[EN] King of the Sea XII – International Grand Finals

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Join us for the grand finals of King of the Sea XII International, the remaining four teams decide who will take home victory! Please note that we are running a 5 minute delay.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

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  1. wow am I the only comment really?

  2. Jackson Milford

    Buff the lower tear carrier’s they don’t put out any damage but dive bombers are ok and torpedo bombers do less then dive bombers witch is stupid and rocket planes put out no damage and replace rocket planes for strategic bombers please they do nothing

  3. starting in 00:10:35? really?? not even coming back for this.

  4. It’s funny watching Vor, Marceau’s running around the maps just looking for victims……

  5. I love to complain about ww, but you guys did a great job, and great show, congrats to all the competitors.

  6. if you ban cvs in the contests, maybe we should have the choice of whether to play in a cv game or not routinely, and for sure subs. maybe make subs and cvx battle types different types and let the people that want to play those ships play there and everyon else can play like normal.

    • CVs are not good for King of the Sea tournament. They should be in the random battles not in competitive tournament because CVs ruin the fun of the game. The last King of the Sea with CVs was really very boring.

    • @jay Vee rigjt the ruin the fun of the game. so why make anyone play them if they do not want to. and it will be the same with subs. why ruin the fun of the game for people that play randoms? oh, we can just make the fun rules for the big shots in tournaments,

    • @Joseph Knurek They are here just for CV lovers. They want CV lovers to buy there premuim CVs. It just all just for moneymaking for WG. You can even make a survey if how much people want CVs in competitive play and you will find out a lot don’t want CVs in any competitive play.

  7. Finally Repulse! But 16mm? Why? Why can every super cruiser in the game bow tank but a Battlecruiser can’t?

  8. Jorah the Andal

    SEA the best server

  9. VOR of the best

  10. Great to see the pretentious EU fan boys eat their words – EU/CIS/NA stuck in WWI and SEA blitzing them

  11. so if my secondaries land shots on friendly i will not get any exp in that game because i’m pink ?

  12. Those projectile impact pictures at the start are incorrect. Nose-fuzed HE shells would explode on impact or, if hitting at an extreme angle, break to pieces on thicker steel plates. AP shells would have their long pointed noses removed, since they are thin metal windscreens, turning the shells into blunt-nosed, shorted objects, with AP shells having blunt, usually cone-faced AP caps that would be knocked off during most plate impacts, either destroyed while protecting the shell on thick plates, whether they penetrated or not, or just knocked off when penetrating or bouncing off thinner plates. SAP shells (other than a few with AP caps, too), would mostly have rather blunt, though still pointed, noses, like the AP shells without their caps, which work against armor that is not face-hardened (this latter which would be variants of KC-type or, in the earliest armored ships in the game, of the older Harvey type), being softer NCA, STS, Class “B”, Wh, and so on. Obviously, the person doing the illustrations does not really understand what real naval gun projectiles are made of…

  13. Just ain’t the same without Flolo

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