Dry Dock: German cruiser Ägir | World of Warships

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Check out the German Premium cruiser from a fresh angle!
A special German Tier IX cruiser is the star of our show today! Ägir is a variant of an O-class super heavy cruiser armed with powerful 305 mm guns. This fast cruiser with solid armor was initially intended to be a further development of the Deutschland-class cruisers, but the outbreak of the war put an end to those plans. Take a closer look at the details of this remarkable German Premium cruiser in Dry Dock!

00:00 – Ägir – German Tier IX cruiser
00:30 – Historical preconditions for the creation of the cruiser Ägir
01:25 – Advantages of the cruiser Ägir
01:45 – Why the construction of the O-class battle cruisers was never started
02:20 – Ägir in World of Warships


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website

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  1. Steven Stevanus

    ah yes, the new pain in Azur Lane 🙁

  2. Admiral Firespammer

    Just in time for AL “research”

  3. 名誉Emp名誉

    How about making this the OG-Sec curisers again together with Siegfried?

  4. Maynard Cempron

    Damn, Gotta Spend a lot of oil for her in AL since I can’t play WoWs anymore, not with the matchmaking nope

  5. Jaikrishna T S CSA CBE

    hey this looks like tier vii battlecruiser scharnhost

  6. Admiral Firespammer

    Azuma is hilariously strong in AL.
    Same with Cheshire.

  7. @Admiral Firespammer Agir come for more armour and I guess her gun will AP like spee

  8. I still enjoy Agir a lot, but she isnt what she was when she was released. Thank you wargaming for stealing my money yet again and promising things that you just cant keep your word on. You have proven in spades to the fan base that they can not trust WG, so why on earth would we want to give you any more of our hard earned money for things you will just ruin, nerf or critically alter to the point of not being what we originally purchased? Last premium ship I will ever buy.

  9. Muhammad Adrian Fathan

    Soviet CV?

  10. sorry don’t give me that “recreating ships accurately” bs atleast for Siegfried and Agir coz armor is missing and on purpose you made the turtleback weak

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      Yes they can mess around with armor for balance reasons for example if British cruisers had 38mm plating like IRL nun would go thru that so they charge armor values

    • @doomguy .23 from mars meanwhile Stalingrad, Petro and Alaska be like: AH that’s sad, want a cookie?

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Alaska was built though?

  11. Azur lane fans: ayooo mommy

  12. Confused Admiral


  13. Kartiko Kurnianto

    Give her and Siegfried proper ice breaker like what o-class supposed to be ffs

  14. g averof

  15. I still laugh when they say we recreate ships accurately

  16. I have no problems with “paper ships”, I do, however, have a problem with the fantasy ships Wargaming coming out with Russian Aircraft Carriers? Give me a break!

  17. István Ozimák

    I love German ships in general. I love the design, especially the gun/turret. My all time favourite ship is Scharnhorst. I would love to get my hands on her, but i have an Alaska, a Kronhstadt and i’ve even got an Azuma from last years santa crates. So this would be a “throw money in the trashcan” move. :/ 🙁 Especially because it’s expensive af. More than 56 eur in my country. Thats a price of a AAA title ffs.

  18. Her secondaries should be buffed. Decent ship but Alaska is much better and has better gimmicks.

  19. Some were destroyed in battle, others weren’t completed, some were laid up could only dream about battles…..
    Some weren’t even build, and others were a mere STALIN FANTASY

    • @Gearhead353 No, they are more useless and not affective, look the Cruiser Kirov, after she get hit, she suffered easily in Black Sea

      If you compare it on Soyuz Battleship Class, it would be the same, maybe the Littorio Class from Italian Navy would Laugh on it

    • @Gearhead353 World of Fantasy

  20. the second floating citadel right after Azuma/Yoshino

  21. dude where are subtitles

  22. “we recreate ships accurately according to there historical Blue prints”… and yet Agir and Sig are both missing an ice breaker that was on there blue prints. hmmm

  23. Karxas09 Metall

    @Xoen T top right

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