Fletcher 232K damage CARRY plus 7 achievements || World of Warships

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  1. Mitooo

  2. Great torp salvo at the 11:00 with no targeting/lead assist. Gneis never knew what hit him.

  3. João Pedro Sobreira

    Damn, I never get those potato BB drivers sailing in straight lines when playing DDs… Nice replay tho

    • BB **Scratches head, why are all these ships blowing up around me?** Must be witchcraft, no way is a DD flanking us!!! lmao.

  4. I was worried about some of the double torp salvo’s but there were enough of them that it worked. Nice job working on the edge of detection.

  5. Very sound plan at start, to go wide of cap to spot before going in…9 time outta 10 the first ship in cap, is the first ship dead anymore…No rush as long as you do end up in the cap at some point! well played!

  6. The way he fought that balti was painful to watch
    No switch to ap at a broadside cruiser and shoot the hull at point blank
    He was lucky to set 2 fires on superstructure while not even shooting at it
    Not really skill full imo just dumb enemies sailing in straight lines

  7. Their DD was absent from the action for the last third of the game. What was he doing??? He should have been screening for those BBs.

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