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RULE THE SEAS! Play World of Warships Here:

FREE TO PLAY IMMERSIVE NAVAL COMBAT! – World of _ play the Free to Play World of Warships with Yeet and Zakk! We use teamwork to rule the seas! Enjoy 😀


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  1. RULE THE SEAS! Play World of Warships Here:

  2. Could you play more Rising Storm 2 Vietnam? I really enjoyed that last video you did. Also live your content I’ve watch all of you total war napoleon videos multiple times. I just love them.

  3. Hey can you do a vid on middle earth on total war plz 🥺I love them vids

  4. “If you don’t have any friends” damn pixie is really getting his roasts in

  5. They’ve got advice videos on YouTube, if you need more tips.

  6. Not gonna lie, watching you aim made me cringe sometimes

  7. Heavy Metal Superior

    You should play War Thunder!!!

  8. “Good game even If you don’t have any freinds” that felt personal ngl

  9. ive got several tier 10s… this makes me feel old and like a sweat

  10. MoltenUprising MK4000

    In the frozen seas, many good men found their graves.

    And Pixy, during the intro you should’ve said “ahoy” instead of “hello”. Would’ve been tons better.

  11. Apollo try and use HE shells when shooting at destroyers unless you’re in a battleship the HE shells will do much more damage to them

  12. LOL Immersive lol the community is god awful and toxic

  13. if you want to hit the citadel aim for where the ship meets the water

  14. Omg Apollo thank you I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time!!!!

  15. I dont want to bring any negativity, but I do feel like I need to comment on something here. In your video where you explained your distancing from CA you mentioned the companies greed as a factor. I just wanna point out that Wargaming is easily of the most greedy companies out there doing even more scummy stuff than CA. They have attempted to silence streamers and youtubers in the past several times that criticized their practices for pay 2 win gameplay, especially with focus on World of Tanks, the other major game from them. I get that WoW is a different game but I just wanted to point this out. Cheers man.

  16. You talked about the “Emden” Guys read the story of that ship and how the crew survived! Best story ever! Thank me later.

  17. Who else was in agony when he fired AP at a destroyer?

  18. I’m cringing so much when i see apolo hiting a destroyer and a cruiser with AP ammo.

  19. As soon as I read the title I knew this was sponsored

  20. please play total war: troy, I would love to see you mess around with the units and give your thoughts.

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