First Look // IJN Destroyers / “Fully functional”

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If you’re a particular fan of in , the near future is looking pretty interesting – not only do we have some new DDs almost upon us, but it’s been confirmed the next new line after that will be German ones too. However, of course, it’s not just a matter of a few new ships for the , as existing ones are seeing rebalancing and changes too.

Edited to add: tiers 8 & 9 have incorrect speeds as I neglected to remove the Sierra Mike flags. Oops. The remains at 35kts, the Akizuki is a slow 33kts, and the Yugumo sits at 35.5kts.

Izokaze – 05:43
& Kamikaze – 10:15
& – 15:08
Akatsuki & Shiratsuyu – 19:44
Kagero & Akizuki – 26:50
Yugumo – 37:20


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

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  1. numbers . . so we meet again, my old arch nemesis . .

  2. Your camo figures for the Isokaze are a little off, the 5.9 surface
    detection is WITH camo applied (think it’s 6.1 or 6.2 without) :)

  3. Spreadsheets, with Jedi!

    Thx for the info though :D

  4. I believe the top speed of the Akizuki is 33kts, the speed you put may be
    with the speed flag?

  5. Even though AP shell dmg was unchanged, the faster reload time gives it a

  6. Glad I got the Fujin and Kami R. both of them are stronger torpedo wise
    than anything until the Shimakaze (Umi was great but can no longer division
    into t10 games). Kami doesn’t care if it’s uptiered. :-)

  7. Jedi are you sure about those firing detection concealment debuff figures?
    Last I checked the formula for the debuff was [calibre(mm)] x [30] =
    [debuff value (m)].
    That would result in a concealment debuff of 3000m for Akizuki, which
    considering the best possible camo value of 5.3km would result in a firing
    detectability of 8.3km. That would leave her with an invisifire gap of
    (12.2 – 8.3 = 3.9) 3.9km.
    Maybe you know something that I don’t but that’s the formula I know, and so
    far it has worked out (one exception being russian DD’s that get an extra
    2km firing detection debuff on the 130mm).

  8. But is the Akatsuki commanded by Pain? Or would it be Tobi? Would its
    torpedoes be in fact Kisame using the Water Shark Bombs, and is the smoke
    just Itachi using a genjutsu? Questions, questions…

  9. I think the rate of fire buff and HE nerf is a futile attempt to get people
    to start using their ammo more intelligently… The AP damage doesn’t seem
    to have been touched at all. I also suspect that Shimakaze will also be
    seeing the same changes to the IJN 5 inch guns as the rest of the line with
    a general increase in the ROF and nerfed HE damage and fire chance.

  10. Hmm which ship to move my 17 pt minekaze cpt to…largely unchanged you
    say, totally slammed with a nerf bat! (was OP so fair enough really)

  11. As a player of American DD’s (yes, I know, completely unrelated I just love
    nitpicking you Jedi. Don’t shoot, its for fun! I swear! 🙂 ) I should point
    out that the Farragut, Mahan and Benson both sub Defensive AA for Engine
    Boost, not smoke. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect its the same for
    the Fletcher and Gearing. Now, on topic: I’m not sure I like where most of
    these changes are happening. It feels like they’re removing one of the more
    unique parts of IJN DD’s and making them far closer to American DD
    gameplay-wise. Keep making awesome videos though!

  12. Can you link to your spreadsheet?

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