World of Warships – Did we finally crack AZUMA

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Here is a brand new tier 10 IJN premium AZUMA, that is most likely going to be available for steel in the Arsenal, some time in the future.
It’s no secret that I hated this ship from the very start because neither AP nor HE were performing as they should. I promised myself I’ll keep playing her because sometimes ships just malfunction for some bizarre reason at 1st but than like someone flips a key, and they work.
So here is the best game BY FAR I had in AZUMA so far. I will keep playing her and we’ll see if she rly is good or was this just a new year wonder.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Man the firing angle on the rear turret looks pretty bad

  2. 2:28 Hello there!

  3. アドミラルヒッパー

    After playing Stalingrad,What is special
    Azuma doesn’t make me elected

  4. What the hell in this ship that they sold for steel? Why not coal like Salem this ship is never near to Stalingrad.

    • +AKUJIRULE there is always someone who is just anal about grammar. Get a life boy

    • +Septia Unbelievable, right? Some people just speak and write actual english. How dare we. Funny thing: we actually have a life. That is how we learn… you know.. that grammar stuff that is such an alien and intimidating thing with 0 value to you lot.

    • +Septia there’s always someone defending people that don’t want to get better at english
      Get a life, girl

    • stalingrad is OP, they should nerf it to hell. why they nerf yuyang when it was average before, now its utter shit but they think stalingrad is balanced. so dumb

    • Correcting someones english is just a dickmove, wich doesn’t add anything but bad blood. As of Stalingrad beeing way better than Azuma, well, it’s russian, so it has to be OP.
      Also Azuma is Kilo-Zao not Mega-Zao. That title belongs to the Monqueror

  5. Exactly what the game needed :)))))))))) another HE spammer :)))))))))))))

  6. My Flambass, I have a question for you?
    In Asia server, there is a player named “Al_desu” who played 70 battles in Henry IV and attain 192k AVERAGE DAMAGE….???….
    Could you please explain how?

    • +Shadowat00 Probably next time i should clarify that my comment was meant as being ironic. I know Flambass doesn´t like the passiv game style of sitting back and lobbing shells all day long, which is needed with ships like the HI V to do that much dmg. In regards to your list of points, i do agree with all of them and therefore am not sure if that “guy on the asian server” exists, is the luckiest skipper ever or some kind of cheat.

    • +Andreas Müller Thanks. Our Flambass scored just 106k average dmg with hiv. If you look players stats of clan CR33D (one of the best in the world) you will see they barely reach 140k average damage with a CA…even midway and hakus dont cross 160k?

    • Aim assist for 10 $

    • And I thought 120K average in 50 battles is good enough

    • +Shadowat00 irony isn´t something you get that well now do you?

  7. Hey friends. I was wondering if you all can help me with a choice. I currently have over 750K free xp, and was wondering if I should buy the Krons. before it goes away from the shop OR if i should wait till the Alaska comes out for purchase. I’m stuck between these to battle cruisers and was wondering what you all thought would be my best choice. If it helps I am a semi aggressive player and like to bow tank a lot and push in. Which ship is better overall for killing basically both cruisers and battleships? Which one you say is an overall better package to own for aggressive play who also enjoys to play alone. (meaning I don’t division up)

    • Well Kron can’t rly bow tank and Alaska can, while neither of them is anything special I would still personally rather take Alaska

    • +Flambass is there any reason other than bow tanking that you’d take the alaska over the kronz?

    • Alaska has better dispersion, a lot slower shells which make aiming at distance tricky, decent aa, however her radar range is far from concealment. She also gets the improved AP angles of the americans.
      Kron has rails that cross the map quick, making aiming at range easy, however she suffers from battleship dispersion and from having so much penetration on her AP, that when you fight cruisers and your aim or dispersion rng is off, you tend to get a lot of overpens unless you hit their citadel.
      Krons radar range almost matches her concealment range at the moment (to be changed for all cruisers with 0.8.0), Krons aa is pretty mediocre. Kron has a higher max hp which means she regenerates quite a bit more hp per heal, however her armor layout is more susceptible to regular AP pens due to having a full 25mm deck, aft and bow while Alaska gets a 27mm bow/aft and 32mm deck if I remenber correctly. Nonetheless, if you stay angled to bbs in Kron, you will eat the occasional 10k AP salvo but rarely get deleted. This changes as soon as you give them broadside but apparently Alaska doesn’t get away well either showing broadside…

      As Flamu likes to sum it up – Alaska is more of a cruiser battlecruiser (closer range, disp) whereas Kron is more of a battleship battlecruiser (long range, bb disp).

    • I’d call myself a cruiser main, not a huge fan of BBs but I do play them, and I like to use my Kron every now and then just to change things up. I shoot almost exclusively AP with it, and I get a lot of citadels that mainline cruisers wouldn’t be able to. The dispersion stinks and the radar is too short duration, but it’s a nice change of pace from the Zao and DM that I play so often.

    • If you are a collector, then go for Kronstadt. Alaska will be a new ship and it wont go for a year or so. If not, then go for Alaska. Kronstadt is not a brawling, close range ship. It plays like a donskoi i.e. medium range kiting. Alaska on the other hand is like a US cruiser in general, which is staying close, lob shells over island and be an annoyance for the enemy. But do keep in mind that Kronstadt has much more armor on the broadside than Alaska, which helps if you are *forced* to brawl, against someone who can’t aim

  8. Because she wants you to treat like all the IJN girls … with lots and lots of HE.

  9. I love ya Flambass, but I’m going to be honest here. You have a tendency to walk into new ships with a specific preconceived notion of how ships will work and how you’re going to play them. In situations where the ship is indeed what you expected, it works out obviously. However, like in this case, it can also really handicap how you interact at the beginning with certain new ships.
    This is a personal opinion, but comparing Azama to Stalingrad is a poor comparison and really it doesn’t compare to really most of the tier 10 bar Zao. And even then it’s still a really loose comparison. The best example I would think of is Scharnhorst at tier 7 with the armor traded for (Uncharacteristically for it’s size) stealth. Stalingrad, and, to a lesser extent, Kronshtadt have I feel twisted the notion of what we should expect out of future “Large Cruiser” designs. It’s liken to comparing Moskva to Des Moines while both are what warships would consider to be Heavy Cruisers (Even though Moskva is in it’s own HP category within this regard) they both handle exceptionally differently. Moskva can much more freely fling AP out at long range with much more reliability to it’s gun characteristics. However, this is not to say Des Moines AP is lacking, as we all know if you pop up sub 10km full broadside.
    I think you’re trying a little to hard to force this thing into Stalingrads playstyle. Stalingrad has the angled armor and the gun characteristics to be able to pick fights at mid-long range and punish broadside displays during more standoffish engagements. Conversely it has problems disengaging if it gets in too hot due to poor concealment and handling. Azuma is sizing up to be the opposite. It has the stealth to surprise cruisers like pre-nerf conq but now it has the guns accuracy to be able to punish broadsides of said cruisers more reliably. It may not be able to punish Battleships at the mid and long ranges but it’s not supposed to, unless they are damcon mashing pyrophobics. However unlike Stalingrad, it runs the boon of at least being able to disengage and relocate if things start getting too hot (Especially considering it gets pretty decent gun arcs reward). If push comes to shove, it can deal with BBs and due to it’s decent HE (Especially against the 50mm armor plate variety) but that’s a second line role and of course ships like Zao should be better in that regard since that’s it’s whole purpose.
    The Large Cruisers implementation, both the current upcoming ones and highly possible future ones (Kriegsmarine O and P Class, Royal Navy Super Cruisers, Super Alaska, the Italian Ansaldo projects. . . etc) I think it’ll be important to note that they probably will all handle differently then what we’ve come to expect even now much like the diversity from the more conventional cruisers. Sadly these ships are all looking to be locked behind a competitive wall, honestly Azuma is a ship that looks quite at home for general casual pubby fun rather than comp. But alas tis not to be probably.

    • HaliBURD what the hell man, sen him a letter …

    • he’s played like twenty thousand games. so when he aims at a citadel and it never pens with ap, while he does it regularly with other ships, there is something wrong.

    • +jebes909090 Except not really. Apart from Moskva and Stalingrad. Most ships would’ve struggled to reliably pen that Kronshtadts belt at that range. Henri has the pen, but the incline of drop it’s coming in at would’ve likely gotten it to bounce. Des Moines could try, but at that range and the aforementioned angling it wouldn’t be consistent. None of the NON-Russian cruisers could’ve made that a citadel. Now BBs of the tier could’ve penned that easily, however the guns from the other nations large cruiser are not equivocal BB caliber guns. They were maybe 4 tiers ago at tier 6, but they were already approaching obsolescence on a BB platform then, let alone the BBs who equipped them at tier 7. If you took what were essentially moderately upgraded Fuso guns (Or in the case of Alaska, New mexico guns) and forced them to fight tier 8+ BBs (And large cruisers who have tier 6.5 BB armor) of course they aren’t going to do so hot unless at close ranges or aiming for casemate armor. They are still cruisers, despite what the size of Alaska and Azuma make you believe otherwise. And the future large cruiser designs lean more to these than they do the russian 305mm.
      Just because you’ve played 20 thousand games, doesn’t mean you have to learned from a single one of any of them. Flambass thankfully has, but you can still learn to get better, no one is an exception. Flambass is really the only CC i’ve seen struggling with this ship.

  10. Up the Irons Flambass!

  11. I don’t know if it’s this ship that is the problem, or just AP in general. It feels like WG has messed with the mechanics of AP too much since the last big patch. The amount of zero damage full penetration hits on previously undamaged cruisers and BBs lately has become endemic. It happens almost every battle for me, and a lot of people that I chat with in game as well…

  12. Did we finally *crack* azuma

  13. This is a ’50-caliber 16-inch gun’ the most powerful ship gun in the world..And can blow your bridge Clean Off.. So you have to ask yourself – punk – do you feel lucky? Do ya Punk?

  14. duuude why do you keep using AP when it does just less damage and is way more inconsistent and situationall and you already stated it yourself? love youre vids btw

  15. If its 2 minutes after midnight then you’re Livin After Midnight!

  16. Stuntman actually kinda summed up the whole “problem” the community seems to have with the Azuma.
    WG gave us at first the Kronshtadt as supercruiser, ofc the AP penetration will the insane, it’s russian with russian shell velocity, krupp and drag.
    Then they gave us the Stalingrad, so again russian but even more AP pen and they gave it better AP autobounce angles.
    And after Stalingrad they began working on Alaska, an american cruiser, with USN autobounce; ofc the AP will be good.
    And now the Azuma, a japanese supercruiser, ok, the japanese just have average AP shell (expect Zao), so don’t expect something godlike from it, but the community did.

    • omfg that female in his background needs medical help. she’s been coughing for over 2 yrs almost 1/2 the vids, go to be some meds or serious issue thats causing it

  17. Love the “Maiden ” reference..?

  18. Any news on whether this ship will be for steel or coal?

  19. Kenzor - Movieclips

    When the CV Rework will arrive, what’s going to happen with the current CV Stats??
    In my situation I would like to delete those stats if I choose to get the free xp from my CV lines.

  20. Instead of so many new ships, wargaming needs to design and roll out new maps.

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