FINALLY, A Decent BB – OHIO || World of Warships: Legends

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To start the new year off, we’ll be taking a look at the highly anticipated Ohio! Everyone just loves this thing 😛


Dr Ghost Games (0302)





wert3222 (

All profits made on this channel will be used for upgrading my stuff I use for content creation; that being controllers, headsets, keyboards, monitors, etc. One way or another, all of the money I get from this channel will be reinvested back into the channel one way or another. Thankyou all so much for your continued support and generosity!

Xbox Series S (Console)
AMD Radeon RX 550 (Graphics Card)
Corsair K55 RGB PRO (Wired Keyboard)
Corsair HS65 SURROUND (Wired PC Headset)
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 (Wireless Xbox Headset)
Corsair Ironclaw RGB (Wired Mouse)
MAONO 192KHZ/24Bit USB (Recording/Streaming Microphone)
3.0 32GB Flash Drive (For recording raw console gameplay)
1080p Capture Card (For streaming/recording console gameplay)
Left monitor (25 inch 100hz)
Right Monitor (22 inch 60hz)

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  1. @christopherhill3293

    The Ohio is playing to the PC version. Very accurate. She has very good turret traverse. Very good reload time too . Guns hit well . That is what makes it great .

  2. enjoyed the stream, happy new year to you ghost and to everybody else! 🎉

  3. @moonytheloony6516

    Dear Dr. Ghost,

    It’s me Moony and ya never quite know what in the hell Im going to say in the form of a questions…(not a type 0 because I may have more than one)😜
    …so here we go.

    Would it be reasonable for me as a subscriber/viewer of your channel, to conclude that it’s in YOUR best interest and the best interests regarding the entertainment utility of your channel that you are subjected indefinitely to poor team play as well as poor play by your opponents?

    I ask this because THAT’S the juice that fuels your temperament which brings out the necessary humor.

    In addition to that question would it not be n your best interest to ensure and encourage poor gameplay by your teammates to preserve the entertainment utility of your channel?

    You are, on record, at your witty best when you’re surrounded by spackleheads. For infinitely self-serving reasons I’m praying to Zeus, Vishnu, Beelzebub and Elvis Aaron Presley for you to have a complete conniption during a match that will become legendary…pun intentionally intended 😜

    Well with all of that nonsense being stated by Moony…you are very much appreciated and Happy New Year my good man.

    • Look the the truth of the game is bad games Ware it is
      potato VS blue barriers is great for CVs and dd and bad for BB and CRs speaking purely damage quote if you’re below the carrier on a leaderboard you aren’t doing very good the

      point is 🥔 are good and bad depending what you are trying to accomplish and with the particular ship you’re trying to use

  4. I played 1 game and thought maybe I should’ve gotten Anhalt. It’s sluggish and the dispersion was crazy. I’ll keep at it though.

  5. It is incredibly balanced

  6. @samutommimarchetti

    Happy new year!!

  7. Between GK, Ohio and Yama, my Khabavrosk is eating good 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Would you know how to make a German dispersion build?

    P.s great video and that shima was a bozo

  9. Definitely recommend fight fire with fire instead of will to rebuild

  10. WG loves to do whatever the anime weeb pfp crybaby cruiser mains want. Kraken on a loss is rough. Commentary was definitely entertaining 😂

  11. Decent? 😂😂😂😂

  12. D1 hater fr mane js enjoy it mane

  13. 457mm is 18 inches, 460 is 18.1 inches

  14. The smooth brain high tier dd players that absolutely seem to actively throw games seem to be on the up. “Twist and track, what is that?…unstoppable, nah wouldnt need that. I think im going to go full potato and build a stealth torp build so when the eventual gunboat dd comes hunting certain to wreck my face ill have absolutely no way to defend myself, i mean why would i…im hunting damage bro i dont care bout the red dd anihilating my friendly bbs, git gud bb players”💩

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