Edgar, 2 Brothers, MIDDLE, Slow & Smart – World of Warships

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Since snowflakes event started on WoWS I have been collecting snowflakes on my old account after getting first wins on my new account. I ofc started with tier 10 and super tier ships and worked my way down.

Edgar used to be one of my favorite super tier ships which I considered to be also one of the most powerful.

I have not played it in a long time and now MM has given me Two Brothers map, let me see if I can make some magic happen for you eh.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Best map, best place for this ship. Well done.

  2. Wargaming should rename this map Flambino Pass 🙂

  3. Well that made for an incredibly boring gameplay.

  4. 17:28? You are radared??

  5. If I try that maneuver on a Minnesota, I get absolutely obliterated.

    • If you can’t understand the reason why it works for a CL and not an especially fat BB, I suggest you not try going down the middle in the first place.

    • @@ZZMonkeysUncleZZ There is apparently one dumbass who needs clarification: If I try that maneuver as an Edgar on a Minnesota, I get obliterated.
      Now pull the stick outta ya ass and relax.

    • Its a tough strat but I think Ive watched flambass do it in pretty much everything except cvs and subs. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Ive had a bit of fun trying it in various ships, but in general I dont do very well at it.

  6. man you got sooooo lucky

  7. Flambass continues to amaze in Two Brothers!

  8. Ship go brrrrrttt.

  9. Imagine playing 2 Brothers map with Flambass on ur team and telling him to “Get Back” and not go middle!!!

  10. Not the best choice of video to upload. You were sat still doing nothing for about a third of the video. If you were gonna be that passive I’d expect a 200k+ game for it to be uploaded…

  11. flambino forgot his torps…

  12. The only problem with being a middle player is having to ignore the spam from players calling me a “noob” 🙄

  13. Two Questions:
    Did you EVER played this Map, the “normal” way? Don´t get me wrong, i love Flambass go middle on Two Brothers, just wondering … 😉

    And why are you now so “far” from your Monitor/Cam?

  14. Zzzzzzzzzzz

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