World of Warships- Top 5 Rare Premiums

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Hey guys! Today we go over five rare premium ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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1:33 5. Kronshtadt
5:12 4. Belfast
7:57 3. Kamikaze
10:43 2. Benham
13:55 1. Musashi


  1. Odd thing about the impossible to get Belfast. When you install the game in at least the UK this ship is one of the main ones listed in all the marketing videos that the game client plays during installation.

  2. Wait, what? Santa crates gave something other than signals? Feeling somewhat jipped! 😢

    • Signals are good but camos are shit

    • Got 8 ships in 20 medium containers 😛

    • @@Jerri64 My understanding from one of the dev blogs is that WG is going to remove the ability to sell camos in the next update, so if you’re using them as a credit bank, you might want to start selling. If the camo did anything besides “looks cool,” I’d be happy to get them.

    • I got a few prems from them but all tier 6 and 7. Got over 180 days of prem time too. Decent for a relatively new f2p player and someone with only like 7 tier x lol

    • Dont get me started I bought a bunch of the highest packs and got a tier 8 premium at best and it was a CV. This event was the worst and I been playing since beta. I am beyond Salty

  3. Sealord even forgot to mention that Belfast has access to the tier 8 upgrade slot while sitting at tier 7.
    Yes you can actually slot the concealment module on her aswell.

    • Huh? Wtf how

    • @@mertc8050 Magic

    • @mertc8050 Jep, she can get a 8,9 km concealment which is 700m better than for example Atlanta (9,6km). Since your Raidar is also 8,5km you will catch destroyers really easily off guard since they probably can not turn in time. 400m is way too little to disengage if you have to make a 180° turn.

      Also her AA is not that bad, it she is for example better than Helena (without def AA):
      B: 90dps + 3 flak at 5,8km vs H: 77dps + 2 flak at 5,8km
      B: 256dps at 3,5km; H 200dps at 3,5km
      H: 133dps at 2km

      Nice that I was able to buy this ship when she was released. I nearly did bought her since
      I already owned a smoke CL called Kutuzov. ^^

    • HE did start out with “take a tier 7 cruiser”.

      Her sister ship is the Tier 8 tech line Edinburgh. Remove the heal, and torps, add HE, add smoke AND radar (Edinburgh can choose either smoke OR radar). Playing the Belfast, I find the lack of torps is not too bad (I started out with US cruisers), but the lack of a British heal is a much larger nerf.

  4. @captainpotatoaim9381

    The kamikaze was the bane of my existance during the Tier 5 ranked season

  5. I have all of the ships on this list. However the one rare premium ship I don’t have and that you can’t get in the armory, super containers or even the Santa containers that I want is the Somers. They had removed her from the armory just before I had enough steel to get her.

  6. So lucky that I gotten musashi during last year’s Santa containers. Trust me, playing her is another feeling of showing dominance with big big guns

  7. Kamikaze is such a sweet little ship. I don’t own one, but you know you are up against it when the other team does. Normally captained by Elite players too. Almost OP – but then when you manage to spot one – they die pretty quick. A lethal stealth ship – and worth of the focus it receives – if you can find the damn thing !!!

    • the tech tree one is pretty good too 🙂

    • If you get up tiered into a Tier 7 match, you just watch your credits and XP climb. You have to be more careful these days with so many ships with radar and long range hydro, not to mention CVs and subs, but with careful timing, she can still hold her own.

  8. Got a kron out of a Christmas crate a few weeks ago. Range mod is a necessity for tolerable accuracy.

  9. Great list, the Belfast was the only ship I ever paid actual money for. Way over powered and a lot of fun. Won the kamikaze R during the event, and is one of my most fun and most played ships. Really wanted the Benham, but was working a lot and couldn’t play enough during the the event. 😢

  10. @lightbluewaves5526

    I was lucky to get giulio cesare from the santa containers and i can say she is a solid tier 5 bb. What makes her so good is that she is just good at everything! Most ships at her tier are really good at something but also really bad at something. Gulio is just good at everything at her tier

  11. @jamesharrington001

    Kind of suprised he didn’t mention the GC… she’s such a beast at T5.

  12. @outofcontrolsjsgaming6200

    Interesting that there was no Alaska, Georgia, Giulio Cesare, or Lenin. Don’t get me wrong, all but #5 are strong even today but so are the ones I just mentioned. The only one I have on this list is the Kamikaze R and she is definitely a mean ship! Enjoy the videos and keep up the good work!

  13. One of my all time unforgettable moments in WOW was dev striking a full health, smoked up Belfast with the Musashi. When those guns work they are AWESOME!!

  14. Well i have 2 of the 5 so not too bad (Kami and Belfast original), i did think the Missouri would have made the list. I could have gotten the Musashi but her AA was so lacking i skipped out on getting her (after all i had the Yamato). But during the old days of seasonal ranked she was a terror in T9 ranked!!!!!!!!!

  15. sealord i have been watching you for years now can you plz make a top 5 series with each class of ship like bb ,dd ,cruisers ,carriers ,and subs with premium, tech tree ,coal ,steel, and research bureau ships instead of all in 1 i would love to hear your opinions

  16. I have trained at least 7 IJN commanders in the Kami to Skill level 19-21, they actually have their own club and meet often to drink sake and remanence about old times. Good video SLM 😀

  17. Kamikaze R is my favourite ship. I got her when the original event was going. Back then, tier 5-8 were the popular tiers to play. Tier 10 matches were a ghost town. You could be waiting a long time to get into a match and when you did, it was sometimes a weird matchmaking. I’m lucky enough to have been playing since Alpha, so I have every rare ship in the game. The Imperator Nikolai I is a Tier 4 premium which is extremely rare. Back in the day she slapped you hard, even at tier 5. Those were good days. The toxicity today was as rare as some of these ships back then.

  18. Krohnstadt has by far the best penetration of all Large Cruisers and is, without competition, the best of them at tier 9.

  19. I opened ~100 santa containers this year through various acquisition methods. I really wanted Thunderer and Musashi. I didn’t get either, but I did get Jean Bart and Alaska amongst a slew of other lower tier premiums. Still disappointed I didn’t get either of the ones I actually wanted.

  20. Kinda shocked not to see Georgia on the list, but it’s also hard to go through the list of out of circulation premiums and pick just 5

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