have a crack at this game as I would love to hear the sound of
    the big guns through my 7,1 surround sound and of course scare the family
    and neighbours at the same,time 🙂 also congrats on 2k irish now just need
    to get streaming again mate

  70. Goodonya Oirish,2000, subs,you must be doing something right.

  71. Geesh I’ve been craving to play that game since it first appeared on the
    Please count me in the pool for the key :)

  72. I like your light tank video from WOT, I guess they dont have a “light
    tank” version in the warships?

  73. Congrats, this channel gained some momentum lately ;)

  74. Well done on 2k subs. I would love to get my hands on a WOW key and I
    agree with you that it looks like the battleship gameplay is not for me.
    If I get in it will be destroyers and cruisers that I will go for. Here
    is hoping for more subs for you in the future you deserve it .

  75. Filip pankretić

    I would like the key because I want to try that new playstile, it seem fun
    and interestion and Im dieing of a wish to play!

  76. Mushroom_Of_Mushyness

    hi osirish you may remember me when i met you on your twitch stream whilst
    driving on ensk in my centurion, it was awesome to meet you ingame and wish
    the very best luck for you and your awesome channel!!

  77. Agree with most comments.

    Grind get’s tiresome after tier 5.

    Destroyers rule.

  78. I am getting a bit stale at WOT and would love to play a game where the
    enemy does not just pop out, shoots and then hides. I don’t think this is
    possible in WOW?

  79. Excellent review.

  80. Gratz Osirish for the 2k mark! I subscribed myself only a few weeks ago.

    I would love to try out World of Warships because it seems even slower
    paced and more tactical than WoT and that’s a good thing since I’m not
    getting any younger and don’t want to compete for clicks per second :-)

  81. Congratulations for 2k ! The audience is growing fast, I guess there are
    reasons for this 🙂

    Hope I can get to try WoWs very soon as I’ll be having some free time in
    the coming days. 

  82. You always produce good videos.

  83. I would like one because I’ve gotten tired of WoT and WoT generals and
    would like something else! Btw I’ve watched since 800 subs grats on 2k!!!!!

  84. Cjacey here, I’d love to win the key as my last 2 weeks have been he’ll in
    wot and I couldn’t grab the initial key giveaways due to work and poor
    mobile signal at the time :(

  85. This game looks awesome. I have been watching videos about this since it’s
    in closed-beta. Been a WW2 navy fan since I was a kid. So it would be nice
    to try out one of the best navy games out there right now =)

  86. Congrats!

  87. Congrats on 2k subscribers. I’d like a beta key because I’d like a break
    from WoT, and WoW would be a nice replacement. 

  88. I want that key 3_3

  89. I want that key so i can play myself after seeing other youtubers play it

  90. Congratulations on reaching 2k subs , would like to be included in the draw

  91. Hey os, love your wot videos, nice to see your channel grow so fast! Would
    like to see you continue “is it worth it” vids, really help me out. Thanks

  92. Would love a key. I covet this game!!!!

  93. Awesome vid again, keep up the good work! I’m very interested in a key,

  94. First: good job with the 2k subs … but i hope you can get much more! You
    do great work on YouTube.
    Second: I am from Germany and my Grandfather was on 2. WW submarine and he
    was killed / the sub was sunken by an American Destroyer in the Atlantik
    Ocean. Because of that I am really intrested in historical ( especially
    naval) Warfare. And so I would be very proud and happy if I could get my
    hands on the Ships, my Grandfather was on the hunt for and was killed by.
    Thank you very much and, as we germans say: AHOI
    (Btw: sorry for my bad english)

  95. Forever Alone Drone

    I would like to get the World of Warships beta key because it luchs (badoom
    crash) like a really nice game and I would love to try it 🙂 (I think I was
    subscriber number 2000 by the way!)

  96. Chance of beta key? :)

  97. Adrian Nicolae Floare

    first one excellent video, and i do really want to play the battleships
    (Japanese battleship Yamato) so i hope i that i can get one key

  98. Do you get xp for destroying planes with your fighters or only for damage
    on ships?

  99. I Want to play the Japanese Destroyers so I can Send Torpedoes to the
    Allies…with love of course, Death Love :D

  100. I’d love to get WoW key so I can unleash piracy finally where it belongs,to
    the seas,just me and bottle of captain Morgan.send it to me in

  101. I love Wows and been a close beta for wot but missed the time to join since
    I was at work 🙁 grats on hitting 2k 🙂 hope I get it :)

  102. I would like to play World of Warships because i am a big fan of World of
    Tanks and a game like WoT with ships sounds awesome!

  103. I live close to the USS North Carolina and visit it every chance I get.
    Getting to walk through such a beautiful machine makes me want to see it in
    action. WoWs is a great chance to get behind the virtual wheel, even if US
    battleships are not in yet. Have fun, congrats on 2k subs, and watch out
    for errant torpedoes.

  104. Thecrazysteve1991

    Oh. i Love WoWS. I Never got any Key ! 🙁 So i Hope i will win one.
    I Want an Beta Key, beacause i really want to Try the Game and i Dont want
    to sell The Key for 100€/$. Thats Shit. Thx for the Chance. And GZ for your
    2K subs. 

  105. find it hard to believe that you only have 2k subscribers! your great
    premium tank review videos help me decide what to buy all the time haha
    been hoping/waiting for a beta invite since they opened the applications,
    would be awesome to get a beta key! keep the awesome content coming,

  106. I realy want the BETA code! I think its a good game (set for my bad

  107. I used to play Fighting Steel naval simulation and loved it. So now I
    would like to try WoW and see if it’s worth it. 

  108. I’ve been waiting for this game from the beginning…trying to get in any
    way i can…as an ex us navy sailor i might just be able to do better at
    this game than i am at tanks lol

  109. As a new Youtuber myself who just started doing WoT videos, I’d love the
    chance for a beta key

  110. I would like to win the Beta key cause I really want to play the beta, I
    think that I would really enjoy the game and your key would not be
    wasted!!! + I think you are a great youtuber and i find you Is it worth it
    reviews very helpfull. Please pick me :)

  111. I want to tray Warships

  112. Congratulations on reaching 2k subscribers Osirish. Keep up the good work!
    You have actually inspired me to make WoT videos myself although my work
    and family commitments limit the number I have done.

    Anyway, I digress …

    I’d love the chance to try out WoWS simply to see which crazy WoT tactics
    can be used on the open seas. Can I successsfully ram ships? Can I
    sidescrape using an island? Is it possible to do a yolo rush? Is it even
    possible to base camp in a floating fortress?

    With your help I can find the answers to these mysteries and more (maybe
    even the whereabouts of Lord Lucan and Shergar?)

  113. Drop me in the hat for wow. Been looking forward to it for a cople of
    years. I actuaaly found out about WoT from doing a sesrch with WoW results.

  114. HI! I am already in closed beta :)), but I have a friend who would really
    like to get in … so if it is possible … 

  115. I would like to play WoWs because I destroying large Battleships with
    Torpedos sounds fun!

  116. Hello Osirish, This is ghost from Christmas past! You forgot to give me a
    WoW Key last Christmas and I think it’s time for you to pay up laddie. In
    all seriousness, I would enjoy it a lot if I would be able to get my hands
    on a WoW key, my friend has one and I would love to be able to play with
    him. 😀
    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the new “is it worth the

  117. Man I would love to get a key since I love ships soooo much it isnt even
    funny and i want to play this fantastic game soooo Bad 

  118. I would like to play wows because i’ve seen so many videos and i want to
    play that!!!!

  119. I would like a code for closed beta

  120. I would like a code for closed beta

  121. I waited with great anticipation for 2 years for this beta to be released,
    and after watching a ton of videos and reviews on the game. I’ve come to
    the conclusion….it would bore the piss out of me. Combined with the
    standard WOT player mentality, it would also likely annoy me dealing with
    little squealers, tiny fisted temper tantrums, team killers, and noobs
    screaming hax.

    So yeah, shoot me a beta key and i’ll kick you in the arse. :)

  122. I would love to play wows so bad cause I havent gotten any keys ever 🙂
    That game looks pretty awesome !

  123. I would like to try WoW because WoT is getting little bit boring/anoying!
    Little bit new exp in naval battlefield would be nice :)

  124. Best of luck with your channel Irish. I’m not interested in one of the Beta
    codes, WoT is taking all my time haha.

  125. I really want the Yamoto so I can be sunk in proportion to one hour, so
    probably a minute.

  126. maybe because I’m loser in WoT 😀 , or to test my 6 years old labtop and
    what it’s up to :)

  127. Well done. Love your vids

  128. Yes, I would definitely like to get hands on WoWs beta key, why? Hmm, what
    else no life gamer would do, if his passion for WoT is starting to become
    cold? :D

  129. Congratulations! You deserve 100x more!
    (I’m not interested in the beta keys).

  130. From what I’ve seen over the past weeks from the game I would also really
    like to get into the Beta. Nice Video!

  131. Ignacio Villegas

    😀 please. 

  132. Are you going to make “is it worth it” for world of warships?

  133. I just want something to waste my free time on i quess

  134. Wha… Whaaaat!? I swear you only just got to 1k. Flippin’ heck Osirish
    you’re growing fast! 😀

    I would like to play WoWS because I don’t trust you YouTuber people, it
    could be just like WoWP and you are getting paid $1mil for saying that it
    is good ;)

  135. I wanna try WoW and compare it to ancient “Naval Action”

  136. I would like to have a key so I could finally get into the game and have
    some fun?

    aannd cuz I might go nuts if I won’t..

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