Getting revenge on CV players – World of Warships Legends

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PAYBACK for those pesky Aircraft carrier players


  1. lol what the hell? Why would anyone go after a friesland on purpose? The kids you play man…. hahha GG!

  2. I would love running AA heavy builds more often but I honestly only catch a carrier once every 4 or 5 games it seems.

  3. Love to get the Friesland

  4. My Friesland A Ron is built full AA 6.9 and 4.7
    is what it fires to

  5. 1 million credit??

  6. Only moments ago I almost got a double “Clear Sky” while in Siegfried. I must of pissed him off in the past. Darn there is plenty of other ships to go after and that were closer. Red team DD rushed our CV early on, but we managed to squeak out the win some how. Great game you had, very nice.

  7. I run AA modules on fries just cuz what are you really giving up ? Lol but I swear match making is biased to putting that ship against carriers

  8. Friesland certified credit printer

  9. Friesland fun level over 9000! Revenge on CVs as a DD is so sweet. GG.

  10. Glad to see you back man!

  11. What build is that on your Friesland?

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