CLOSEST MATCH of 2023 in World of Warships

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This has got to be the absolute most closest match in 2023, because it could NOT possibly be any closer. Crazy match which I really hope you will enjoy watching.

Merry Xmass, happy holidays and a happy New Year, I wish you all the best in the time to come and ty for your continues support flambaHug

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  1. @sendydaniska6492

    Happy new year Flambass. Enjoyed your holiday.

  2. That Yugumo did really well. Nice video and happy new year!

  3. Well. both CVs were braindead. yours at least dragged the enemy away from the objective even if unintentionally.
    the Yugumo played well and almost won them the game, got fk all xp for his trouble.
    you seem to be losing your touch, i was waiting for these torpedoes from the Yugumo.
    this video seems to wrap up the year pretty neatly. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy new year! What a match!!

  5. When the very last second decides everything, so close indeed

  6. Happy new year. I’m not sure what the cv was doing. It was heading right for the enemy team.

  7. Haven’t played WoWs for years. Currently raging about SBMM in MW3. The CV in your team was a plank. Carrying in this game is a real thing.

  8. Happy new year, Flambino! Close games are always the best ones, but damnit this was beyond close…. ggwp, my dude!

  9. @mabonagrininogi3303

    The old man will be Happy. 😄
    Happy new Year Flambass

  10. That Verdi managed to top you on XP? Wow I’m surprised.

  11. *Flambass:* Hey CV, leave J1 and make your way to F2.
    *CV teammate:* I think I’ll go to J4 instead.
    *Enemy BBs:* Well lookie what we have here!

  12. Another great match, always entertaining to watch.

    Just curious, are you done with EFT? New patch has made a massive difference, would like to see you try it out some, maybe a lil series to get to max traders or just a few rounds to feel it out..

    Happy new yr to you sir, and anyone else who reads this.

  13. Those very spechul Battleships going to the map edge and abandoning the caps lol!

    I would have been screaming at them in chat for that!

  14. A well deserved Merry Christmas and Happy New Year present Flambino!!! Nice game!🤩

  15. Had basically the same thing happen yesterday. Came down to the very last second and we won

  16. That was incredible!!! Happy New Year Flambass!

  17. CV was as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. 😢 I’m glad you got the win. 😊

  18. It was really nice of your Agir to take himself completely out of the battle.

  19. Love those games that are really close

  20. Amazing start to the New Year! Hard carry and a Kwaaaken 😀

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