World of Warships- Well, Perhaps I Was Wrong

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Hey guys! Today we have a replay featuring the Kitakami from Fanta_Sea! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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  1. This seems to be scheduled wrong. Swear Mountbatten uploads in 12 hours. 😂😂😂

  2. Jinan can do the same 40 torps with torp reload boost plus it has crazy guns

  3. T8 Asashio has only deepwater torpedoes, you cant do much against destroyers and cruisers

  4. If Kitakami will be sold for more subtle price, I’ll buy it, but as for now , nope. Good Game also.

  5. Actually, the Kitakami was at Tier VIII before she was replaced by the Atago not Tier IV despite having the same hull as the Kuma at Tier IV.

    • You pay resources worth 5 Tier 10 ships, you get a Tier 4 dumped into Tier 10 – WG is basically mocking it’s playerbase now, and telling them: “You’ll buy it anyway.” Not surprising though – they been selling mediocre cannon fodder Tier 10 cruisers for a while, every time they present another cruiser line with fancy and useless gimmicks.

    • ​@@meganoobbg3387 To be fair Kitakami would be ridiculously OP in a T4 game lmao. Like I play Kuma (which as someone previously mentioned has the Kitakami’s hull) all the time and can generally avoid being blapped out of existence by BBs. It’s cruisers I have to worry about, and Kitakami gets speed boost and exhaust smoke generator which would let her stay away from those. And that’s without even mentioning the combination of T8 and T10 torpedoes lol

  6. @nicholasmelby5361

    Gee let’s see…no planes, two DD’s, and one radar, a near perfect environment for the Kitakami to thrive and still a loss. It is a trash boat, he just got lucky with MM.

    • Imagine paying near 1000$ worth of resources, to get a ship that relies on concealment – in a game where concealment gets thrown out the window when CV’s and subs are present, and even a DD might outgun you 😀

  7. I’d take the Jinan over this any day of the week.

  8. The typhoon normally hurts as a bb or cruiser captain will immediately know a dd is very close when they get spotted. But it’s even worse for the kita, who relies on stealth but gets spotted at the same time as the enemy

  9. Now, you’ve become what you hated the most. From BB brawler to torpedo rat.

  10. @hillbillysimmer7120

    I love battleships that sail at a constant speed in a straight line. I noticed an Ohio driver doing that in a battle today, and I took the chance and launched a full spread of torps at 12km, and almost all of them hit him. He never reacted to them at all. Nothing feels like starting off a battle with a Dev Strike and First Blood.

  11. most of the games im in, the kitakami is a low impact boat. Doesnt really spot well, unleashes marginally more torps than a well spec’d shima or Jinan (without the really good guns of the jinan)….be a good techline super boat, but definitely not worth the hype.

  12. Ask a Kit player how they feel when they see a Perto lol😂 They have run away every time.

  13. It’s a similar playstile like the Jäger: sailing in circles and send torps now and than.

  14. I remember seeing one of these in my Aquila… it was so fun bullying it and having it do jack shit the entire match

  15. Did I miss the obviously required Submarine ram by the Kita?? (yes I know there are no subs in the battle, but with the last two battles, thought ramming subs were required battle tactics)

  16. It is such a fun ship if you love a challenge and light cruisers. Was worth the resources in my option

  17. Getting a ton of damage in a kiting ship in a loss isn’t much to recommend it.

  18. The Asashio is the DD you’re thinking of.

  19. @kinddavidalmeidabaez1504

    hey lord mountbatten I know it has nothing to do with it but do you think the i 200 that they showed in the submarine trailer will appear in wows? It’s one of my favorites.

  20. A nice damage score played the best they could but it also shows what little game impact this ship has!

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