World of Warships- Need Lots Of Credits Fast? I Have Just The Mode For You!

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Hey guys! Today we discuss the quite profitable Pinata Hunt mode! Enjoy!

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  1. Indeed I do need ALOT of credits. BUT IM TOO BUSY SPREDING MANAGE DEMOCRACY!!!

  2. Atlantico often does very well in this mode with its hard hitting secondaries.

  3. I wasn’t sure about this game mode but I’m really enjoying it, mainly playing cruisers. And yes the credits are good.

  4. Im doing the same but im using Bajie which is premium Izumo and goes straight to the pinata ships and crash it atleast 150k of dmg per battle then repeat 1 hour is more likely around 21 match and 10mill cred dont forget the booster

  5. Hot Tube mode was surprisingly fun and different from normal ship play, hope they can find some time it would make sense to find a time of year for it to return.

  6. just loaded up the game and playing with my Paolo Emilio – it’s totally nuts!

  7. Watch WG nerfing the credits income when they find out players are grinding credits in this mode, like Asymmetric battles. Remember there are no fun allow when playing WOWS

  8. @martingrzanna2005

    this is maybe the most fun game mode I ever played in 4 years of this game! What the! Pommern doing miracles regularly!

  9. You can also grind shitty lines like Italian DD or Pan American cruisers without spoiling your stats of random and ranked

  10. Been playing the Anhalt and its been working amazingly well. Credits are double what im getting in randoms

  11. It’s pretty fun, I’ve been using it to level my tier 9’s

  12. Georgia with the maneuverability buff in this mode is just ridiculous.

  13. I had a total blast plying Pinata mode for several hours yesterday and it was the most fun I’ve had in World of Warships for ages. I tried a load of different ships and earnt a ton of credits but found Agir to be the most fun.

  14. @vegasflyersfan4760

    Ive played 10 pinata battles with my karl yohan, man like a halland battleship, love this mode

  15. i’ve never taken dodgy substances in my life, and now i know what it would be like i never need to even wonder!

  16. @kingofcastlechaos

    “Cool, it’s an LSD simulator” is the first thing I thought of when I played this.

  17. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    GUYS!!!! This is REALLY RANDOM but I just got my first ship out of a Super Container!


  18. Pinata Hunt is so much freaking fun. Win or lose you’ll be churning out the credits. FYI it’s not an April Fools event. It for the Festival of Colors.

  19. I totally agree…I would not have even bothered if I had not watched your vid…spend all day Sunday and farmed a metric TON!

  20. I hadn’t considered the credit farming aspect of this event. I just looked at the less than stellar rewards and blew it off. Thanks for the insight.

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