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In this episode of Developer Diaries, Egor will guide you through the new space April Fool event, space skins and cross- matchmaker.

Keep an eye out on the official of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy new episode?
    So, what do you think, do we need more rapping or should we go back to the classic version?:)

    • The Mustachioed Gearhead


    • World of Warships Official Channel quick question have you fixed the sudden loud explosion sounds that happen randomly during the game and have you fixed the FPS drops?

    • No rapping.

    • Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

      As you try to make the game something it is not, you move it further away from what it is I love about the game. As we engage in various sports or other activities, we develop routines and muscle memory that compliment the activity. When dicing vegetables for the first time, it is a slow and dangerous process, but watch a chef that has years of experience and what a difference, yes? So it also is in WoWS. I started playing 2.6 years ago, and it took me literally thousands of battles to slowly develop a skill set across all ships, mostly in non-carrier battles, because the just weren’t being played much. Changes break this muscle memory. What I love is ship Vs ship battles. It echoes a style of engagement that existed between the start of warring ships and the successful implementation of the Carrier, which completely changed the battle making all previous ships irrellevant going forward in time. So it also is with WoWS. There is no way to insert CVs into this game without it destroying the balance of power that exists without them in the game. CVs break the game because it is exactly what they did in real life.

      Perhaps there is some sort of entry level of Carriers that could be made a successful part of the game, but in there state of T6 and up, they break the game I have come to love to play, but there is so much more that is breaking the game for me. The horrible interface issues in places, such as the signal flag interface that is just way to clicky… yes it works, but there is a better way(check boxes my flags and one click to mount).. the constant attempt to insert gimmicks to make the game more interesting do not work for me. It is just the opposite. I also find that the energy being put into “bells and whistles” would be better spent refining the core of the game you already have.

      You offended my clan and many others(NA only perhaps) with your callous treatment of us during the x-server test, and that still lingers in our clan.

      The firehose of marketing and news is overkill. Slow down. We all don’t all have an hour a day to read the marketing.

      Reward your PTS participants better. I and many others have stated that we no longer participate because the loss of live server time is not compensated enough by PTS rewards. It would cost you virtually nothing to do a better job of this. During the recent CV test, you clamped a 30 second max queue time on the system, virtually ensuring that real players did not battle against many others. I asked about this repeatedly on several avenues of communication and my question was ignored. If you want more and better participation on the PTS, you need to change.

      The maps we have in game are good, but there are too few of them. You’ve made three new maps for a special event that lasts a few weeks for April fools, meanwhile the user base has been screaming for more maps in the main game and we have gotten very few. Someone is deciding where to put resources to engage in further developments, and many of us think they could do so better.

      Radar broke the game. When it saw through islands it should have been kicked back and told to do it over so it doesn’t see through islands. I think this was a lazy decision. Instead of programming it right, you went with the easy solution. …and there it is.

      Music… if I turn off music, it should turn off all music in the game, including the menu systems, and who thought it was a good idea to insert all the sounds we get as we exit battle and enter menus, with silly guitar sounds and drums… in order to get rid of all this extra unneeded noise I resort to turning off all sounds.. whay are these sounds not linked to interface or music sliders and are linked to effects sounds? Please stop trying to add sizzle to the interface and streamline it as in the signal flag menu suggestion.

      Stop making excuses. When you have Q & A sessions, you tend to try to explain away situations rather than addressing them, or worse, you completely ignore an issue. The most common answer is the “we have divisions and departments that do things and they are doing things they do, and not other things they do not do, so we do things as we can do them.”

      …. and by now you are thinking… “boy he sure does have a lot to say”.. and it is true, I do. It is a reflection of the passion I have for the game. I do not agree with much of what WG does, it all seems to be the wrong direction for the wrong reasons.

      One more…. the entire public face of WG feels more like a marketing wall, put in place as a way to placate the user base… as a marketing arm… you can feel the tension as the online personalities struggle to find “the correct WG way to answer a question”, glossing over an issue or ignoring it… .you can feel the pressure they are under to conform to the WG standards/rules/guidelines… you can feel the Hammer that came down on the NA operations ( rightly perhaps even) after too many issues with communication… just so you know, it is a visible situation.

      Warships Classic. WG decided no CVs was the way to go with the console for a reason, eh? CVs break the battle.

      ..if you read this far… damn.. I am impressed. I have vids on WoWS on my channel. I haven’t made on for a while as the spirit just isn’t in me for it, even to rant and rave a bit… you’re loosing me WG… or perhaps driving me away…

  2. Space skins again? please tell me this video is the April fools instead or this is very lazy. I’d wager all of my gold that WG is going to try to sell the space skins for extortionate amounts again…..

    • so? if you dont like the skins dont buy them?

    • +N00T my point is that it’s a lazy cashgrab which kind of shows what WG thinks of their player base

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      +Brett50 In fact, it’s an option. The space fight stuff is the same goal as every other april 1 event: Try out new game mods game mechanics etc.
      It’s just a bonus gift to sell premium camos which are for doubloons as any other premium camo.. But we also get a small chance to win them too for free.
      So it’s not money grab just a test where they give gifts to the players.

    • +Brett50 cashgrabs dont work if the player base doesnt buy. I would encourage cosmetic purchase options over what happened to WoT, where they ran out of decent tank options for prem tanks, and so they started releasing more and more OP tanks so that people had a reason to buy them.

  3. The work of the WOW staff is…OUT OF THIS WORLD. Looking forward to Public Test and 0.8.2 NOA_marksman . Thanks again for a fine job of making play more interesting.

  4. I just want the Graf Zeppelin back in store. Please make it happen WG 🙂

  5. Fun fact : CV can hurt itself in operation.

  6. What happened to the dolphins and mirror rays which are supposed to be featured in April fool events.

  7. アルカヨスノエル

    Reworked epicenter is a yes! Implement that mechanic on domination mode too please. Who gets the capture depends on which team has more ships on a capture point. If number of ships from either teams present within the capture point is equal, the capture pauses. I believe this will urge players to participate and cooperate in capture battles. Please implement. I beg of you.

    • Or another way of doing it is by tonnage. If 1 team has a BB and 1 has 2 DDs in the cap the cap should go to the BB’s team because they have more tonnage in the CAP. Either implementation should stop people from camping at the back of the map.

    • Your dreaming there is no team work in this game although it sounds good in practicality most people will still sit back. They are just trying to speed games up so we use more resources.

    • +DarkKnight5214 #removeCVs

    • +Eric Johnson sorry to disappoint you but I am actually in favor of the CVs because I am a CV player myself.

  8. Sorry but instead of just releasing new ships and crazy stuff for effect i think most people would prefer for you to FIX the freaking MATCHMAKING first !

    • Dane Gil Cabrales

      You know that is of different department right?

    • +DevilArchon Have you ever thought that we don’t care?They won’t listen to their customers.Why should i care if they don’t?Three years man….three freaking years not months!Personally if i knew someone from their family i’d complain to them too.That’s how annoying it is.

    • +Golden Eagle Fund?Should we all chip in and give them some money?A dollar here a Euro there who knows maybe after 5 years they will THINK about it…P.S IF your reply was ironic which i hope it is then kudos you have a good sense of humor.If not then i am sorry…

    • +Dane Gil Cabrales Do i seem to care if they don’t care to listen?It is a simple request which is very important to the gameplay and we have been asking for this for 3 years!

  9. “DDs sitting behind an island doing nothing”

    BWAHAHAHAHA messed up D and B

    • BB’s* I rarely see DD’s sit behind island and “do nothing” unless they’re purposefully trying to be in camo while capping.


  11. holy shiet he speaks english…. what an improvement, now fix UI please

  12. ooo. New space battles, Yes! You guys should make this mini standalone game or make it a permanent game mode. (and just because its YouTube First)

  13. Fatina Kovalchuk, wow… I would like to see more interviews with her… one small request… SMILE. Thanks for the updates…

  14. Why are programmers so edgy? I mean tattoos, piercings, rapping in the last episode… Is this something a mere engineer cant understand?

  15. I think you’re doing a great job ignoring the existing problems and focussing on creating new ones to add to the ones that are never solved. Way to go!!!

  16. imo you should focus on making new normal maps not space ones

  17. Hands off my Guillio Cesare. I purchased a tier 5, not a tier 6. I don’t appreciate you nerfing it so your new tier 5 Russian BB can fit in or dominate. That’s a Bait and Switch practice and i will NOT purchase any new premium products if you do it.

  18. I loved space battles! The new content looks fantastic.
    My only complaint last year was the one storm effect, the lighting flashes were painful to the eyes… Tone that down just a little for perfection.

    Good stuff WG.

    Karandar, NA

  19. Lieutenant Mikhail conde

    geez no space battleship yamato?

  20. Nice Moskva t-shirt, where can we get it? (00:33)

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