World of Warships Replay Contest Wildcard and Winner

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In todays’ video we award a Mikasa Premium to the player who entertained me the most and won the Wildcard category, and we see who did the most damage overall and sails away in a shiny new Tirpitz . And then I head off to Comic Con. See you all on Monday!

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Midway… fair and balanced. Not.

  2. Can we soon be done with the spam of WoW videos?
    I demand WOT videos back in the channel.
    WOT videos, or I’ll send YOU to the gulag.

  3. jingles, your so evil towards rita xD, poor girl xD

  4. “Bad shooting” , nope, bad accuracy. When battleships (low tier BBs) on
    10km manage to splash water only metres on either side of the ship it is
    not bad shooting on their behalf. Infact it is pretty good shooting.

  5. Meh, Midway is the definition of OP. Not surprised in the least.

  6. Check to see if your computer has restore points turned on. Going back to a
    restore point before the update might take you back to the previous version
    of the game.

  7. been waitin for this!!!!!!!!

  8. Just a question: When will this replay contest be over? I miss your World
    of Tanks videos. When I go into youtube I always check if you have uploaded
    anything, and most of the time you have but its almost always World of

  9. Need The Royal Navy to enter World Of Warships to show them how it’s done!

  10. Spotter Aircraft extends your firing range? Why do I learn about this in a
    Youtube video and not from the Game developers?

  11. Why is isn’t world of war ships or tanks on steam I can’t find them but I
    have a pretty dam shitty laptop

  12. AWESOME Wild Card, the winning replay tho… Its kinda like…. Well…
    Thanks for the Rub & Tug with NO HAPPY ENDING!

  13. Why is the Murmansk (USS Milwaukee) different to its sister ships (The
    Omaha class)?

  14. And this is why I stopped playing IJN at Tier 8 you have no chance against

  15. *sarcasm* Ooooh a Midway won? Now THAT is surprising! *sarcasm*

  16. It’s annoying that Jingles complains about battleships firing HE at a
    cruiser and then turns around and stresses how important it is to know what
    ammunition types are best for each situation.

    If a cruiser’s sailing towards me bow-on like the Murmansk was doing in
    this video, then yes, I’m going to fire HE at him, because I’m not
    penetrating his hull at that angle and any superstructure hits are probably
    just going to overpenetrate at best.

  17. Most damage overall goes to…………Rita the wallet killer!

  18. Damn Rita! Why can’t she play on her own computer?

  19. Wait that guy is in my clan and im his fleet commander xD

  20. lol what happen ? i can load all the video but except for this one !!! OMG

  21. Mikasa, Floating turd as a prize? Best have the gold instead.

  22. 3:34 the ship appears to be taking on a little bit of water there :P

  23. I have many siblings and build my first PC when I was around 12. Twice I
    let them use my computer, and twice I had to fix it as a result. I learned
    early on not to let people use my PC. Hope you learned your lesson Jingles.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. Does anyone know how the text at 7:17 was added?

    Is that something that can be done in YouTube or was that added with the
    video editing software.

    Just asking since I’ve not found a way to do it in YouTube but it also
    doesn’t make sense to add it with the video editor, since you could just
    record another two seconds of voice over to correct the mistake.

  25. R Silver Sørensen

    jingles i can get yopu all updated visions for you.

  26. thank you Rita, check its on the mail, I’ll contact you soon

  27. seriously for that epic game he wins the Mikasa??? that’s not a prize,
    that’s punishment LOLz :P

  28. Spanish winner, not surprising at all considering us Spaniards have had the
    best navy in history (XVII-XVIII). Even kicking the Royal Navy’s butt in
    many occasions.

  29. On the subject of firing the right ammo at the right targets, it’s also
    important to fire at the correct parts of ships. I.e. DON’T FIRE HE AT THE
    BELT ARMOUR OF BATTLESHIPS… This is something I’ve been noticing lately
    when playing WoWS, and you saw it in Bismark’s game; when he was engaging
    the South Carolina, he kept hitting the armoured belt (which is 305 mm
    thick where he was hitting it), and as such most of his shells did 0
    damage. When he’s at range his shots were arcing into the superstructure
    and hitting for between 720 and 1460 damage *per shell*, but when he closed
    he was hitting the side of the hull and doing between 0 and 450 damage (a
    few shots go high and hit for ~800 when they don’t hit the main turrets and
    do 0 damage).

  30. isn’t bismarck the guy who played with bo?

  31. yeah… now tell me why the Midway isn’t overpowered!

    *shots fired!*

  32. god damnit Rita y u do dis

  33. Rita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes fist*

  34. This Murmansk had some serious RNG going for him there although he played
    quite well. But he could’ve also died right at the start, against all those
    enemy BB’s.

  35. As a past build engineer, I’m a bit confuzzled that Wargaming could not
    provide you with a way to replay the older version video. That was sort of
    the point of the entire job, at least where I worked (being able to provide
    either full installs or even “bits and pieces” of prior builds, to do
    things like regression testing, back-tracking to isolate roots of suddenly
    discovered bugs, etc.). But, oh well – the post-game screenshots speak for
    themselves. Congrats to the winners!!! :-)

  36. I wonder why WG is doing nothing with the monstrously overpowered St.Louis
    or the underwhelming German ships, a Louis rips apart any german ship
    including tier 4…

  37. Withskel the warrior

    no more why u heff to be mad?

  38. I always find my tier 4+ battleship AP sails straight through light
    cruisers like the Kuma and Omaha. At very long range I find HE to be more
    effective. Better to hit and do 2000 damage with each HE shell + possible
    fire than do 300 damage with AP. Have fun with the Mikasa btw, it’s very
    situational depending on whether you can get secondaries into action.

  39. 45 min since upload and over 1700 views :D

  40. Ceridwen Blodeuedd

    Would have loved to see that carrier game, as punishment you should sit
    down with rita and watch educating rita ^^

  41. OK, this is the 2nd time you claimed the Murmansk’s turrets are slower than
    the Omaha’s. They still turn at the same speed, 7.5 degrees/sec or 180
    degrees in 24 sec.

    The Omaha’s stock guns turn a bit faster at 8 deg/sec or 180 degrees in
    22.5 sec, but those guns fire slower than the Murmansk’s.

    Yes, you are old and crap but since you repeated the same error I just felt
    I’d give you a little nudge.

  42. jingles a fully upgraded omaha shots just as far as The Murmansk as The
    last Hull upgrade gives 2km extra range and im pretty sure that The turrets
    turn equally fast on both ships dont know where you heard that they were
    slower on The Murmansk. yes The Murmansk is a better ship with it’s better
    torps and spotter aircraft but The other 2 “facts” are incorrect.

  43. Every time i hear Jingles say Rita has done something good or bad, i just
    keep hearing
    Funny times with Rita :D

  44. jingles, Try asking your subs for the files, someone should have it…

  45. 22 citadels and he mostly wasnt even really aiming at the long range hits
    also his gun cursor was weirdly twitching when engaging the carrier….
    something is stinking like fish here.

  46. Not to be a sore loser or anything, but, if ranked battles were allowed, I
    would have at least liked you to give an honourable mention to my Hatsuharu
    game where I had lost both turrets with my torps on 45 sec reload and
    bounced like 60 shots from an American dd from 50m away in a vicious dog
    fight, only to later sink him with torps because he was only firing AP at

    To each his own, and I can’t tell what you enjoy most Jingles, it is your
    decision after all, but I am rather certain you would have coughed your
    lungs out laughing at that.

    Congratulations to the winners :).

  47. I really wonder why Jingles keeps saying the Murmansk is not as good at the
    circle of death as the Omaha. Both have exactly the same 180° turret turn
    time at 24 seconds O.o

  48. Make the replay downloadable for everyone, Maybe someone hasn’t still
    updated his WoWs and can open and record it for you, Upload the video and
    you can comment on it

  49. Actually Jingles… wait, wait, wait, leave the gun away, the South
    Carolina had the right idea with shooting HE at Bismarck. Most of the time
    when he was shooting him, was when Bismarck was either steering away or
    towards him at relatively extreme angles, meaning that AP might have
    penetrated, but not very likely, since accuracy is not really good and you
    tend to either overpenetrate through the superstructure or bounce off the
    sides since the are coming in at maybe a 10° angle. If Bismarck had shown
    his sides to the South Carolina, AP would have been the way to go, but not
    with him steaming away/towards him.

  50. there are so many idiots in this game spamming HE on every ship like a
    idiot on our team in a battelship used HE vs enemy battelship ps we lost
    that game :)

  51. worthy winners well done.

  52. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)

    The last time I updated World of Warships was at the end of August I think.

  53. I have saved my old client before updating to the 5.03 version. If you stil
    l wish I can send you the whole thing. I was also doing a movie on a
    tirpitz replay and it was done on the old version. So send me a PM if you
    see this.

    or send me the replay and I can record the gameplay video for you if you
    think security might be an issiue.

  54. Had a mini heart attack when i realised I was in this game, thankfully i
    didn’t make TOO much of a fool of myself… Thanks for not saying bad
    things about me Jingles!

  55. Hey Jingles, if ever you find a way to get that grand prize video working,
    would you host it?

  56. lol


  58. Comments from a murmansk-lover:
    When he sunk the SC, it wasnt steering that was damaged it was the engine.
    Bismark did some faults when he engaged the SC as he was aiming for the
    hull and not superstructure. If u aim for the buildings on the bigger ships
    you do much more dmg with HE dmg. My max kills with this superb ships is 7

  59. rita rustled your jimmies

  60. jingle is world of warships coming to ps4 and xbox 1?

  61. You can pen a cit of a BB in a crusier with plinging fire with AP if you
    stay at max gun range

  62. We need to see that replay. Someone will have the old files available.

  63. Eyyyy, early club

  64. Can you send me the replay so I can see if my version of WoWs is
    compatible? I’ve not played WoWs in a while and I might be able to help
    out. If it does work, I can send you a download.

    Viewers, upvote myself and anyone else who may have an older version of
    WoWs still on their PC so that Jingles can see us and so we can do the
    winning replay justice.

    EDIT: Sounds like Jerry Man has the right version, anyone reading this,
    upvote and comment to his post.

  65. 420 views ‘(‘-‘)/`

  66. Wohoo 481st viewer

  67. The gun range isn’t further you just never put the last hull upgrade on
    your Omaha ;)

  68. What would happen if the guy who did the most damage overall, did it in a
    Tirpitz? DUN DUN DUN

  69. Jingles, where is Why you heff to be mad? It would be nice to see.

  70. what do you think the tier 9 and 10 germam battleships will be ?

  71. Yeayyyy…thanks Jingles. I was boring AF

  72. Jingles, a question for mingles with Jingles. What is your take on
    YouTube’s new subscription program “YouTube RED”?

  73. Hey jongles! How are you liking total war arena? Will we get to see some
    gameplay? And will you be showing us some of the Elite: Dangerous expansion
    when it comes out?

  74. I think 121 is my lucky number

  75. 170th lel

  76. HOLY!!! that’s a lot of view

  77. Under 301 club

  78. 3 min ago. thats the record!

  79. 98 views, just got into double-figures

  80. 120 views!

  81. under 301 club ^_^/

  82. 2:52am omg jangles but i love yew!

  83. Nice

  84. Anyway, This bloody ship game again?

  85. under 301 view, wait…

  86. Does the game need another Tirpitz? :D

  87. first?

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