World of Warships- Yodo First Impressions: Absolute Junk? Or An Underdog?

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Hello guys, today we go over the new Tier X IJN Light Cruiser Yodo! Enjoy!

Update Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
1:26 Economy/Camo
2:28 Armor
3:19 Ship Stats
6:35 Consumables
7:31 Module & Commander Build
12:21 Gameplay Review


  1. I’ll grind it, but from the stats alone i’d say it needs a rudder and shell velocity buff.

    • 100%. They’re fun ships to play but you struggle to do a lot of damage because you lack quite a bit of DPM and with how fragile they are you really need to have rudder shift to dodge stuff.

      Went from Gokase to Shimanto today and I’m not impressed. They release the USN hybrid BB line it’s broken state but they released an entire line that’s done better by the Pan-Asia cruisers.


      Their shells are already very fast at over 900 m/s, but their shells are very light at about 40 kg and that is why the shells start to float above 16 km range.

  2. On the bright side, you are now able to get a yoshino without spending coal. Awesome!

    • This ship cant compete with Yoshino. Yoshino AP pen is lot better at all ranges and HE on Yoshino is a lot stronger. This ship is on its own. My opinion is that would be a good ship if Yodo wasnt so big and easy to hit. This line is forgetablle.

    • No, yoshino is in another league compared to this thing. Way more damage per salvo, good HE and AP. It also has a choice of 12km or 20km torps.

    • @Veritas Fuckin’ 4 flak from 18 150mm DP guns. Absolute bullshit. They’re so scared of making a ship with enough AA to fuck up a strike because they don’t want their precious carrier babies crying too much from having to actually think while playing.

    • Yoshi, noooo!!!

    • It’s like comparing Worcester and Puerto Rico, see the problem

  3. I like how the “Light Cruiser” has more health than Zao does.

    • Exactly. I also like how the ‘light’ cruiser has more base range than most of the heavy cruisers’s base range.

    • @Manik Samaraweera True but raw health can be good for tanking a lot of heal-able damage like fire and just incremental chip damage. This is something the Japanese heavy cruisers have always suffered with in that they’re decently armored but they have low health. It’s one reason why Yoshino and Azuma are so tanky in the right contexts because not only can they have health into the 60k’s but they can also have 5 heals which is generally unheard of on cruisers. Yeah they hate pens but they can tank a lot of smaller stuff, in some cases more than their “heavier” or more capital class brethren.

    • Classically ‘Light’ was in reference to gun caliber, rather than vehicle size/armor.

    • @Das Borke Sorry you’re right. I always forget that 150mm is bigger than 203mm and even 310mm. My bad.

  4. As a minotaur main, survivability is secondary if you’re made of paper, paper armor just means you’re a ticking bomb waiting for the lucky shot. Instead of delaying the fuze, I personally follow the doctrine of “making the most of what I have”, so improving things where the ship performs well or have an ace up my sleeve (nobody expects a minotaur torpedo dealing 20k damage), in this case, probably going for stealth and torpedo first, then IFHE would be counter productive since you’d want to start a few fires then disengage and let the target burn/flood, yes you got many guns so it’s just a matter of time until you start a fire, but the longer your guns are blazing, the more time you take on your fuze, or more literally, the more occasions you give to your opponents to absolutely demolish you. So either I’d pick Demolition Expert then take other skills for kiting, or alternatively, take more risks and use your 10km concealment to dive a flank and get your torpedoes off, the problem with that is you need relatively good intel and estimation on the enemies’ positions to not just get spotted and dev struck, though that’s a risk every flanker with no armor basically signs up for. In that case the only other factor you can’t really control is cv, but at the same time, because of your oddball position, investing in guns will completely void your purpose of creating a crossfire with your type 93 torpedoes and doing this until all the major threats are down, so basically all BBs and Sevastopol (the only cruiser I know that can overmatch 25mm), once the main threat is gone or basically gone, you can start raining down hellfire on other cruisers that have 30mm of coating or less, those that have more, it’s just the usual drill of finding their brodside and firing AP at it, yes the AP got reduced damage, but it’s still 18 shells, 6 of them bullseyeing will give you enough of a headstart to kill them with HE if needed. The only problem with that plan is as stated CVs, and for that the only solution I have is either abort the plan, or if you really like playing with fire, taking the AA skills and DFAA, with the flanking maneuver torps are less likely to be coming your way unless you get RPF’ed so you can forget hydro, but if an enemy DD is that hellbent on finding you specifically, that’s a free cap for your DD so mission accomplished I guess? Anyway with only 10km concealment you won’t be surprising anyone if it is your flank collapsing, so having DFAA and investing into torps means that you can somewhat limit the enemy CV’s spotting, reducing the number of dice rolls you make to know whether or not your time to explode has come, and since the flank is collapsing, you won’t get reliable spotting on the enemy to engage when they can’t retaliate, so you’ll just be dumping torps most of the time until you either get reinforcements, or reach the other flank.

    Those builds are just pure theorycrafting from a Minotaur captain that only played the Gokase so far, so take those with a grain of salt.

    • Not bad advice Noir, but use dots more often 😀

    • @hond654 yes please, dots more often haha

    • Siegfried also can overmatch 25 mm

    • I think your advice is pretty spot on. I noticed it plays more like a zoner, being able to zone targets away from a flank with torps and HE spam then goes dark if you take too much fire. I play it like Jinan without a smoke. I see a push from the enemy I send all my torps in that direction then HE spam the target once my torps get close. Then I disengage and repeat. The manuverabulity of this cruiser is poor so map awareness is very important. You usually want to HE spam at 15-18km to avoid getting dev struck. You are the largest light cruiser in the game so far so engaging any closer is very risky.

    • @kr4ftt My English is brainfkd. I end sentences with a dot, which is a point, but it is called period. Noice.

  5. I disagree with Superintendent. Your hit point pool really isn’t large enough to benefit from it. If you get hit hard enough its 2 or 3 shells and your out of there, so 4 uses over 3 really doesn’t matter at that point. If the meta wasn’t perma-spotting I would agree with that choice. Being a Cruiser, your gonna get Concentrated. For this patch, I’m gonna stay away from Light Cruisers until they buff their Concealment.

  6. I built yollo-Yodo (with 11km concealment) and I am sure it was the right chose

  7. Personally, the clean camos are one of the things I like about the line. They need a reload buff, as the shells are so lackluster, and it is weird having turrets that can turn twice as fast as you reload.

  8. Useful quick look at the apex of the IJN CL line, thanks. Regards camos and the Art Dept, I think the pinnacle of taste for the IJN was the Sea-Turtle Camo they gave the Katori. Ship even at tier IV (?) is kinda crap, but that camo is flat out beautiful.

  9. One thing people forget to mention about these ships is the almost 7km (6.9km) AA

  10. Honestly, as a torp boat Takahashi is a better ship. It’s a lot shorter, so it turns a lot better, and the torps aren’t appreciably worse than Yodo’s. You can get both sides into arc a lot more often and closer together on Taka, and that more than makes up for the slightly longer reload times. Given the Yodo’s crap aft turret angles, having one less doesn’t really mean you will have fewer rifles at any given moment either, and the fore turret config is actually better IMO because the oddball turret 2 comes into play a lot easier than the oddball turret 3 on Yodo.

    • totally agree. I really love the tier 8 and 9, but don’t like the Yodo, I don’t play very good with the Yodo while I try to play it the same, set fires from distance and go dark and spam torps at incoming enemies. Normally tier 10 ships are quite much better than the tier 9, but in this case it’s the other way around imo.

  11. Emp the Sane Maniac

    As an experience cruiser main: Absolutly useless. Just skip it. You are better of playing the Zao, which itself is quite junk.

  12. What I like about this line is that it’s the most historically accurate depiction of japanese cruiser doctrine. The ultra-long range super powerful torps is consistent with the long lances.

  13. the higher tier light japanese light cruisers are a pain in the ass to fight in a BB. they are not easy to citadel like the brits. fire after fire, burnt to death. long range torps. deadly boats.


    Btw i also love the IJN Omono, the main reason is because i think that ship is beautiful and it is also based on the historical ship IJN Oyodo. It has the 155 mm gun but nerfed version of the Mogami 155, but it is still good, you just need to always have cover if you want to starting an engagement, and farm with decent HE alpha damage. Another thing is the ship is fairy short and narrow so you are a smaller target than the tier 8, 9 and 10 cruisers.

  15. The extra turret doesn’t seem to make it worth it over a Takahashi.

  16. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Considering how many times this week a Yodo has put me 6 leagues under….I would say “underdog”

  17. In case of the “more HP”, light cruisers are mostly defined by the guns, not by sustainability. I think Yodo is a larger cruiser than Zao and thus more hp? So in that case, it’s a logical step

  18. The Yodo line was a very pleasant surprise for me. It’s a very trolly boat. Dart in, drop your torps, fire a few 18 round salvos and start fires as you run away and then disappear. Rinse and repeat. If a DD shows himself, ruin his day.

    However, I also played a lot of rudder shifting Minotaur, so I’m used to this playstyle. Very fun if you’re into that.

  19. I loved the T6 (Gokase) – played it a lot in randoms, did well in it. Hated the T7 (Omono – or is that O-No-No). Played it a lot, did not enjoy it at all. The biggest fault is the SLOOOOW turret rotation. As well as the abysmal 15 second reload time.
    I have the T8 now (Shimanto), playing it a lot in random operations where it has been quite solid. The very fast turret rotation (all 360 degree variants) makes the ship very comfortable to play, so comfortable that the slow reload is rarely an issue for me. Keep the boat turning to dodge the incoming shells with rudder module upgrades (slot 4).

  20. @lunsmann Yeah, true about turret travers on Omodo but I got use to it, I am used to rudder left-right a lot so to compensate for turrets, I did not notice the reload time being a prob, I like the engine to full speed is really good back or forward and for a change the torp angles are much better than the other cruiser line. I researched the tier 8 last night Shimanto and also last night by MAJOR LUCK and the power of Sun Tzu i got the PRIME random drop the new tier 9 BB the Sun Yat-Sen from all 🙂

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