Fight to the end Singing – World of Warships

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Ship on screen is IJN tech tree tier 7 BB Nagato and in this battle we sing, according to chat, and have a very close and tight battle.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I just have trouble bringing myself to play that BB. I liked it, but just don’t love it anymore.

  2. scarlet you listen to some strange angels lol. I put it down to a cross between screeching, warbling and squarking🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I enjoy it when Flambass sings solo. solo I can’t hear it.

  4. in before flambass’ first single breaks the internet lol…

  5. Pretty sure there is something in Geneva convention that makes this illegal…

  6. 2:54 “Croatia has sent better things to Eurovision than Flambass” that was realy hilarious lol. Great nice game with Nagato.

  7. I love that everyday after i eat i on the couch and i knew i have a video of wows from you to watch, its a routine, i love it, dont stop posting on youtube ❤ peace from romania

  8. Getting the words wrong the whole time was way more triggering than the mock singing.
    Not sure why..

    🫨 Every time you sang honey.

    And then being so conscious of the words to fly me to the moon😅

  9. Great game mate, good to see a CV player that knew what he was doing. I played in a game the other day and the CV player needed slapping he was awful, smelly and ugly, so I’m going to stop playing them for a bit.

  10. @horseshoe2blah201

    Where is the Flambass dance video?

  11. Wow, cool game Flambass!

  12. @danielsherrill7085

    Thay bit of mock singing sounds like a drunk Elmo from Sesame Street

  13. Great game

  14. @aldenthompsonvought

    I also love my post work routine flambass vid

  15. Why do so many streamers immedearely go and aim ASWs instead of shooting first? Like subs usually dive asap and then you cant shoot them anymore… you can aim ASWs a second later and theyre still effective.

  16. Love seeing a big boy firing undetected against a flock dd’s. Maybe there’s something to this using cover idea 🤔

  17. @JeanSebastienPoirier

    @Flambass: La Roux – BulletProof. Now, you’ll have that song in head all week!

  18. Shame you stopped singing, and paid slightly more attention to the game – needed for the win, I think. GG you + CV

  19. That CV player put in the work.

  20. @saltee_crcker2363

    Flamby has a big crush on LaRoux

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