TOKYO MEME | World Of Warships | Random Acts Of Ownage #12

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One ship to Meme them all…
Welcome to Tokyo Drift, Legendary version.


  1. SharonRoseMotorrad

    Robin….is this a challenge?
    *thinks long and hard*

  2. I promise my followers that if they don’t sub to you I will delete my channel :3



  4. Man I wish I was as good at this game as you are lol. I’m painfully average. Every once in a while I’ll go sicko mode in my Atlanta tho.

    Great video btw. I’m sub

  5. Damn boi you deserve way more with this channel, great job! ?

  6. The amount of troll and awesome…unbearable XD
    Just great work! Juro would approve (wow…typed that without knowing he already did)

    Subbed months ago btw 😀

  7. I loved all your Random Acts of Ownage videos so far but this one is the pinnacle. Editing 15/10, music choice was seriously the best, it was so fitting and ingame scenes were synched to perfection ❤️
    You promised something big a while ago and you delivered something even larger. Thanks Robin, now I can sleep well 😀

  8. It’s a true damned shame I didn’t come across this channel sooner. Welp, better late than never, I guess?
    Great vid btw. 10/10.

  9. I think this is your best video so far! Non stop fun until the end! Please come and watch some of mines :’)

  10. Musanix - World of Warships

    fookin’ awesome dood’
    sell me more dreams like this X_X

  11. Golden pls do more of this amazing masterpiece ?, you remind me on yuro <3

  12. very nice !!

  13. Amazing edit. May be the best ships edit out there. Please prove me wrong 🙂

  14. awesome vid

  15. Holy cow, Robin. This is some quality stuff right here.
    Also S1mple can fit everywhere lmao

  16. This is quality stuff!

  17. Robin your reddit post brought me here. And im happy it did. To save yuro and to find an amazing channel. Keepo

  18. Thank you for your sacrifice in regards to all that editing

  19. amazing good job

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