EPIC – highest DMG with MOSKVA on EU || World of Warships

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    • RIP tomato player with Yammy not RIp Yammy, if he was a good player he would rape the hell out of the Moskva, at 5 km with HE i didn’t do that even 3 years before when i started to play WoW!

  1. Christopher Nguyen

    point blank HE spamming yammy OMEGALUL. What a back-breaking carry.

  2. thx for the upload, was a fun game 😉

  3. amazing, enjoyed the replay

  4. Oddly poetic that such a game occurred in a ship without camouflage.

  5. How to get timer and range on shooting circle

    • they should be there by default… if not it should work with the “alternate battle interface” you can turn on in the settings. you should have that activated all the time

  6. yamato player is the most noob on 2019….

  7. Island camping with a Moscow is a tricky art. But this player seems to have perfected it.

  8. He yamato I want this kind enemy so much 🙂

  9. I was like, wtf, why he is going for that yama? 100% suicide. Oh, well… 😉

  10. Spineking Jørgensen

    Ive learned that stalinium shells can pen the citadel of a Yamato. Time to grind!

  11. Putin approve haha

  12. was he using legendary upgrade?

  13. That ship is built like a bloody tank. Wow it can take a lot of punishment. But it sure can dish it out. Loved the replay. Thanks.


    The team had and a good dd (gearing)…. Me ^^

  15. Why without camo ??

  16. Читер. смотреть 2:25 передние орудия не довёрнул, 3:15 заднее, 3:29 заднее

  17. We’d all have great games and great stats if we had the preferential RIGGED matchmaking that Unicummer clans get!

  18. Wow … sehr schönes Gefecht

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