First Look // Hyūga / “The Perfectly Fine Adventures of a Perfectly Average Battleship”

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  1. Fusou with reload booster!

  2. Ooh. I played with one these (in a division) . People are afflicted by the new ship shooty shooty torpey torpey mode. I was in Yudachi.

  3. 4 turrets facing the rear? I expected this to be French.

  4. Memes aside, a set of 356mm guns does sound a bit.. lackluster.

  5. If all premiums were like this, there wouldn’t be an issue…

  6. Funny thing about the Ise class. It has less crew accommodation than the preceding Fuso class despite being a slightly larger vessel.

    • IIRC the Fuso wasn’t popular with her crew either, despite being the flagship.

    • @LudensP I don’t blame them. Looking at the Fuso design and I was wondering WTF they were thinking? My utmost respect to the Engineer that had to design the boiler and engine rooms around the two center turrets and their associated magazines and do it in such a way that the high pressure steam pipes don’t detonate the powder room.

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