First Look // Soviet DDs Tiers 2-4 / “Derpski”

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I don’t have any thoughts on nicknames for the rest of them yet, but the Derpski? That one’s gotta catch on, surely.


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Still snicker at the name they gave your test account. Floppyhairedsith,
    indeed. Surely can not have been anything other than deliberate.

  2. Well they do look like a challenge.

  3. WOW aiming expert is required to play Russian DD

  4. “Pz. 1 sea” xD
    I’m a PHJ fan through and through, and I don’t like to praise Caption Guy,
    but that was hilarious…

  5. It’s a ship Jedi, not a boat;)

  6. Damn it Jedi!

    Warships are called ships, submarines and patrol boats are called boats!

  7. Pz I Sea…..Caption Guy deserves a raise for that one, because I laughed
    at that joke far more than I probably should have. :D

  8. The more I think about it, the more the play style reminds me of the T49 in
    WoT. Inneffective at longer ranges, but quick enough to get in close and
    durp troll things, 20 seconds later rinse and repeat. I think i might enjoy
    these :)

  9. FloppyHairedSith? Really?
    oh, wargaming, you so silly.

  10. Nguyen Ba Nhat Minh

    Pz. I SEA haahahaha
    I SEA what u did there Young Sith :D

  11. 5:08 nice to see the physics lessons from wots have been paid attention too
    and improved…….*sarcasm

  12. FloppyHairedSith??? Is that a Sith with a mullet? Oh my…. that’s another
    image I will never be able to get rid off :(

  13. Markus Klingenberg

    Nice test – Account name 🙂 Who got you that one?

  14. his intro still sucks
    why can’t he get a diffrent one?

  15. thank you comrade stalin for the tier 3 troll boat

  16. Thanks for starting at the bottom of the tiers Jedi. Others are all
    starting at tier 10 to pump the hype. I want to see what the grind is going
    to be like. You must have had some good haggis the morning you decided to
    start from low and go to high.

    Stoatin job jedi!

  17. Gaming with Strangers123


    Reasons to keep AA guns off while firing main battery: Only if you have
    fully upgraded range on dual purpose guns, but even your AA can fire
    undetected at planes! 😀 Great warning for when you do actually forget to
    turn them off though
    -Stock Kongou will suffer against well placed Bogue manual not because of a
    lack of manoeverability, but because her AA won’t kill any planes before a
    perfect drop can be placed.
    Just like you only really get 1 chance to drop against Montanas. If you
    mess up, your squads are not getting a second chance
    -for DDs, camo fire range is +3.9km for surface detection. Im guessing you
    read my wall of text on your port go-through. At least I hope you did.
    -All of the torp hits you score were because the targets were bad. Which is
    to be expected from this “tier”. Is it even a tier? I don’t know.
    -Dodging torpedoes at this tier is easy with even just a single rule: Bow
    towards ship. GG you just dodged 90% of all torpedoes fired at you.
    -Never angle a DD at close range against AP firing BBs at meaningful tiers.
    ESPECIALLY not the mid/lowtier and above SN DDs. They actually have some
    armour and are therefore liable to being penetrated, instead of just simply
    overpenetrated. Youre better off complete broadside or completely bow on.
    Better just not get in such a situation in the first place…

    From now on, you have no torpedoes. Just a self defence energy wave fired
    from a flat battery that does no damage.
    As boring as it is to just spam HE at stuff without being seen, thats these
    DDs niche. If you want to torp stuff get Shimakaze. If you want to torp at
    close range play Zekamashi (Backwards Shimakaze…both in name and
    playstyle). If you want to have team support and utility from a DD, get a

  18. Hey Jedi, thank you so much for making these videos and that spreadsheet!
    They are beyond helpful

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