Gangut Impression – World of Warships

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Testing the 4 Soviet Battleship Gangut on Fault Lines, game is close and exciting. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IV Soviet Battleship Gangut Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. This is how the October Revolution originally looked like and its original name

  2. What’s that Sandvich? Kill Them All! Good Idea!

  3. Friedrich püschel

    9.3 km detection? 😀

  4. Gangut T4 1911 and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya T5 1917 in one game!!?? ???
    When Russian Empire Navy ship become a Soviet Navy ship..

  5. AlwaysBakedNeverFried

    most paper ships, best detection, best bow armour, best shot grouping……….BUT NO RUSSIAN BIAS

    • +Steven Cross Exactly why my interest in Soviet BBs ends at Izmail. The rest are mostly concept ships that never left the drawing board.

    • +straswa Even if they actually built some of these fantasy ships, Russian engineering at the time was……. underwhelming to say the least. It’s always easier on paper than putting it into practice (ie. HMS Rodney and her boatload of problems they didn’t realize until they put her in sea trials; similar to the CV Hermes’ early development hiccups)

    • Annoying thing is that there is a class of real ships they left out. The Imperatritsa Mariya class of Black Sea Dreadnoughts (same guns, 262.5mm side armor, 21 kts). They could fit in at tier 4/5 and could be used as a German premium ship as they had control of Imperator Aleksandr III for a while (as did the British before they turned it over to the White Russians). For that matter you could put it into a Pan European fleet if you postulate the Germans giving her to the Ottoman Empire (as long as you’re making up crap anyway).

    • +richard cutts Thanks for the info, yes WG give us Mariya please.

    • It was a real ship, guy.

  6. 9.3km detection on tier 4 BB? seriously WG

    • They really are trying to push for their ‘best ships in each tier’ strategy aren’t they….

    • Frankly, tier 3 and 4, and perhaps some tier 5’s should have VASTLY worse concealment than higher tier BBs. Why would this be when higher tier BBs are so much larger and taller? The reason is simple, though perhaps too realistic for peoples’ tastes. Most WW1 era BBs were coal fueled, not oil fueled. And coal smoke is incredibly dark, black, and visible, while oil smoke isn’t. Take a look at any pictures of WW1 battle lines in motion and you’ll see this INCREDIBLY visible smoke. Note that the same would be true for most WW1 era ships, not just the BBs.

  7. AA is a weakness.. umm at tier 4? i mean what battleship has good AA at tier 4. if you show broadside, enemy will punish you, so does every other tier 4 BBs like that wyoming.

    • ​+Fernando Marques okay i tried it, wyoming has nice AA but not a ‘no fly zone’ kind of good AA. yes the AA can shred some of the plane in the squadron (both langley and hosho) but not all of them so some still gets through and unload their payload. maybe you can show me some videos of those ‘lot of full AA spec seaclubber in wyomings’ that able to achieve ‘no fly zone’ level of good AA.

    • +steve natsume might be me also being a CV noob? I mean I’m not the definition of ace in WoWS.

    • Orion. It deletes same tier squadrons.

    • +TheGrandexeno okay, can you show me some videos that shows Orion delete entire squadron before dropping their payload? i spent almost 2 hour testing wyoming and the result is as expected, it can only shot down some plane, not all in the squadron and the squadron will still get thru to drop the payload.

    • •_Lumia Art_•

      Kaiser has ok AA

  8. “It’s not broken in the aa department”
    *Proceeds to immediately shoot down two planes on the side that isn’t reinforced*

  9. I hope they lower the traverse speed of the OR to 35-40 sec. when the soviet BB’s are out.

  10. So… basically a downtiered Okt Rev with minimal nerfs. Thanks WG.

  11. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    Gangut then her alter ego is t5…

    confusion time…

  12. Yay info on the T4 Gangut at last. Thanks for the review Notser.

  13. “Has super accurate guns.”

    Maybe, maybe…but what was wrong with the gunnery officer in the first half of this battle? Too much vodka? So many dead innocent fish!

  14. Basically a Okt. Revolution at t4 with less AA and health ( oh wait that’s the original ship)

  15. Don’t have to nerf the Nikolai when you just release another more OP T4 BB, comrade.
    *Taps forehead*

  16. The first thing I noticed about this ship is the 9.3 km detectability, not the staggered gun layout.

    Also, planes are incredibly weak at this tier for some reason. When downtiered, I do not even bother turning off AA in my Mutsuki because I know I would shred them like they are made of lace.

  17. Notser is unhappy with 15.5km range at T4? LOL wtf????

  18. When Lenin will be released? And how much do you think it gonna cost?

  19. Notser, I don’t think it would be overstating things to suggest that 90% of your salvos are aimed perfectly. Accuracy has never been one of your weaknesses. Nice work at the end of this game too! Risky but you put it all together an pushed through. 13:05 When you start to recover health, I wouldn’t mind seeing you pause momentarily rather than starting your turn right away, to use your guns… just in case that enemy salvo gets lucky against your 3200 health pool.

  20. Noster you do realize this is the exact same ship as the October Revolution right?

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