Comprehensive UPDATE to the Submarine Guide in World of Warships

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Welcome to the Updated Guide for the Comprehensive Submarine Guide that I made 5 months ago!

This is a follow up video that address changes made to Submarines for the past 5 months (and 3 patches in WoWS), covering the new mechanics and changes to the gameplay.

This is not the complete guide.
I recommend you watch the Comprehensive Submarine Guide first if you haven’t already, then watch this Updated guide.

Timestamps/Chapters and Subtitles are available!

Thanks to:
• foggingweeb for helping out in training room.
• YurraSickPark, dzello, greyed for the corrections.

Data sources:
• World of Warships Wiki
• WoWS Shipbuilder

Additional Information:
• Submarine spawn location :
(Credit to ttaro_)
• Submarine Minimap Ping Locator :
(Also from ttaro_)
• Aslains Modpack also have mods that displays Submarine ping indicator

00:00 Opening
00:46 Hydrophone Changes
02:02 Torpedo (and Shotgunning)
03:45 Sonar Indicator Changes
05:48 Upgrades
07:39 Miscellaneous Changes
08:37 Things That I Missed
10:28 Depth Charges & Submarine
Surveillance Addition
12:09 What Does the Changes Mean for
15:45 What Does the Changes Mean for
Other Ships?
18:02 Closing Words


  1. @chaosinsurgent931

    I may not play world of warships
    But im still gonna listen in to this essay

  2. “Kite away to play this ship class” wow I feel like I heard that before

  3. Excellent April fools video. Totally got me

  4. Asking the player base to be smarter to play a high skill class? Nah, they will complain until WeeGee makes it childproof again.

  5. Thanks. I just returned to the game and I have trouble using plane depth charges. I always try to drop them on the crest and one rectangle closer to me, in case they are attacking me. But it’s hard to predict where they will go. Also as BB main (mostly, now expanding to DD’s and CL’s) it is good to know that I can close the distance if I see submarine torpedoes knowing that there is a chance it will result in damage reduction. Especially if crescent is near.

  6. 1 easy way to counter subs is to delete the game.

  7. @hagostaeldmann9881

    If you’re good at playing subs you got a huge buff, and lost the ability to fight destroyers. If you’re bad at playing subs you got nerfed into the dirt.

  8. It is nice to see positive effect of these weegee changes, but damage and distaste from first stage of submarine state was already done. Me personally dont have any interest in playing any game mode with subs. And after over a year of not playing random battles, I simply dont have any need to play in toxic cesspool and just focus on game modes I actually have fun.

    gj weegee, I wonder if implementation of subs will get in future book on “how to not do things in games” as a case study

  9. @alexcamacho1842

    Only Yuro, the absolute mad lad, could release a sub guide update on April Fool’s day and it NOT be a joke but actually helpful, thank you.

  10. OMG, another Yuro Vid, must like! also please review the new Commonwealth cruiser!

  11. @sirbowserfelix9293

    As always, a Great video and amazing guide. Thanks for you service, buddy. The guides help A Lot, I still need some time to adjust to those mechanics, but subs are still very fun, gonna need to practice my torp aim even further to hit those longer shots.

  12. @thearmouroflight6954

    both of these videos are extremely informative, also you drop some of the hardest edits I’ve seen <3

  13. You should do a update hood guide

  14. @watercannonscollaboration2281

    The synonym for “But” is the stern of the USS New Jersey

  15. That collision warning is great. Several times I collided with the enemy teams sub with no warning at the beginning of matches since both of us are running quite to get in position.

  16. @KnodsilMemeMaker

    The one change I would have implemented differently is the torpedo damage cutoff range. Right now its too steep. At 2,9km your torp does practically nothing, at 3,0km your torps now deal even more damage then before. I would have liked them to start the torpedo damage increase at 2,0km and then let them scale up to do full damage at 4,0km. That way a sub isnt helpless at proxy spotting range and surface ships would tank the full damage up until 4,0km. (cause then at 3,0km the torp damage is only 55%) And 4,0km is a range where most ships can dodge a torpedo if they are vigilant enough.

  17. I think this is a good change. Subs are technically a hunter. In packs. Requires support. Spotting while also, hunting enemies off guard. Once enemies getting too close, get the hell out from there. Like how IRL subs works.

    Still wishing Hydro to be more lime actual Hydro. Where you can detect subs based on how many movements it have. Basically sub players need to play cat vs mouse. When Hydro is active. If Submarine is within 15km. It will get red circle appeared both in the surface and the minimap and this 1km circle will update every 3 seconds. When subs gets within 7km it will get detected. But submarine can counter this by being Valve. Doing absolutely nothing. You basically playing Weeping Angles with enemy hydro ships. If you’re not doing anything Submarine will make zero noises and goes undetected even Hydro is active. German Subs will have special treatment as it produce less noises. The less noise = better concealment vs Hydro.

    Submarine Noise making includes. Engines, Rudder, Fins, ping and Torpedoes. Yes, Torpedo reloading also cause noises. Not very loud but it will makes you get detected by Hydro within 5km range. Basically encorage sub players to basically do the following. Deploy Torps, Ping then going dark.

  18. In sub vs sub combat, having the ramming flag and engaging the enemy sub head-on when it thinks “Well, he cannot hurt me :3” is pretty fun now.

  19. Definitely liked the editing, video flowed right along

  20. You made this as much fun as a funtej, and that’s impressive. Keep it up!

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