Everything You Need To Know About Update 12.0

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  1. The battle pass for this update is a joke, a free tech tree t8 ship as reward. Really WG?!? And also the t10 Yodo is so bad, Jinan looks like an OP ship compared to Yodo.

    • For a new player it’s a great deal. He can grind entirely different line, and receive a free skip to T8 in another one.

    • @Miss K aka skip bunch of important learning experience… lets start with that, new players shouldnt play these hybrids…

    • Light cruisers are by far the toughest class to win/play consistently good games.
      For most players, you’re not wrong. But ima 60%er in, and love my jinan!
      There’s a select number of objectively “bad” ships in this game. Most aren’t “bad”, but knowing/being able to maximize a ship is selective.

    • @Capt Happy 888 you are right, but even when you have a good game you still feel like having very little impact. Jinan at least has a smoke to hide and try to retreat, but Yodo has nothing. Both ships need a lot of support, a mandatory DD to spot at least 1 BB to draw attention, but in this currrent state of the game with CV, Subs, and border camping/sniping, light cruisers like Yodo, Jinan, Colbert are very low impact. I saw very skilled players doing their magic but 80% of the players are average.

  2. This updates battle pass is a total joke. Not only are final rewards a tech tree ship, but they stopped free upgrade removal too. Bull shit battle pass.

  3. Airship escort will more improve brawling? lmao, in ASIA server only 1 or 2 ship do brawling and hold the airship, and the rest are camping behind rock or at edge of map like usual

  4. I was going to just take this patch cycle off to play other games (or touch grass) after burning out with dockyards and battle passes and such but I may still run a few Derby games as it was probably the most fun mode in the game for some time. I also unlocked a lot of tier 10’s for Xmas including the Schlieffen, and that ship should be very strong in the mode.

    Also zero interest in this seasons battle pass. I’ve had enough dubs (without paying for them) to get the last two battle passes so I’m OK sitting this one out. I hate the “early access” system for new ships already and now tying it to a battle pass system is even more annoying. Probably a cheap way to actually get the ship compared to past early access, but you still have to grind it out.

    • @Sameer Kharade Early in 2022 I was getting a ton of premium time drops, enough to take through the year, but haven’t seen that in some time. Super Containers are weird like that.

    • Maybe it’s the free pass for the containers, otherwise the news may mention the Premium version of it. I guess we will see, I’m still waiting for news about the new pass and if it’s worth to buy the Premium one (keep in mind you can wait until being near the end of the pass running time to purchase the Premium vesion and thus know what you will get for your Doubloons).

    • @Absent The most consistent ways to earn Doubloons for free are the daily rewards for logging in (100 D per month), the daily random bundles in the armory (50 D for each update IIRC), and of course Ranked games – accumulating some victories in Bronze each sprint are worth 200 D, and getting to first place another 200 D. Each sprint lasts 2 weeks (with some exceptions), so that’s about 200 D each week – just for Bronze (going to Silver is time consuming and may become annoying). Further, testing on the Play Testing Server may give Doubloons for Combat Missions, in the recent past this summed up to 500 D for each update.

      Other, non consistent sources, are Containers. If you’re lucky, you can get Doubloons from e.g. Supercontainers (getting those by also being lucky when choosing “try your luck” with small Containers), Steam Containers, and all Santa’s Gift Containers. Further, you can buy Recruiting Station Containers in the Armory for Community Tokens, which may (5%) drop up to 1.000 D.

      Of those Containers, the Santa ones often gifted me with Doubloons, and each Christmas there is the opportunity to get several of those.

      Besides that there may be some special events via affiliates or (very rarely) Combat Missions, like the recent “Friday the 13th” which dropped 13 D (just added that example for completeness).

      edit: Just realized the Lunar Containers do not drop Doubloons anymore, so I’ve removed those from the list.

    • @Swarm509 Ignore the carrots they put out there. Just play the game in a way that makes you happy. Don’t worry about trying to get the next new thing. Just go out there and sink some ships and don’t give them a red cent and your enjoyment will go up.

  5. Momchil Gradinarov

    Hybrid BBs should have limited planes like the regular CVs.

  6. The pan-asian commander crates are on the *free* part of the battle pass; no need to pay for them. It looks like you should have a good chance of getting him from just playing the game, and can spend some non-dub resources to finish it if you get unlucky. The paid BP looks like a joke; early access ain’t worth dubs.

    • i agree about the battle pass this month. you have 2 months to play the colorado and unlock the Nebraska when it comes fully into the game. that is 2,600xp per day, so 1-2 games in coop a day will get it done and minimize the pain of the slow US BB line. with the low amount of steel and RB points in this season, it just isn’t worth the dubs.

  7. I so hoped the game got a bit more playable/fun . . .

  8. 2 worst things this update. The Whale battlepass, they removed the free demount of mudules, wich actually saved a lot for me. And adding the less populare game mode armsrace to ranked. IT has no place there. Isnt ranked like s way for us to try more comedeitive gameplay? A middle between random and clanbattles. And the hybrid BB,s need an own slot in the matchmaking formula. If you are out of luck, you get on the team that has a bad CV player and no hybrids VS a good CV player whit 2 hybrids. Add 2 subs and the shitfest is total.

    • Wait I missed that, they are adding Armsrace to ranked? Jesus, that is the last thing that ranked needs. They keep making the “competitive” mode more and more of a joke.

  9. Why do Dutch cruisers, who’s gimmick is litterally an airstrike, get depth charge ASW? They can call in an entire bomber squadron to attack enemy surface ships, but apparently they are incapable of catapulting one plane loaded with depth charges into the air..?

    • Because Wargaming hires programmers who barely passed Basic Programming 101 and they couldn’t implement the difference in planes.

    • Tim van der Velden

      @Chillylytical Ah yes, the OP glue needed a nerf.

    • I can remember once killing a sub on the surface with the existing dutch airstrike. Funny as hell that I got him but next to impossible usually. At least they have something now, but yeah not getting plane ASW is really awful for a heavy cruiser line.

    • You can’t give any ship class all the advantages. Honestly having an airstrike capability on a cruiser or in the case of destroyers the Tromp is ridiculous. I liked it better when it was strictly guns in this game.

    • Tim van der Velden

      @Darren4352 I mean honestly, is GL really that OP?

  10. Have you noticed your mods not working? I use the official modstation and with this update I have lost a couple of key mods that I use. The most important is the team panels on the side, I find those very helpful for knowing enemy HP and spotted status. Playing without that now almost feels like fighting blind

  11. omg yes dirigible derby is back and hopefully here to stay I actually get to enjoy my german ships again

  12. Obrigado pelos otimos conteudos, o melhor canal de World of Warships.

  13. you have 2 months to play the colorado and unlock the Nebraska when it comes fully into the game. that is 2,600xp per day, so 1-2 games in coop a day will get it done and minimize the pain of the slow US BB line. with the low amount of steel and RB points in this season, it just isn’t worth the dubs. the more players that pay for this battle pass upgrade, the more likely all future early access ships will be locked behind a pay wall.

  14. wargamming invokes historical accuracy when it goes along with what they designed poorly in game, and in the next breath they say, “come on guys, it’s a game and we have to take some liberties with the ships in game for balance reasons”. they just say whatever lie is convenient for the current failure they are addressing. a lot like politicians do.

  15. IJN CLs: Weirdly ‘historical’ torps-as-primary armament, hitting hard as they do. Underserved by terrain farming and lacking the range to do it comfortably. Meh outside of torp build and its UK CL pincushion-ness without heal or smoke.
    Dutch CA ASW: Ought’ve been the testbed for _hedgehog launchers;_ subs’ problem(s) is making elevation relevant mechanically. Make hedgehog launchers _wide but shallow,_ and which will force surface periscope depth subs (same effect, but bumping one elevation up at operational depth should apply to standard depth charges; max depth _must_ provide damage immunity, but may induce criticals if still not quite max depth). Hedgehog launchers would provide: nominal damage, almost guaranteed critical hits, disable sonar array availability reliably (even if at operation depth & immune to damage by them), and force surfacing of periscope depth subs/or subs in transit to operational depth; HH ASW would still induce floodings on operational depth subs if they land close enough.

  16. But which sweater pairs best with update 12? Cardigan, Pullover, Crewneck, V-Neck, Tunic, Turtleneck, Mock Turtleneck, Quarter-Zip, Boyfriend or the daring Sweater Vests?

  17. Anyone else find it strange they dropped the 0. As this should be called 0.12.0 but I guess wg doesn’t want people to realize this game is technically still in early access 8 years later

  18. Has anyone else noticed that the seasons bonuses have become less and less worth buying with each ‘season’, I wanted to have a reason to get them this time but I just couldn’t justify them as the only real benefit is the 5% coal / steel / research points… just doesn’t seem worth paying for. WG got greedy, this could have been easy recurring revenue for them if they made it worth paying for. Give it a pass this season maybe WG will get the message and be more generous next time.

  19. My combat scout awards have been as a DD in 6×6 ranked. Much more achievable and based on when I got them in the battles the buff will hopefully have enough time to be useful.

  20. “Historical accuracy”

    WG proceeds to put the blueprints fof a 1948 fishing barge in as a Soviet super battleship

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